Breaking: New Teaser of One Piece Volumes 100 & 101 is out

Once again, Oda sensei has proved himself why fans called him a genius. Recently on Twitter, a new teaser of One Piece Volumes 100 and 101 has surfaced. And after combining these teasers with the One Piece Volume 99 cover page, we learned that all three covers combine to form a full illustration. As per the teaser, One Piece Volume 100 is foreshadowing Robin’s arm from Volume 99. Same, the continuation of the image is advancing till Volume 101.

The teaser of One Piece Volume 100 is showcasing the shadow of Monkey D. Luffy in front, and in the background, we can see the portrait of Ace and Yamato. It means we will witness the friendship story of Ace and Yamato in Volume 100. Not only this, the digital manga lovers have already understood that the volume will also unveil a glimpse of Oden’s thoughts regarding the Wano.

One Piece Volume 100 & 101
Image Source: @WSJ_manga (Twitter)

Talking about Volume 101, which exposes everyone’s favorite Straw Hat crew following up with the gigantic shadow of Kaido in the background. It demonstrates the beginning of the war between the Straw Hats and the Beast Pirates, where Kaido will unleash his true strength. Presently, Wano Kuni Arc is at its climax, and the final battle has begun.