Top 15 Best Yuri Anime on Funimation (GL Anime 2023)

Yuri anime is one of the underrated genres. It is not in the mainstream and hence not that popular. However, Yuri anime is coming to the spotlight because of some very popular anime. Anime is streamed on various platforms, Not the illegal ones where we sometimes binge-watch it. We are talking about the actual platforms, including Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. Today to bring some more yuri anime into the spotlight, we are listing the Top 15 Best Yuri Anime on Funimation (2022).

You can stream any of the following Yuri Anime on Funimation as we have covered all sorts of genres with the main focus on the Yuri relationships that will fill your heart with fluff.

We have included the enemies to friends and business partners to life partners category as well. They are ranked based on the IMBD ratings of the anime.

15) Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (5.8)

Mirei and mamori

What is better than some magic and supernatural start? A Yuri Anime on Funimation with a steamy start. Mamori Tokonome is constantly getting bullied because her surname is also read as “virgin” life is hard on her but also quite generous as she ends up in a land of mermaids.

In this fascinating place, Mamori encounters a beautiful paradoxical lady Shikishima. She understands Mamori as Mirei herself is a castaway.

Things take a steamy turn when Mirei kisses Mamori, which gives rise to Mamori’s inner strength and powers. Mamori, who used to be so Naive, is now turned into a warhead. These two women in love now have to survive on Mermaid.

Number of Episodes: 12

14) Riddle Story of Devil (6.3)

Takoku and haru

Talk about an assassination job gone wrong. Myoujou Academy, a private all-girls boarding school, is not an ordinary place. Tokaku Azuma student of Class Black, and 11 of her classmates are up for an assassination Challenge.

Their task is to kill Haru Ichinose, their sweet amiable classmate. Why would these students risk their lives to kill their classmates? The answer is for the sake of getting what they desire. They would get only one shot at the target; if they made it, unimaginable desires would come to life.

For Tokaku Azuma, instead of Gunshot, Cupid shot was fired because she finds herself falling for the girl she is supposed to kill. As her entire class has their eyes on the target, Azuma decides to protect Haru.

Azuma goes against everyone who is on their way to kill Haru. This Yuri Anime on Funimation addresses many social issues. It also has some disturbing elements not suitable for some audiences, but it is an excellent blend of dark thriller and Yuri.

Number of Episodes: 12

13) Citrus (6.5)

Yuzu and mei

Yuzu Aihara’s freshman year begins. She is being forced to transfer to a new school because her mother remarried. She is excited to meet new people and enjoy her high school like any other.

Yuzu, with her bold sense of fashion, enters into all-girls school, but to her surprise, the students are too sophisticated and reserved. Yuzu stands out because of her shiny clothes and attracts a lot of attention; one of these is Mei Aihara, President of the Student Council.

Things get a bit luscious while Mei is looking for a cellphone on Yuzu, but things take an extreme turn when Yuzu comes home feeling overwhelmed just to find out that her stepsister is none other than Mei Aihara.

While Yuzu makes efforts to make a bond with her, Mei has different plans, which leads to Mei hogging Yuzu and kissing her, leaving them both feeling flustered and confused.

Number of Episodes: 12

12) Yuri Kuma Arashi (6.7)

Yuri kuma arashi

This yuri anime on Funimation is all about Love, Lust, and Lillies. In the human world existence of bears is a threat to humanity. The Wall of Severance divides humans and bears hungry for humans.

Kureha Tsubaki has feelings for her best friend Sumika Izumino, but before she is about to confess, Sumika meets a deadly fate. She is devoured by the bears, which gives rise to hatred.

Not all bears lust for humans. Ginko and LuLu, disguised as humans, form a closer relationship with Kureha and soon find out they are not the only bears here.

They figure out there are evil bears in school using girls to satisfy their lust and hunger. In this cruel world, there is no peace when it is about love. Kureha, Ginko, and Lulu now have to face a trial and attain the “Promised Kiss.” The visuals are funny and harmless, but the acts are not cute bears devouring girls is shady.

Number of Episodes: 12

11) Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl (6.7)

Hazumu, yasuna, tomari

This Yuri begins with a guy named Hazumu, an unaware trans woman portrayed as a highly feminine boy. His love confession is denied by his love interest Yasuna.

Heartbroken, Hazumu runs off into a forest and gets lost. What can one expect to go wrong in a beautiful forest? For Hazumu, it is the aliens; who abduct him, causing a massive change in his life. Hazumu is not his usual self; he is a girl.

Hazume turning into a girl brings a lot of emotions to the table; the overflowing wave of love gives rise to a love triangle. Hazume’s childhood friend Tomari feels more than friendship toward her. This yuri anime on Funimation is a twisted Gender Bender.

Number of Episodes: 12

10) El Cazador De La Bruja (6.8)

Ellies and nadie

Nadie is a bounty hunter who has managed to convince Ellis, the girl with a bounty on her head, to travel together to the mysterious place Winay Marka.

Ellis is a naive girl who is a murder suspect. This place holds the key to unlocking Ellis’s memories and helping to solve the case. As the story proceeds, the doors of mysteries slowly unlock.

Nadie and Ellis go from being strictly business to falling for each other. Their relationship is filled with a lot of fluff and heartwarming moments. Nadie and Ellis are one of the best yuri relationships I have seen.

Nadie has to protect Ellis no matter what but as she begins to fall for her, protecting Ellis becomes more than just a duty. This yuri anime on Funimation is worth watching just for the cute romantic scenes.

