Top 10 Hottest Interspecies Reviewers Female Characters (2023)

Interspecies Reviewers has not been the most popular anime; however, the plot and the female characters have really driven the show forward. If someone has a furry or a monster fetish, this anime is the perfect place to satiate their desires without appearing absurdly weird to the community.

There are several beautiful female characters shown all around the show. While there aren’t too many humans running around in the show, the succu-girls working in the entertainment industry are quite hot themselves.

Therefore, in this post, we will rank the top 10 hottest Interspecies Reviewers Female characters, so if you want to know the hottest character, stay on till the end.

10) Pritz-


Pritz is the cute little human with an innocent smile that makes men go wild over her. She is no slouch in the beauty department and has brown hair and yellowish-green eyes.

Although she is often characterized as a succu-girl for working in the entertainment industry, she is a human who knows of her abilities and does not shrink from using them.

She is one of the very few humans actually working in the entertainment industry and is quite unafraid of voicing her thoughts and opinions. She takes the tenth spot on this list.

9) Tiaplate-


Tiaplate is one of the hottest characters in Interspecies Reviewers, quite literally. And that’s because she is a Salamander. She has luscious red hair and yellow lips, the characteristics of fire, and is of quite the fiery nature herself.

Nevertheless, she is one of the most beautiful characters who knows that she is beautiful and uses it to her advantage.

She is often deadly to her clients that don’t have fire resistance, although she loves to lure them in with the false sense of security of service that she promises. Being one of the primary succu-girls, she takes the ninth spot on this list.

8) Milky-


Well, you might be wondering, how can a minotaur be one of the hottest characters in the entire show? Well, that is entirely possible if the minotaur happens to be Milky.

Forget all of the fearful representations of the angry charging minotaur, and instead, this is a picture of the cute busty minotaur trying to seduce you into action.

Milky knows of her physical nature and therefore keeps them aptly on display to attract her clients. She is quite shrewd in determining and finding out her clients and also has the bad habit of stealing others’ clients. Whatever the case is, she takes the eighth spot on this list.

7) Migu-


Migu is sly, and it is not just because she is literally a fox. Migu is tricky in finding out what her clients actually demand and even resolves their demands in a particular way. She has no qualms about serving multiple clients at one time and is even more interested in generating too much income.

Mig is one of those characters that was created to satisfy the needs of all those who have a furry fetish, and honestly, Mig does not disappoint. She realizes her potential in the inn and works for it. No wonder she takes the seventh spot on this list.

6) Mayospell-


A cute succubus employed at the succubus tower, Mayospell has pink hair and an attractive face that is imperative in luring customers. She has two small bat-like wings sprouting from either side of her hair like horns and always has a lost expression on her face that kind of evokes pity and attraction at the same time.

However, do not fall prey to her innocent looks; she is immensely wise in her own way. To consider her harmless would be one of the biggest mistakes. And for all those reasons, Mayospell takes the sixth spot on this list.

5) Menmen-


Menmen is gorgeous, and there are no two ways about it. She is one of the most beautiful characters in Interspecies Reviewers, and when she lays down in her coffin wearing her red dress, she really becomes a force of beauty to be reckoned with. She has luscious dark hair that is enticing and quite an inviting face.

Menmen may look all inviting, but as it is with all succu-girls, she really is only after her own self-interest and does not give two hoots about what happens to her compatriots. Nevertheless, she takes the fifth spot with ease on a scale of the hottest characters.

4) Rabunet-


Well, Pinocchio isn’t the only speaking doll around how. She has a much hotter counterpart, one that will blow your brains with her beauty despite being made of wood. With short-cropped brown hair and an ever-smiling face, Rabunet works as a receptionist.

Being a doll, she only covers the top half of her body and is really one of the hottest characters in the show. No wonder she takes up a slot in the top five of the list.

3) Okpa-


For a Dragon, Okpa has quite the body to rouse enough male attention. Not to add to the fact that she has pin wavy hair and a cute disinterested mysterious face that draw most of her regular clients to her.

She has the lower half in the form of an octopus and quite loves her work. She is one of the hottest characters in the show and justifiably takes the third spot on this list.

2) Elma-


Elma is everyone’s perfect fantasy brought to life: a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is an elf working and has quite a few admirers.

She is quite sly in her own right and therefore takes second place in this ranking.

1) Mii-


Thet furry fantasy brought to life; Mii is probably one of the hottest characters in Interspecies Reviewers. She is a cat and works in the entertainment district and is quite different and unique in her own way.

With her cute cat ears pointing out of her pinkish hair, there is absolutely no reason why she should not take the top spot on this list.

And there it is, the hottest female characters in Interspecies Reviewers based on their beauty. If you liked this article, make sure to keep following us for similar content.


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