All Devil Fruits in One Piece (Devil Fruit Compendium) 2023

We all know the official One Piece manga series is on break from Issue 30 to Issue 33. So, to dispel the boredom of fans, the official series has released the One Piece Road to Laugh Tale booklet, which comprises raw sketches and storyboards of characters and panels that did not make it into the final work.

Recently, One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3 surfaced, which comprehends the names of all devil fruits (mentioned in the series so far) along with their user. Devil fruits in One Piece are basically the mysterious fruits that are scattered throughout the world. Those who acquire their much sought-after power are cursed by the sea.

Therefore, here we come up with a post that provides the synopsis of all One Piece Devil Fruits compendiums. It will help many readers to search for the details of these forbidden fruits of temptation in the future when Road to laugh Tale booklets are hard to find. So, without any further ado, let’s begin our article on the devils hated by the sea.

All Devil Fruits Name & User

Paramecia Devil Fruits

It provides unique superhuman abilities. The classification of the fruit powers allows for abilities that change the properties of the user’s body or else permit the user to manipulate or produce something. A wide range of mysterious abilities falls under this category.

All Devil Fruits in One Piece

  • Art-Art Fruit: Jora
  • Bubble-Bubble Fruit: Kalifa
  • Stone-Stone Fruit: Pica
  • String-String Fruit: Donquixto Doflamingo
  • Wash-Wash Fruit: Tsuru
  • Mold-Mold Fruit: Morley
  • Tone-Tone Fruit: Scratchmen Apoo
  • Op-Op Fruit: Trafalgar D. Water Law
  • Bind-Bind Fruit: Hina
  • Shadow-Shadow Fruit: Gecko Moria
  • Dango-Dango Fruit: Otama
  • Sparkle-Sparkle Fruit: Jozu
  • Kilo-Kilo Fruit: Miss Valentine
  • Glare-Glare Fruit: Viola
  • Cook-Cook Fruit: Streusen
  • Quake-Quake Fruit: Edward Newgate (Whitebeard), then Marshal D. Teach (Blackbeard)
  • Cream-Cream Fruit: Charlotte Opera
  • Spin-Spin Fruit: Buffalo
  • Pile-Pile Fruit: Charlotte Newshi
  • Rally-Rally Fruit: Belo Betty
  • Gum-Gum Fruit: Monkey D. Luffy
  • Rust-Rust fruit: Shu
  • Magnet-Magnet Fruit: Kid
  • Wring-Wring Fruit: Charlotte Smoothie
  • Jacket-Jacket Fruit: Kelly Funk
  • Wheel-Wheel Fruit: Sharinguru
  • Ripe-Ripe Fruit: Shinobu
  • Castle-Castle Fruit: Capone Bege
  • Swim-Swim Fruit: Senor Pink
  • Clear-Clear Fruit: Absalom, then Shiryu
  • Thud-Thud Fruit: Issho (Fujitora)
  • Dice-Dice Fruit: Daz Bonez (Mr. 1)
  • Slip-Slip Fruit: Alvida
  • Soul-Soul Fruit: Caramel, then Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom)
  • Heal-Heal Fruit: Mansherry
  • Snip-Snip Fruit: Inazuma
  • Door-Door Fruit: Blueno
  • Time-Time Fruit: Kozuki Toki
  • Venom-Venom Fruit: Magellan
  • Spike-Spike Fruit: Zara (Miss Double Finger)
  • Wax-Wax Fruit: Galdino (Mr. 3)
  • Ton-Ton Fruit: Machvise
  • Calm-Calm Fruit: Donquixto Rosnante (Corazon)
  • Paw-Paw Fruit: Bartholomew Kuma
  • Stitch-Stitch Fruit: Leo
  • Heat-Heat fruit: Charlotte Oven
  • Slow-Slow Fruit: Foxy
  • Munch-Munch Fruit: Wapol
  • Butter-Butter Fruit: Charlotte Galette
  • Flower-Flower Fruit: Nico Robin
  • Spring-Spring Fruit: Bellamy
  • Pop-Pop Fruit: Gladius
  • Split-Split Fruit: Buggy
  • Barrier-Barrier Fruit: Kurozumi Semimaru, then Bartholomeo
  • Biscuit-Biscuit Fruit: Charlotte Cracker
  • Flap-Flap Fruit: Diamante
  • Arms-Arms Fruit: Baby 5
  • Garb-Garb Fruit: Kinemon
  • Book-Book Fruit: Charlotte Mont-Dior
  • Brush-Brush Fruit: Kurozumi Kanjiro
  • Stick-Stick fruit; Trebol
  • Berry-Berry fruit: Berry Good
  • Lick-Lick Fruit: Charlotte Perospero
  • Pocket-Pocket: Blamenco
  • Hobby-Hobby Fruit: Sugar
  • Bomb-Bomb Fruit: Gem (Mr. 5)
  • Puff-Puff Fruit: Charlotte Daifuku
  • Hormone-Hormone Fruit: Emorio Ivankov
  • Hollow-Hollow Fruit: Perona
  • Scroll-Scroll Fruit: Raizo
  • Mark-Mark Fruit: Vander Decken IX
  • Clone-Clone Fruit: Kurozumi Higurashi, then Mr. 2
  • Mirror-Mirror Fruit: Charlotte Brulee
  • Memo-Memo Fruit: Charlotte Pudding
  • Love-Love Fruit: Boa Hancock
  • Mochi-Mochi Fruit: Charlotte Pudding
  • Revive-Revive Fruit: Brook
  • Straw-Straw Fruit: Basil Hawkins

