Top 20 Hottest Chinese Actors of all time (Most Handsome Actors, Ranked)

Filled with different genres and plots, Chinese shows and movies always have something for everyone. If not for the plot, then it has surely gained massive popularity because of the handsome and talented actors & actresses. After all, it is not every day you get to see talent and beauty mixed together. That’s why we have brought you a list of the Top 20 Hottest Chinese Actors of all time.

However, please keep in mind that the following ranking has been made on a personal preference and is not a representation of the general audience’s predilection. Without further ado, let’s get on with our list.

20) Lin Yi 

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Born in 1998, Lin Yi is a young Chinese actor and model. He was scouted by an agent during his first year and went abroad the following year to receive professional dance and performance training.

Lin Yi then debuted in 2017, and by 2019 he gained international fame, especially in Thailand. He also received the Best Actor Award in 2019.

Age: 23

Starred in: Put Your Head On My Shoulder (2019), Love Scenery (2021), Memory of Encaustic Tile (2022), Our Times (2022), One Week Friends (2022)

19) Huang Jun Jie 

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Appearing on-screen mostly as memorable supporting characters or guest roles in shows and movies, Huang Jun Jie is a popular actor in his home country.

He was a student at the Beijing Film Academy and made his debut in 2016 as the male lead in the drama 24 Seconds of Youth. He is nationally known for his good looks and is considered one of the hottest Chinese actors.

Age: 24

Starred in: Forever Young (2017), Love the Way You Are (2019), Reunion: The Sound of the Providence (2020), Dr. Cutie (2020)

18) Allen Ren 

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Ren Jialun, also known as Allen Ren, is a Chinese actor and singer. Ren, who previously worked as an airport ground handler and flight attendant, was supposed to debut in a Chinese-Korean boy group but quit in 2014 due to unknown reasons.

He made his acting debut in 2014 and achieved international fame in 2017. He won several awards, including two Best Actors.

Age: 33

Starred in: The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017), Under the Power (2019), Forever and Ever (2021), One and Only (2021), The Blue Whisper: Part 1 & 2 (2022)

17) Song Wei Long 

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Listed under 30 Under 30 Asia 2019 and Forbes China Celebrity 100, Song Wei Long got into the acting industry in 2016. He is popularly known for his fantasy romance drama Long For You, which received 1 billion views during its runtime.

Song has received several awards and is also the brand ambassador for brands like Burberry, Emporio Armani, and Mikimoto.

Age: 23

Starred in: Love the Way You Are (2019), Find Yourself (2020), In A Class of Her Own (2020), Go Ahead (2020), Just for Meeting You (2022)

16) Liu Haoran

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Besides constantly ranking on Forbes China Celebrity 100, Liu Haoran is also the youngest Chinese actor to gross almost $2.32 billion USD at the Chinese box office.

Making his debut in 2014, he quickly reached the top and is widely regarded as one of the best actors among the younger generation in China. He is considered extremely handsome and has won several awards, such as Beautiful Idol and Best Actor.

Age: 24

Starred in: With You (2016), Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin (2017), Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019), Coffee or Tea? (2020)

15) Zhang Yi Jie 

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Drawing attention for his sharp features and handsome face, Zhang Yi Jie is one of the hottest Chinese actors on this list.

Making his debut in 2010, he started gaining recognition for his role in China 1921. He then went on to act in several hit films and movies throughout his career.

Age: 23

Starred in: Battle of Changsha (2014), The Backlight of Love (2015), King is Not Easy (2017), The Prince of Tennis (2019), Dear Parents (2021)

14) Bai Jingting 

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Although not the brightest student in class, Bai Jingting didn’t lack any other talent. He was a field athlete, a basketball player as well as extremely talented in piano.

He started his acting career in between his schooling years. By 2016, he gained national fame and is now considered one of the most talented and hottest Chinese actors of all time.

Age: 28

Starred in: The Whirlwind Girl (2015), Target Person (2020), You Are My Hero (2021), Our New Life (2021), Reset (2022)

13) Deng Lun 

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Currently holding the No. 1 spot on the top TV drama record for all the “Post-90s Generation” of actors, Deng Lun is one of the most accomplished actors in China.

By 2017, he had a huge breakthrough in his career. Deng Lun starred in one blockbuster after another, signed several brand deals, and posed for the biggest magazines in China.

Age: 29

Starred in: Because of Meeting You (2017), White Deer Plain (2017), Ashes of Love (2018), The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (2020), Brotherhood in the War (2021)

12) Dai Jing Yao

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Known popularly for his role in I Cannot Hug You as the second male lead, the young Chinese actor is known for his handsome youthful look and boy-next-door charm.

Dai Jing Yao participated in and won the Season 2 of Super Idol but did not debut in the boy group like his fellow members. Instead, he made his acting debut in 2017 in the drama The Big Boss.

Age: 29

Starred in: The Big Boss (2017), I Cannot Hug You (2018), Cupid of Zhou Dynasty (2019), Voice of Love (2021)

11) Li Hong Yi 

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Handsome Chinese actor and singer Li Hong Yi was a former SM trainee but had to quit to continue his studies. He made his acting debut in China in 2014 and was well-received by the people.

Alongside acting in plenty of dramas, Hong Yi has several singles, including OSTs for dramas he has starred in.

Age: 24

Starred in: Yesterday Once More (2016), Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (2017), Love Better Than Immortality (2019), Parallel Love (2020)

10) Yang Yang 

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Chinese actor Yang Yang is a household name in his home country. He debuted in 2010 and has been climbing the charts higher and higher after starring in several hit movies and dramas.

