One Piece Worldwide Popularity Poll Results will be distributed in Upcoming Days

Finally, the results of the One Piece Worldwide Popularity Poll have started being announced. Yesterday, the ranking from 200th position to 151th was distributed on Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #21/22. The result unveiled some unexpected names like Marianne, Spandam, Gyro, and many more. It seems like fans haven’t forgotten them; that’s why they’ve been placed in the Top 200 popular characters in One Piece.

The downcast part is that some old popular characters have been downvoted in this poll, like Sengoku, Apoo, and Vergo. However, it all depends on on-trend to trend. Soon, we will get results from positions 150 to 101 on the official Twitter account. It will be interesting to witness some unforeseen names on the list.

The remaining rankings will be revealed according to the schedule. As per schedule, the position from 100 to 21 will be announced on the official Youtube channel on May 5, 2021, at 11:00 hrs JST. And the declaration of the Top 20 Most Popular One Piece Characters will be broadcasted on the same day and channel at 21:00 hrs JST. Fans are discussing over the 1st position. Some are predicting that Luffy will be on the topmost, but some are contradicting that Zoro will surpass him. Anything can be possible because here we are talking about the world’s most popular series, One Piece.