French Publisher Imho To Release A Book On The Iconic Garo Manga Magazine

French publisher Imho has announced the upcoming release of a new book centered around the famous Gekiga/Alternative Manga Magazine Garo. Garo was published from the 1960s to 2002 and featured many famous manga artists, such as Shigeru Mizuki and Yoshiharu Tsuge.

The book will explore the history of Garo and the role it played in shaping the world of manga. It will delve into the magazine’s unique style, which challenged traditional manga tropes and offered a platform for alternative voices and storytelling.

Garo was known for publishing works that dealt with social and political issues, as well as more experimental and avant-garde works. The magazine was instrumental in promoting the work of many now-famous manga artists, and its legacy can still be seen in contemporary manga and anime.

Imho’s book will feature interviews with some of the magazine’s most prominent artists, as well as critical analysis and historical context. It promises to be an insightful and informative read for fans of manga and those interested in the history of Japanese popular culture.

The release date for the book has yet to be announced, but fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival. Garo was a groundbreaking magazine that left a lasting impact on the world of manga, and this book is sure to shed new light on its rich history and legacy.

Featured Image Credit: Editions IMHO (@twitter)

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