Kengan Omega Series Showcased the Beginning of Round 10

The latest Kengan Omega chapter displayed the beginning of Round 10 between Tokuno’o Tokumichi from the Kengan team and Liu Dongcheng from the Purgatory team. It is estimated that one of the Three Demon Fists: Serpent, Liu Dongcheng, has the upper hand; however, in the beginning, Tokuno’o unveiled, he is not just a rookie fighter. Kengan Omega Chapter 110, title, “Eye to Eye,” also revealed the combatant styles of both the fighters.

Tokuno’o Tokumichi is a genius martial artist, and his core fighting style is Sambo. Also, he has incredible grabbling technique. On the other hand, Liu Dongcheng is a martial arts prodigy from Taiwan, and his style, Kung Wu, is as same as Nikaido Ren. However, the chapter showed that in one-on-one combats, Liu has the upper hand over Nikaido Ren.

Nitoku Kengan Omega
Image Source: u/kirbin24 (Reddit)

As justified by Lolong Doinaire, Liu’s mood swings are his greatest weakness. If he loses his cool, he stands a little chance of winning. But Lolong also described that Liu is talented enough to go toe-to-toe with him. It means he is powerful enough to challenge the strongest gladiator in Purgatory. It will be awesome to witness the fight between talent and genius.