Web Manga “Sasaki and Miyano” Takes First Place in General Election Special Edition

Show Haruzono’s “Sasaki and Miyano” has won the first place in the “Web Manga General Election” special edition, which announced its results on May 11th. This event is held annually to decide the 10 most popular web manga through user votes.

This special edition commemorates the event’s 10th anniversary and featured web manga works published over the past decade. “Sasaki and Miyano” is a story that revolves around the daily lives of high school boys, Yumi Miyano, a boy who has a complex about his feminine face, and Hidenari Sasaki, a slightly delinquent senior who likes Miyano.

Sasaki and Miyano
Sasaki and Miyano | Credit: natalie.mu

The manga is serialized in Gene Pixiv and has been adapted into an anime, a movie, and a reading drama. To celebrate the first-place win, an interview with Haruzono will be released on May 12th at 12:00 on pixivision.

Kanzume Sawa’s “Minato Shoji Coin Laundry” based on Yuzu Tsubaki’s original came in second place, followed by Nebukuro’s “Translation Ali Spirit Mansion” in third place.

Yu Toyoda’s “It seems that if you are a virgin until you are 30 years old, you can become a wizard” came in fourth place, and Makiburo Nazuna Shiraume’s “The One Within the Villainess” won fifth place. Each of the award winners expressed their joy at the recognition.

The live broadcast of the results, hosted by Yusuke Shirai, will be archived until June 10th. Bookstores nationwide and Animate will introduce the top 10 works, and some stores will give out benefits for the top three works. Marion Crepe will collaborate with the top three works and sell a collaboration crepe. There will also be an Amazon gift card gift campaign.

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