One Piece Manga Series will be on Hiatus next week in WSJ Issue 25

According to the official news, One Piece Chapter 1014 will be on break in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 25. This week fans will get Chapter 1013; however, next week, i.e., on May 23, 2021, One Piece Chapter 1014 will be on break. It means that Chapter 1014 will air in Issue 26, i.e., on May 30, 2021. As we all know, before the release of the previous chapter, One Piece was on break due to Golden Week in Japan.

In the past, Oda sensei mentioned that there would be a break on the release of every three chapters. After all, breaks are also very necessary for Mangaka’s health, One Piece has now entered the climax part of the Wano Kuni arc, and shortly we will get the result of the Onigashima’s final battle. The Wano Kuni has also become the longest arc in the One Piece series.

One Piece Chapter 1014
Image Source: Otakusnotes

Currently, the one-on-one battle has begun between Luffy and Kaido. They both are fighting with their Conqueror Haki. In Chapter 1013, we will finally get the result of this battle. On the other hand, on every floor of the Onigashima, samurai, Supernovas, and Straw Hats are engaging with the Beast Pirates. It will be interesting to witness how the night full of battle will end.