Heartfelt BL ‘Kanba’s Baggage-chan’ by Kokonoe Sham Released Today

Kokonoe Sham’s latest book “Kanba no Okaga-chan” has been released on May 10th, and it’s already making waves in the manga industry. The story takes place in a world where gods rule over humans, and a young man named Yamaga sacrifices himself to save a village that has angered God and the children who live there.

However, instead of killing him, Chinui, a bear god, saves him from falling off a cliff. Yamaga tries hard to please Chinui, who has closed his heart, but the two end up healing each other’s hearts in this heartfelt BL.

Kanba's Baggage-chan
Kanba’s Baggage-chan | Credit: natalie.mu

The book includes newly drawn manga and has already been praised for its unique plot and beautiful artwork. Fans of BL and fantasy genres alike are eagerly anticipating the chance to read this emotional and captivating story.

Kokonoe Sham is no stranger to the BL genre, having previously worked on “Mayonaka no Waltz” and “Utsukushii Yasai,” among others. “Kanba no Okaga-chan” is sure to be another hit for the talented creator.

The book is available now, and fans of BL and fantasy genres won’t want to miss this heartwarming and unique story.

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