Number of Episodes: 26

9) Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers) (7.0)

fumi and akira

Aoi Hana is the yuri anime on Funimation that deals with lesbian love in a more elegant way. Fumi and Akira are best friends who are in different High Schools, but fate gives them multiple chances to meet.

This is the journey of them discovering each other and themselves. Fumi is a skittish girl who sees the heterosexual relationships around her, questions herself, and discovers who she is. Eventually, she comes out to her friend about it. Akira is always there for Fumi, no matter what.

This Yuri is about Love and Friendship between Fumi and Akira or someone else; that is for you to decide. This Yuri will remind you of first love and how it always stays with you in some way or another.

Along with this, it also shows the struggle of coming out of the closet and the courage it takes to share it with the world and accept who you are. It is a beautiful mixture of a slice of life and drama.

Number of Episodes: 11

8) Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-Tachi (7.1)

Rin and mimi

If you are looking for Action and adventure with a hint of Mystery and tons of yuri fluff, then this one is for you. Mnemosyne will play with your mind; it jumps into different times, keeping you captivated.

At first, it will seem like a simple story about a woman named Rin Asogi and Mimi running an agency together, and the catch is they are immortal.

Rin and Mimi are immortal due to a plant. If the spores of this plant are entered into a man, he becomes an angel and lives for a short period.

The drawback is when the male and female are near, the female is attracted to the angel and requests him to devour her. With all these complications, Rin meets Kouki, a man with disrupted memories. She helps him just to realize he was the enemy all along.

Rin and Mimi share a relationship more than just friends. Mimi’s nature to look out for Rin and ensure her safety turns into a cute romantic scene. They have also shared a sweet moment where Mimi kisses Rin.

Number of Episodes: 06

7) Konohana Kitan (7.1)

Konohana Kitan

This is for the Furry fandom out there. The story is about a fox girl who is trying to fit in and make new friends with people around her. This anime is set up in ancient Japan and ample fantasy land. Yuzu is a young fox girl who comes to work at a large and reputed hot spring. Here Yuzu meets Satsuki, a reserved workaholic.

Satsuki’s initial reaction to Yuzu was not that good, she used to find Yuzu annoying, but soon after spending time together, the love started to bloom. Cute interactions between Yuzu and Satsuki will fill your heart with fluff.

Number of Episodes: 12

6) Adachi and Shimamura (7.1)

Adachi and Shimamura

Another one with the portrayal of Yuri sensibly and realistically. This yuri anime on Funimation is filled with cute and fluff scenes while addressing real issues. Shimamura is a social butterfly and the extroverted one we usually see in anime.

She finds it difficult to form an emotional attachment and puts zero effort into doing so. When it comes to life or relationships, she is the “go with the flow” kind of girl. Adachi is the polar opposite of Shimamura. She is the quiet kid in the class—a certified introvert.

Adachi’s loneliness and Shimamura’s social skills bring them together, Shimamura is the one to talk to Adachi, and eventually, they become friends.

It did not take much time for them to take a step further and get into a relationship. Their opposite personalities make them so great together and give us a lot of cute and romantic moments to watch.

Number of Episodes: 12

5) Princess Principal (7.2)

Princess Principal

This anime is more focused on the storyline, a group of girls from an elite school working as undercover spies for the Commonwealth. Dorothy is the leader; she is the woman who can do both. Firearm skills, insane driving skills, the art of seduction, you name it. Each character has a personality that is explored more as the episodes go by,

You will get to witness romance arcs during the backstory of the characters, which gives hints of Yuri in this anime. The yuri relationships are again matured compared to others.

Number of Episodes: 12

4) Noir (7.2)


Opposites Attracts, Again. Kirika is quite an introverted woman who rarely talks, and Mirielle is an up-tight woman who tolerates nothing. The twist here is that these women are assassins and have their trauma to deal with. To understand their past lives, they decide to go together on the journey to find out the truth,

Despite being annoyed by Kirika at the beginning, Mirielle eventually forms an emotional bond with her that keeps both of them away from the track of insanity. This yuri anime on Funimation has everything; the unique storyline and Mystery make it a good watch.

Number of Episodes: 26

3) Mai-HiME (7.3)


This anime has a big cast. HiME are girls who can materialize their equipment with their powers. There are a total of 13 HiMEs, and each HiME can summon guardians called “Child” on top of this, they have their loved one, the special someone in their life. Despite of big cast, there is no room for confusion as the story is very well organized.

There are again hints of Yuri in this anime, and it is not entirely based on Yuri. You get to see strong bonds of friendships and even one-sided relationships.

Number of Episodes: 26

2) Yuru Yuri (7.5)

Yuru Yuri

If you are looking for some heartwarming slice-of-life yuri anime, then this one is for you. The yuri aspect of this anime is its cuteness and the comic element. It is a story about girls who always have something to do together and this time they have come up with a club. An amusement Club that will keep them all happy together.

Number of Episodes: 12

1) Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) (8.1)

Utena and Anthy

This Yuri Anime on Funimation is a package. It has everything, fantasy, drama, comedy, and most important Yuri. Utena is loved by everyone for her unique charms and lovable personality. During her usual day at school with ongoing fights and duels, she discovers about Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya. Now Utena must fight for her possession.

Utena and Anthy have a cute relationship. Looking out for each other to be safe, Always fighting for the sake of Anthy gives their relationship a strong edge,

Number of Episodes: 39 

We have come to the end of our list of Top 15 Best Yuri Anime on Funimation (2022). Pick your favorite and watch it on Funimation. These are all completed so you can binge-watch and satisfy your love for Yuri.

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