Top 10 Best Fanservice on Funimation (All Time Best Anime)

Fanservice is a big savior of your mood when it comes to watching anime. In some cases, normal people are introduced to the world of anime due to a fanservice scene they randomly see but end up watching the entire anime. It helps you get hooked on anime despite its trashy plot.

To help you find anime with good and weird plots but exquisite fanservice, we are listing the Top 10 Best Fanservice on Funimation (All-Time Best). The ecchi meter in this anime goes from being mild to breaking all the way. Censored fanservice or uncensored fanservice or OG fanservice or just wholesome anime with bits of fanservice, we have covered them all for you to enjoy on Funimation. This Fanservice on Funimation will satisfy all the guilty pleasures.

10) SUPER HXEros (5.4)

Super HXEros

If you loved Power Rangers as a kid, you would certainly enjoy this anime. It is a bit different than usual power rangers because the ero-meter of this is turned to max.

The story revolves around aliens named Kiseichu, trying to capture earth by swiping their eros, and The Hentai Sentai trying to protect the earth.

The story exists between random spam of knockers. You can simply turn off your brains and enjoy this ecchi gala of fanservice on Funimation. The art style is what makes the experience more enjoyable. 

They have an odd type of censorship; in some parts, even the Lingerie is censored. I would recommend it if you enjoy a trashy harem show overpowered by eroness.

Number of episodes: 12

9) Kiss Him, Not Me (6.6)

Kiss Him, Not Me

It is time for Reverse Harem with a tinge of BL. The story revolves around four boys and a girl drooling over one self-obsessed otaku girl. 

Kae Serinuma is smitten by yaoi, and as these boys are ready to do anything to get her, they help to full fill her fantasies.

The fanservice you will get is beautiful anime boys acting out the yaoi scenes and getting awkward. The boys are pretty dreamy that it makes you see yourself in the MC’s shoes. Things get steamy with these boys as they try to impress, and did we mention the boys are too cute?

Number of episodes: 12

8) The Testament of Sister New Devil (6.6)

The Testament of Sister New Devil

If the fine line between hentai and ecchi anime had a name, it would be The Testament of Sister New Devil. The fanservice is on a different level that it makes you think am I watching a Hentai?

The story includes a boy with two step sisters who are succubus; Now, it is not hard to predict where the story goes.

One minute it is simple to tease fanservice the next moment, it has transformed into hentai. The intensity of ecchi scenes takes over the storyline, which makes you forget you were watching anime in the first place.

This fanservice on Funimation will make you wonder – Is there such a thing as ” too much fanservice?”

Number of episodes: 12

7) Keijo!!!!!!!! (6.7)


Things are about to get wet with Keijo (It is not what your ecchi mind thinks). The anime is about a girl trying to fulfill her dream of becoming the best Keijo player and bringing honor to her family.

Yes, here is the ecchi twist. In Keijo, you fight with your butts and bosom and knock out other girls. You can imagine the quality of fanservice this anime has to present.

At one point, you will find yourself singing ” baby got back” because there is a butt shot every 5 minutes. The story holds up pretty well despite drowning you into a pool of guilty pleasure, As the fanservice is more of a tease that will leave you wanting more.

Number of episodes: 12

6) Rosario to Vampire (6.9)

Rosario to Vampire

This is one of my favorite genres, Comedy, supernatural, with a big splash of ecchi. Unlike the anime mentioned before in this list, Rosario to Vampire has a good balance of the story and fanservice.

The humor and the over-the-top sexualized jokes add up to this fanservice on Funimation.

Hot girls do most of the work of rendering the fanservice. If you are into the OG kind of fanservice (there is more teasing than actual action), then this anime is for you.

Although parts of fanservice will make you feel like you have sinned, so good luck with that,

Number of episodes: 13

5) Interviews with Monster Girls (7.4)

Interviews with Monster Girls

Let me add some wholesomeness to this list. The fanservice meter on this one is pretty mild compared to the anime listed so far. The succubus, vampires sucking blood, and bathing scenes make up the whole fanservice as this anime falls more on the fluff side.

The storyline is more focused on the characters, four Demis living in the modern world and trying to understand the way of living. While being an anime with cute girls, it also focuses on heavy issues.

4) High School DxD (7.6)

High School DxD

This anime for sure breaks the ecchi meter. If you are looking for uncensored fanservice, hot girls, and a good twisted story, then this one is for you. 

High School DxD does not play games if it is about steamy girls and oppai. Each episode is halfway filled with intense fanservice that will make you sweat all the way.

While enjoying the extreme levels of this fanservice on Funimation, you will find yourself in a twisted plot. In some weird ways, the fanservice goes beyond the laws of physics just to let the watcher have a good look.

Rias’s crimson beam shooting is something you should look forward to while watching this anime.

People often complain about this anime being “too ecchi,” but if you think there is such a thing as “too ecchi,” then I would not recommend this anime. You need an ecchi mind to watch such a luscious anime.

Number of episodes: 12

3) Prison School (7.6)

Prison School

Five pervy boys are admitted into an all-girls school. They are not only pervy but also lack self-control. On the first day, they decided to take a peak into the girls’ bath.

This is not an ordinary school with ordinary punishments, and the boys are put into a school prison that is right in the middle of the campus.

Wondering where the fanservice is? IT IS EVERYWHERE. Their warden is a strong, sensual woman who spanks and whips them if they misbehave. It ends up being a turn-on for the imprisoned boys rather than a punishment. 

Soon you realize that their lusty desires are quite weird. Prison school is partly uncensored, adding more points to the fanservice on Funimation.

Things get quite juicy, and the teases increase halfway through the anime. The soap falling or they can get stuck adds up to the comic element of the anime and fanservice if you are into it.

Number of episodes: 12

2) Fairy Tail (7.9)

Fairy Tail

Fairy tail is a popular anime that is usually made fun of. People often say this anime should be called “fanservice” rather than Fairy Tail because of the number of random fanservice scenes popping out of nowhere.

A character named Zirconius possesses the power to take off people’s clothes, which ultimately makes way for oppai.

The anime has a bunch of ecchi angles and spanking, making even innocent scenes ecchi. There are moments where the extreme fanservice eats up the episode plot.

Most of the fanservice is covered by beautiful hot girls and steamy boys with abs. Did I mention Gray is always blessing us with his abs?

Number of episodes: 102

1) Bakemonogatari (8.0)


It is time for the tale of the monsters. Bakemonogatari is a more plot-focused anime. Araragi survives a vampire attack and now has to go through the side effects of being a human. It is another harem anime with a more serious plot and witty humor. Yet again, some of the fanservice pushes you into the sin hole.

The fanservice is very mild. It is mostly bathing scenes and teases around the episodes. If you are looking for intense action filled with fanservice, then this anime is not for you. Watch it if you want to enjoy bits of fanservice while being immersed in the story.

We have reached the end of the service. We have listed a variety of anime with fanservice on Funimation. We would recommend High School DxD if you are looking for a huge amount of fanservice with some plot around it.

If you are looking for something on the wholesome side with a touch of ecchi, then Interviews with Monsters”  is the pick for you. We hope you find the anime with fanservice on Funimation that serves your desires and fantasies.

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