Top 10 Best GL Webcomics To Read in 2023

Today we are diving into the divine world of Yuri. We are listing The Top 10 Best GL Webcomics To Read in 2022. Girl Love, popularly known as GL or Yuri, is spreading vastly among the readers. These are our top picks of GL with a hint of other genres. Slice of life, Drama, musical, etc. are the genres covered in this top 10 list.

If you are looking for some intense steamy action, we got you. It is time to fulfill your love for GL webcomics. If you are new and want to start reading, We recommend starting from the Best GL webcomic we have listed below.

10) The Love Doctor

Jung and Yoon

Jung Erae is getting tired of men. Every man she meets seems to have no chemistry with him, and several men run away from her. Disappointed Erae decides to seek help from a love doctor, Cha Yoon.

With each session, Jung Erae feels more and more affection and love toward her doctor. Eventually, she finds herself falling for Cha Yoon. This is a completed webtoon with 86 chapters.

9) Pulse

Mei and Lynn

This is for the steamy readers. Mei, a dedicated heart surgeon, uses sexual intimacy as a source of stress relief. Mei finds relationships unnecessary. She has never been in a committed relationship. She seeks pleasure in being with different women, and it makes her happy. Or, this is what she felt.

Mei’s perspectives on relationships take a big U-turn After meeting Lynn. The presence of Lynn is making Mei realize there is much more to relationships than sexual intimacy. Mei finds out the true meaning of being in Love. Lynn and Mei’s moments get steamy and fluffy real quick, so be ready to get flushed.

Enjoy the steam because this GL webcomic is still ongoing.

8) Lilith 

Jae, Rim and Hwa

Things are heating up with this GL webcomic. The plot revolves around a triangle between seeking Love, Dominance, and mixed emotions. Chun Jae Hee is a Korean Literature Teacher at Soonbaek Girl’s High School with a secret side. She loves masochism and, after school, meets up with the Director, Ju Hae Rim, who loves to dominate Jae Hee.

Chun Jae Hee’s emotions are getting twisted after her childhood friend, Yun Sul-Hwa, joins the school as the PE teacher. Meeting after four years gives rise to buried emotions and leaves Jae Hee feeling overwhelmed every time she sees Sul-Hwa. As the story proceeds, things begin to get racy, and every explicit moment is tempting. The Art and portrayal of masochism make it one of the Best GL webcomics.

Lilith is a completed webcomic with 71 chapters.

7) Whisper Me A Love Song

Yori and Himari

This GL webcomic is for music-yuri lovers because this has both. Himari Kino is a high school girl high on energy. Only extroverts can relate. On the other hand, we have calm and composed Yori Asanagi, who is the main vocalist of the band.

Himari watches Yori’s band perform at the freshman opening ceremony and falls for her. Having a zestful nature Himari immediately confesses to Yori her love and wants to be in a relationship. Yori feeling overwhelmed, decides to return Himari’s feelings and is left confused and assumes Himari is in love with Yori’s music and not Yori herself. In this turn of events now, Yori is going to pursue Himari and make her fall for Yori.

This is an Ongoing webcomic.

6) Just Right There

Min and lenny

Min Do Yeon, a sweet girl who is heartbroken by her fiance, decides to go out there and have fun. The next day she finds herself waking up next to a woman and has no recollection of what happened. Lenny, who is mature for her age, helps Min recall the last night by showing her the contract they made for living together.

Things get steamy and romantic as their contract turns into a romantic relationship. Min Yoon slowly discovers her sexuality and falls for Lenny. It is a complete webcomic with a total of 65 chapters.

5) Getting To Know Grace


This GL webcomic is a historical psychological webcomic. It revolves around a woman named Andrew, who is blessed with all wealth and has a powerful family. Unfortunately, Andrew is suffering from an incurable disease. Being a part of a royal family is not easy for Andrew as her social life is nothing; she has no friends.

Herta is the housemaid taking care of Andrew. Andrew slowly feels affection towards Herta but the difference in status makes things difficult to proceed. Due to a twist of events, Andrew finds out a secret about how her family has caused pain to Herta’s family. Read and find out will Andrew and Herta get to be together or if there is more agony coming for Herta.

Getting to know Grace is completed with a total of 46 chapters.

4) Her Story Of Shim Chong 

shim chong

Shim Chong is a begger who lives with her blind father. She manages her life while taking care of her father. She saves the Chancellor’s wife from committing suicide. His wife living a miserable life, feels a ray of hope after meeting Shim Chong. The bond between them grows and blossoms into a beautiful flower of Love.

This webcomic has the perspective of the historical era, which means this love is forbidden. These two women long for the freedom to love each other. The beautiful artwork and the complex storyline make you hold on to this GL webcomic more. Reading the journey of these two beautiful women in love walking down the rugged path and supporting each other makes it worth the read.

It is a completed webcomic with a total of 89 chapters. The webcomic has an alternative name – Her tale of Shim Chong.

3) Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl

Mizuki and Satomi

This webcomic is also known as Ikemen Girl to Hakoiri Musume. Satomi Ooguma, an anti-romantic girl who has never been interested in any boy, finally finds her classmate Mizuki Kanda attractive and starts falling for her. A fun fact is Satomi is unaware that her Prince charming is a Princess. The unawareness of Satomi is funny and makes this webcomic one of our Top five picks for the Best GL webcomic.

Satomi requests Mizuki to assist her with a school event; in exchange, Mizuki asks her out on a date, and Satomi, already overwhelmed by the request, agrees to go on a date. Yes, she is still unaware that Mizuki is not a boy, and she is going to find out soon, so keep reading.

This is a completed webcomic with 2 volumes and 14 chapters.

2) Elixir

Eunha and Siyeon

What is better than the Best GL webcomic with a touch of mysticism? The blend of Magic and Love makes it the Best GL webcomic.

High school sweethearts are head over heels in love with each other, but soon Eunha finds out Siyeon gave Eunha an elixir, i.e., a love potion, to make her fall in love with her. Heartbroken, Eunha leaves Siyeon and goes far away from her.

After ten years, they meet again, and despite the distance, there are still traces of love left. Siyeon asks for a second chance to make things right. Things are falling back into place, and Eunha giving her another chance makes their love blossom again. Soon the events take a turn, and some mysterious forces interfere in their lives.

This is a completed Webcomic with a total of 55 chapters.

1) SQ: Begin W/Your Name

Jing and Tong

It is time to laugh until you cannot breathe, SQ: Begin W/Your Name has the best touch of humor and is the most hilarious webcomic you will ever come across. The story is simply a high school romance. Sun Jing, a girl with a tomboyish personality, falls for a girl she sees at the station. This is the girl of her dreams. Qiu Tong is a soft and adorable girl who finally becomes friends with Sun Jing after Sun Jing gets the courage to talk to her.

The story revolves around Sun Jing trying to make Qiu Tong smile and make her fall in love. If you love the webcomic Bromance, you will surely love SQ: Begin W/Your Name as it seems Bromance in the alternate universe. This webcomic is the perfect blend of Love and Laughter.

There are over 200 chapters, and you won’t even realize how time flies once you start reading. This is the Top Best GL webcomic. 

With this, we have completed the Top 10 Best GL webcomics To Read in 2022. We recommend starting from our No.1 pick SQ: Begin W/Your Name. It is hilarious and makes you laugh. It is a good way to start your journey into the world of GL. If you are looking for something more intense, you can always pick the best one from the steamy picks we have mentioned.

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