He has won almost all the awards he has been nominated for and is a recurring name in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list. Additionally, he was also China’s first Olympic torch bearer in Rio Olympics.

Age: 31

Starred in: The Whirlwind Girl (2015), Love O2O (2016), The King’s Avatar (2019), You Are My Glory (2021), Who Rules the World (2022)

9) Li Xian 

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Standing at 185 cm, this handsome hunk is labeled as the “Present Boyfriend” in China. Li Xian is extremely modest, and that acts as a catalyst for him being extremely sought-after.

He has appeared in Forbes Asia 100 Digital Stars list, as well as Forbes China Celebrity 100 list. This actor has plenty of brand endorsements which ultimately earned him the title of Brand Value Star of the Year.

Age: 30

Starred in: Singing When We’re Young (2013), City of Fantasy (2014), Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (2016), Tientsin Mystic (2017), Go Go Squid! (2019)

8) Gong Jun 

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Also known as Simon Gong, this actor is known for his role in the BL drama Word of Honor. While he was in his second year of high school, he was hand-picked by his teacher for a performance due to his handsome appearance.

Before his acting debut in 2015, Gong was a model for different advertisements, ultimately earning the nickname “The Little Prince of Advertising.”

Age: 29

Starred in: Advance Bravely (2017), The Love Equations (2020), Begin Again (2020), Word of Honor (2021), The Flaming Heart (2021)

7) Dylan Wang 

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Gaining popularity internationally as soon as he debuted, Dylan Wang is best recognized for his role as the main lead in the drama Meteor Garden.

With his new fan following, every single show Dylan starred in became a hit and is now considered one of the most famous Chinese actors. Known for his sharp features and handsome face, Dylan has also modeled for several magazines like Elle Men and Chic.

Age: 23

Starred in: Meteor Garden (2018), The Rational Life (2021), Miss the Dragon (2021), Love Between Fairy and Devil (2022)

6) Luo Yunxi 

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Known by his English name Leo Lou at times, Yunxi is a Chinese actor, model, and singer. He majored in ballet & graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy.

He debuted in the acting industry in the year 2010 and received a major breakthrough in his career for his antagonistic role in Ashes of Love. Ever since then, he has worked in hit television dramas and received several awards for his work. He also has three Ballet awards.

Age: 34

Starred in: Children’s Hospital Pediatrician (2017), Ashes of Love (2018), Princess Silver (2019), And the Winner is Love (2020), Love is Sweet (2020)

5) Vin Zhang 

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Making his debut in 2014, Vin Zhang Is one of the most famous actors in China. He has starred in several dramas, and with his sharp, stunning features, he is undoubtedly one of the hottest Chinese actors on this list.

He is considered extremely charitable and keeps a low profile making him very popular among fans. Zhang has also won many awards, such as Youth Role Model and New Artist Award.

Age: 29

Starred in: Love’s M Turn (2014), Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017), The King’s Woman (2017), Storm Eye (2021), Rattan (2021)

4) Hu Yitian 

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Previously working as a model at a friend’s suggestion, Hu Yitian made his acting debut in 2017. The same year he received widespread appreciation internationally and several awards for his drama A Love So Beautiful.

Standing at 6’2, Hu is tall and handsome, making him popular among fans, and is considered one of the hottest Chinese actors.

Age: 28

Starred in: A Love So Beautiful (2017), Handsome Siblings (2020), My Roommate Is a Detective (2020), Go Go Squid 2: Dt, Appledog’s Time (2021)

3) Hou Ming Hao

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Professionally known as Neo Hou, this former SM trainee is a Chinese actor and singer. He debuted in 2014 with the Chinese band Fresh Teenager Geek but parted ways in 2016 to begin his solo career.

Hou then made an acting debut in 2016 and has since won awards such as Most Promising Newcomer. He is also considered extremely handsome and has modeled for several magazines.

Age: 25

Starred in: Cambrian Period (2017), When We Were Young (2018), Psych-Hunter (2020), A Girl Like Me (2020), Our Times (2021)

2) Wang Yibo 

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Making a regular appearance in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, Wang Yibo is undoubtedly the most talented person on this list. He is an actor, singer, rapper, TV host, and professional motorcycle racer.

Yibo debuted in 2014 as a member of the Korean-Chinese boy group Uniq. He was also the host of the variety program Day Day Up from 2014-2021.

Besides being one of the top Chinese actors ever since his TV debut in 2017, Yibo is also a member of the Yamaha China Racing Team. He has won several awards for his acting as well as his solo music.

Age: 25

Starred in: Gank Your Heart (2019), The Untamed (2019), Legend of Fei (2020), Luoyang (2021), Being a Hero (2022)

1) Xiao Zhan 

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Xiao Zhan is one of the most handsome Chinese actors. He entered the entertainment industry as a member of the Chinese boy group X Nine

He made his acting debut in 2016 and had a massive growth in popularity internationally in 2019. Following his major breakthrough, he received several endorsements and ambassadorship from brands like Gucci, Audi, Yves, Saint Laurent, and others.

He is currently one of the top actors in China and is dominating all charts worldwide. He was listed as the Most Handsome Men in the World 2020 by Top Beauty World, as well as the Sexiest Men in the World 2020, unquestionably making him the top contender in this list and one of the hottest Chinese actors of all time.

Age: 31

Starred in: Oh! My Emperor (2018), The Untamed (2019), The Wolf (2020), Douluo Continent (2021), The Oath of Love (2022)

With that, we conclude our list, and it is rather unfortunate that we could not add every other deserving actor here. Once again, this list is based on personal preference and is not an official ranking. Do remember to check out the dramas and movies mentioned above and show your support to these talented young men.

Until next time then!

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