Breaking: Kengan Omega Series Revealed Most Powerful Gladiator in Purgatory

Yesterday, the recent chapter of the Kengan Omega series, i.e., Chapter 109, unveiled a glimpse of the power and strength of the strongest gladiator in Purgatory. Lolong Donaire, the strongest fighter in the Purgatory single handily knocked out both Akoya and Nicolas. His action led to the draw/no result of Round 9.

In Chapter 109, when Lolong warned both Akoya and Nicolas to stop the fighter, neither of them listened. However, Akoya sensed a feeling of terror from Lolong. As the series has already shown that everyone in Purgatory feared Lolong. However, the last chapter proved this line. In no time, with great reflexes, he punched down both Akoya and Nicolas.

Kengan Omega Chapter 109
Image Source: Otakusnotes

Even Carlos Medel and Ohma Tokita categorized him as a monster in a human body. The mysterious fighter of the Purgatory, Terashi, unveiled that Lolong can read minds. Lolong is the most potent fighter in Purgatory, and it will be fantastic to witness his fight. In our opinion, Wakatsuki Takeshi will fight him in the last round because brute strength is the only one who can match up with Lolong.