Where to watch Akira Movie legally in 2023? English Dub

Akira, written by Otomo and Izo Hashimoto, is a Japanese animated action film. The movie Akira was released on 16th July in the year 1988. The anime has revolutionized with its fantastic storylines and amazing characterization. It has grown in popularity across different regions with time due to its unique ability to attract people. While there are so many online platforms that bring us a wide range of anime, a common question arises, where to watch Akira legally. 

The answer to the question is Akira movie is available on online platforms like Funimation, Hulu, and NetflixIt means fans can watch this series in English dub and sub on these platforms. However, every service has some catch, so you can choose any of them based on your location, availability, and membership. 

On the other hand, presently, Crunchyroll is showing the archives for Akira Movie, meaning that the movie was available in the past for the US location. Maybe Akira Movie is available on Crunchyroll but for different regions. Therefore, here we recommend fans across the US to advance on either Funimation or Hulu to watch this movie. 

Where can I watch Akira?

You can watch Akira in the English dub version from online platforms like Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix. No doubt these platforms are the best ones for watching Akira Movie. However, every platform has some catch. Example: In Funimation, Akira Movie is locked for only premium members (both English sub and dub).

It signifies that the fans first have to purchase the premium membership to watch Akira Movie. Fans can also complete this anime within their trial period. 

watch Akira on Funimation
Source: Funimation

On the other hand, Netflix also has Akira Movie but only for the UK, Switzerland, Mexico, and Japan. Fans across these countries can watch this movie easily; however, for the other regions, you have to purchase a good VPN. 

Akira is one of the best military movies, of duration two hours and four minutes. It has too much action, along with horror and supernatural scenes. 

1) Is Akira on Funimation?

Yes, Akira is available on the website Funimation. It is available in both the English dub and subversions. However, both versions are locked. So, fans need to purchase a subscription to this website to watch it. Else, fans can also proceed to other online platforms mentioned in this article.

2) Is Akira on Netflix?

Yes, Akira is also available on the online platform Netflix. It is available in both the English sub and dub versions. However, Akira is only available for some countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, and Hong Kong. 

Fans living in this region can easily watch this movie. For the fans living outside this region, you can try using a good VPN for this purpose. Here, we recommend NordVPN for the same. After using the VPN, change your location to the region in which it is available, and you are good to begin.

3) Is Akira on Amazon Prime Video?

Currently, this movie is not available on the platform Amazon Prime Video for the US. We will update you through our articles if this movie is ever made available on Amazon Prime Video.

So, stay connected to our website till then. Also, for now, you can proceed to the other official websites mentioned to watch this movie. You need to simply follow the steps mentioned to start watching the movie.

4) Is Akira on Crunchyroll?

Sadly, this movie is not yet made available on the online platform Crunchyroll. It is only showing the “Archives .”You can also watch this movie from the other websites mentioned. In case this movie is available on Crunchyroll in the future, we will update you regarding the same. So, stay tuned to our website.

5) Is Akira on Hulu?

Yes, the movie Akira is available on the online platform Hulu. It is available in both the English sub and dub versions. However, before proceeding, fans need to check if this movie is available for their region or not.

watch Akira on Hulu
Source: Hulu

If not available, then you can use a VPN to watch it from this platform. You can also try watching this movie from the other platforms, as mentioned earlier in this article.

How to watch the Akira movie in 2022?

Netflix members can easily watch this anime. However, non-Netflix members have to purchase at least one month of a trial subscription to watch Akira movie. So, here are some steps to watch Akira on Netflix.

  • Step 1- Register your email id on Netflix.
  • Step 2- Register your credit card details.
  • Step 3- Your 1-month trial begins.
  • Step 4- Search for Akira on Netflix.
  • Step 5- If available, then Select Episode 1 and enjoy watching it.
  • Step 6- If not available, purchase NordVPN.
  • Step 7- Register your email id in the VPN.
  • Step 8- Change your geo-location to Mexico.
  • Step 9- Now go to Netflix and refresh.
  • Step 10- You will see the change in Netflix’s library.
  • Step 11- Search for Akira and enjoy watching it.

The total running time of this action film Akira is about 124 minutes i.e. 2 hours and 4 minutes only.

Akira Anime Plot:

The story begins with an explosion by a young boy in Japan in 1988, which led to a disaster in the city of Tokyo. This act of his led to World War III. The boy is now captured and taken into custody, never to be heard again.

A restored version of the city called the Neo-Tokyo was established in 2019. The area was filled with violence and terrorism against the government.

“The Capsules” was led by Shoutarou Kaneda, a group of miscreants known for riding huge motorbikes. They remained in constant conflict with their rivals called “The Clowns .”

After being a victim of a road accident, Tetsuo Shima finds himself in the streets of Tokyo after escaping from the government confinement. Amidst the Govt. trying its best possible methods to seclude this new psychic from creating havoc in the city, Tetsuo starts developing his mysterious powers.

Wait for the story to unfold slowly. To know more about the anime plot, you need to watch this series.

Where to read Akira manga in 2022?

You can read Akira manga by purchasing it from Amazon. You can also read it from mangaowl. We will update you through our article if this manga is available on any other platform. Hope you liked reading our article and found it an informative article. We will be back with more such articles. Till then, stay connected and happy watching.

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