Every Author’s Comment in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #23 2021

Last week, every Shonen Jump author commented on Issue 23 except Gege Akutami as Jujutsu Kaisen was on break. Thanks to Shonen Jump Unofficial Twitter account for posting every mangaka comment in one place. This time 19 great mangaka posted the message on their respective manga.

Starting with the great Oda sensei, he shared his exciting feeling to hear about all the different lives of people. He also credited Gairoku Channel’s interview with these people on the street. On the other hand, Yuki Tabata shared his likings and memories of eating Motsunabe. Finally, Kohei Horikoshi of Boku no Hero Academia posted the best comment on this issue. He commented, “I put on a pair of pants I rarely wear, and there was 4,000 yen in the pocket. We’re having eel tonight.

Anyone would be excited if they found 4,000 yen in their old pants’ pocket. Congratulations Horikoshi sensei. You can read every author’s message from the above link. We will be back next week with another list of comments on Issue 24. Till then, stay tuned and stay healthy.