Tokyo Revengers Secured 1st Position Last Week in Oricon’s Top 10 Weekly Chart

Yesterday, Oricon surfaced the weekly chart of the Top 10 most circulated manga from May 10 to May 16, 2021. As per the list, this time, Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui has secured the first position surpassing Jujutsu Kaisen. Near about 587.078 copies have circulated, including the digital ones in the mentioned period. Last time, Jujutsu Kaisen attained the topmost rank; however, due to official hiatus last week, Tokyo Revengers has taken the lead.

Also, there is a gigantic difference between the total number of copies sold by Tokyo Revengers and Jujutsu Kaisen, respectively. Not only this, Kimetsu no Yaiba is at the 3rd position in the Top 10 list with a milestone of 126.561 copies sold. Although, the copies sold by the other series are very low in comparison to the previous weeks.

Tokyo Revengers is supernatural action series written by Ken Wakui and published under Kodansha. This running series has gained too much popularity in the release of 206 chapters till now. The story plot whirls around a job guy, Takemichi Hanagaki, who is depressed from his daily life. One day his ex-girlfriend got killed at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Therefore, in order to prevent this incident, Takemichi decides to travel through time to change the course of the future.