Kinji Hakari’s Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen (Explained)

Jujutsu Kaisen is currently narrating the Tokyo No.2 Colony Arc in its chapters. As the fight between Charles and Hakari is reaching its climax, we finally get to see Hakari’s Domain Expansion in action.

So far, we have so many interesting and unique domain expansions in play. It is safe to say that Idle Death Gamble is by far the most detailed and complex domain. Gege’s creativity with domains is simply remarkable.

Kinji Hakari’s Domain Expansion (Jujutsu Kaisen)-

Hakari’s domain expansion has lots of elements that comprise the gamble and boosts his powers. Although, the effects of the power-up are still unknown. His domain expansion is called Idle Death Gamble, which is a gamble-based domain.

It allows him to gamble and manipulate the probability of hitting the jackpot. His innate technique is called CR Private Pure Love Train, which is based on a fictional manga of the same name. The basic theme of his domain is based on a real Pachinko machine.

Hakari's domain expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen- Idle Death Gamble

The basic functioning of his domain is that he needs to hit a Jackpot that will give him an advantage, while the visual scenarios from the manga play depend on their probability of success. The probability of hitting the jackpot is 1/239.

These elements are then combined with the game of Mahjong. A player has to announce “Riichi” before they make their final move in the game of Mahjong. Therefore, Hakari exclaims “Riichi” before the third symbol of his spin appears, confirming the results.

Elements of Hakari’s Domain-


  • 1. Visual Effect Indicators– 

These are the elements that indicate the chances of success. There are three types of indicators in pairs of three as Reserve Balls, Doors, and Consecutive effects. The color code is green, red, and gold.

Green has the lowest chance of success, whereas gold has the highest chance of success. Additionally, if any of the indicators is rainbow-colored, it means that a jackpot is guaranteed and also when four consecutive effects occur.

  • 2. Riichi Scenarios

These are the scenes from the manga that will play out. Each scenario carries a certain probability of success. Hence, there are four scenarios, with the 4th one having the highest chance of 80%.

  • 3. Chance Boosters

These are the characters from the manga that Hakari can use to boost his chances of success even in the lowest probability Riichi scenarios. Basically, they’ll appear visually, ensuring a certain increase in the chances. There are three types of it, where the third one guarantees a jackpot.

Now, let’s look at how all of these elements work together.

If Hakari tosses a green ball (first move), then red doors appear (second move); this is where Hakari shouts “Riichi.” Therefore, now the third element, which could be a low probability scene from the manga, will play out.

The scene will determine the last symbol of the spin. This combination of gambling elements means that the chances of hitting the jackpot are really low here.

Similarly, Hakari can use any element of the domain and try to hit the jackpot. After each spin, the scene will reset, and Hakari will begin his new spin. He can do all of this while physically fighting.

Few points to note:

  • Hakari can control the visual indicator to use
  • He can use chance boosters to enhance the current spin’s chances
  • He can control the speed of the spins, meaning all the three moves will be made at his desired speed
  • The symbols of his spins are the characters from the fictional manga
  • The order of the elements used in his moves can be however he wishes

Currently, we don’t know how Hakari uses skills to make luck favor him during his gambles, as he claimed; OR how a jackpot will affect his powers.

It is still unclear how far he can control the elements because if he can just use all the high chance elements in one spin, the gamble here would be pointless. We shall wait for upcoming chapters to tell us more.

Where to Read Jujutsu Kaisen manga?

Jujutsu Kaisen is officially available to read on Viz Media. Viz offers the latest chapters to read free of cost. It also announces the chapter schedules and release dates of the upcoming chapters.

Therefore, we advise you to follow the manga there so that you don’t miss out on the latest releases. If you wish to access all the chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s best to purchase Viz Media’s subscription, which will also come with various benefits.

We hope you made it to the end of our article. We will be back with more such explanations and discussion articles covering various other manga and anime. Until then, stay tuned and happy reading!

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