Where to watch Servamp legally? English 2023

Strike Tanaka’s Servamp is a famous Japanese manga series. The Anime Genre has revolutionized with its fantabulous story plots and amazing characterization. It has grown in popularity across different regions with time due to its unique ability to attract viewers. The amazing series of Servamp has 12 episodes, with its first episode airing on 5TH July 2016. The series marked its end on 20th September 2016, with its 12th episode.

By gaining so much popularity, a common question arises in every anime lover’s mind, where to watch it. Therefore we bring to you our today’s article on” Where to watch Servamp legally ?”.

The answer to the question is: Servamp is available for all anime lovers on various online platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Funimation. These are some of the best platforms for fans to watch this series. Fans can avail of this series in both English dub and subversions from the websites mentioned above.

People interested in watching Servamp first need to check whether this animated series is available on the above-mentioned platforms for their regions or not. If not, then all they need to do is use a good VPN to watch it officially.

In this article, we have discussed where and how to watch this animated series. Let us begin this article without wasting any time.

Where can I watch Servamp in English dub?

Amazon Prime Video and Funimation are some of the legal websites available for all anime addicts to watch all the episodes of the popular series. These platforms provide the anime in English dub. To watch this series, all the viewers need to purchase a subscription to any one of the above-mentioned platforms. After purchasing the subscription, they can enjoy watching this series.

watch Servamp on Funimation
Source: Funimation

Before proceeding, the viewers need to check if this series is made available to their location; if not available, you need to change your location to the region in which it is made available.

You can achieve this by using a good VPN. But, you cannot use this VPN for Amazon Prime Video’s website. Continue reading the article further for more information.

1) Is Servamp on Funimation?

Yes, Servamp is available on Funimation for all its viewers. It is available in both the English sub and dub versions. Funimation has upgraded its list of anime series and has added Servamp also. It is available for non-premium members also. You can enjoy watching it from this online platform.

2) Is Servamp on Crunchyroll?

Currently, this anime series is not available on Crunchyroll. It was available back in 2018. But only the catalog is shown on the Crunchyroll website, but the episodes are missing. We will update you through our articles if this anime series is made available on this website again.

3) Is Servamp on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Servamp is not yet made available for anime lovers on the online platform Netflix. But, the fans need not worry as there are various other legal websites from which they can watch this popular anime series. We have mentioned the same in the rest of our article.

4) Is Servamp on Hulu?

Servamp is not available on Hulu. Hulu is one of the best platforms to watch anime but this animated series is presently not accessible on it. Continue reading this article to know more about the online platforms on which it is made available.

5) Is Servamp on Amazon Prime Video?

Servamp is available for fans on Amazon Prime Video. It is available in both the English sub and dub versions. But, for this website, you cannot use a VPN as Amazon Prime’s ID is used for shopping.

watch Servamp on Amazon Prime
Credits: Amazon Prime

Hence, it is easily trackable. If this anime series is made available to your region, only you can watch it. Else, try watching it on the other mentioned websites.

How to watch Servamp?

Funimation is available only in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand. Hence, fans across these regions can follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open the Funimation website or app.
  • Step 2: Register or Login in with your email id.
  • Step 3: Search for Servamp.
  • Step 4: If available, click on Season 1 Episode 1 and enjoy watching.
  • Step 5: If not, purchase a good VPN. Here we recommend you buy NordVPN.
  • Step 6: After purchasing, register your email id to the VPN.
  • Step 7: Log in to your VPN.
  • Step 8: Change your geo-location to the US.
  • Step 9: Go to Funimation and refresh the content. You will see a change in the library.
  • Step 10: Search for Servamp.
  • Step 11: Click on Season 1 Episode 1 and enjoy.

For other regions:

  • Step 1: Purchase a good VPN.
  • Step 2: Register your email id to the VPN.
  • Step 3: Log in to your VPN and change your geo-location to the US.
  • Step 4: Create a new email id for the US region.
  • Step 5: Search for Funimation.
  • Step 6: Register your new email id.
  • Step 7: Search for Servamp.
  • Step 8: Click on Season 1 Episode 1 and enjoy watching. 

Servamp watch order:

  • Servamp Season 1 (Episode 1-12)
  • Servamp: Alice in the Garden (2018 movie)

The anime Servamp has 12 fantastic episodes. Each episode of this series is 24 minutes approx (excluding movies and extras). The total time required to complete this anime series is approximately 288 minutes, which is 4 hours and 8 minutes. You can enjoy this series and have leisure time at home.

Servamp Plot: 

The story begins with Mahiru Shirota, who is a minimalist 16-years old boy who finds keen interest in things that do not require any effort. On his way back home, he found a little black stray cat.

Even in his wildest dreams, he must not have thought that this incident would bring a drastic change in his everyday life. Mahiru named the stray cat Kuro.

He found something strange one day returning home and noticed an uninvited person at his place. The uninvited person is exposed to the sun’s rays and gets transformed into Kuro-his stray cat.

Mahiru then gets to know that he is a lazy shut-in vampire who then promises to leave at night. Little did he know that he accidentally formed a contract with his uninvited guest, who drags him into the threatening battle between the bloodthirsty and the supernatural servants.

To know what happens next in the series, continue watching it.

Frequently asked Questions-

Q1) Where can I watch Servamp: Alice in the garden movie?

Ans. Presently, the Servamp Movie: Alice in the Garden is not yet available on any of the official services. All the fans can proceed to watch it on private websites like gogoanime.

If in the future any of the official services air this movie, we will update you with our articles. All you need to do is stay connected to our website.

Q2) Where can I watch Servamp without any cost?

Ans. You cannot watch the Servamp anime series without any cost. However, fans need not be sad after reading this. We have a trick for all the anime addicts.

You can register your details and try signing up for a 30-day free trial on Amazon Prime Video. By following this, you will be able to watch this anime series without any cost.

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