Paramecia “Awakening State” makes abilities honed to another level of mastery. In this state, one can use their powers to also affect their surroundings, which significantly broadens the scope of abilities.

Logia Devil Fruits

It provides the “Fluid Bodies” with the properties of a naturally occurring phenomenon. Anyone who has eaten a Logia fruit can become an element like fire, ice, lightning, etc. While in this state, they can act independently from the limits of their corporeal bodies. Most physical attacks are ineffective against individuals in this form, meaning that one must counter the element’s weakness or Haki coating.

  • Gas-Gas Fruit: Caesar Clown
  • Thunder-Thunder Fruit: Enel
  • Sand-Sand Fruit: Crocodile
  • Swamp-Swamp Fruit: Caribou
  • Chill-Chill Fruit: Kuzan (Aokiji)
  • Glint-Glint Fruit: Borsalino (Kizaru)
  • Magma-Magma Fruit: Sakazuki (Akainu)
  • Flame-Flame Fruit: Ace, then Sabo
  • Plume-Plume Fruit: Smoker
  • Dark-Dark Fruit: Marshal D. Teach (Blackbeard)
  • Snow-Snow Fruit: Monet

Zoan Devil Fruits

It allows users to gain the traits of wild creatures. Zoans have the ability to shapeshift into an animal or insect. The transformation can completely convey all the animal’s wild characteristics, or one can choose to enter a hybrid form that’s somewhere between man and beast.

One Piece All Devil Fruits

1) Normal Zoan Devil Fruits

  • Bird-Bird Fruit: “Falcon” Model: Pell
  • Bird-Bird Fruit “Albatross” Model: Morgan
  • Cat-Cat Fruit “Leopard” Model: Rob Lucci
  • Human-Human Fruit: Chopper
  • Snake-Snake Fruit “Anaconda” Model: Boa Sandersonia
  • Snake-Snake Fruit “King Cobra” Model: Boa Marigold
  • Bug-Bug Fruit “Rhinoceros Beetle” Model: Kabu
  • Bug-Bug Fruit “Hornet” Model: Bian
  • Mole-Mole Fruit: Drophy (Miss Merry Christmas)
  • Canine-Canine Fruit “Wolf” Model: Jabra
  • Canine-Canine Fruit “Jackal” Model: Chaka
  • Canine-Canine Fruit “Dachshund” Model: Lassoo
  • Canine-Canine Fruit “Tanuki” Model: Bunbuku
  • Bovine-Bovine Fruit “Giraffe” Model: Kaku
  • Bovine-Bovine Fruit “Bison” Model: Dalton
  • Horse-Horse Fruit: Pierre
  • Turtle-Turtle Fruit: Pekoms
  • Urodela-Urodela Fruit “Axolotl” Model: Smiley
  • Elephant-Elephant Fruit: Funkfreed
  • Egg-Egg Fruit: “Baron” Tamago

2) Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits

  • Spider-Spider Fruit “Rosamygale Grauvogeli” Model: Black Maria
  • Elephant-Elephant Fruit “Mammoth” Model: Jack
  • Cat-Cat Fruit “Saber-Tooth Tiger” Model: Who’s Who
  • Saur-Saur Fruit “Allosaurus” Fruit: X Drake
  • Saur-Saur Fruit “Spinosaurus” Model: Page One
  • Saur-Saur Fruit “Triceratops” Model: Sasaki
  • Saur-Saur Fruit “Pachycephalosaurs” Model: Ulti
  • Saur-Saur Fruit “Pteranodon” Model: King
  • Saur-Saur Fruit “Brachiosaurus” Model: Queen

3) Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits:

  • Canine-Canine Fruit “Okuchi-no-Makami” Model: Yamato
  • Canine-Canine Fruit “Nine-Tailed Fox” Model: Catarina Devon
  • Fish-Fish Fruit “Azure Dragon” Model: Kaido
  • Bird-Bird Fruit “Phoenix” Model: Marco
  • Human-Human Fruit “Onyudo” Model: Onimaru
  • Human-Human Fruit “Buddha” Model: Sengoku
  • Snake-Snake Fruit “Yamato-no-Orochi” Model: Kurozumi Orochi
  • Human-Human Fruit “Nika” Model: Monkey D. Luffy
  • Awakening Zoan Devil Fruits: The Jailer Beasts

Zoan “Awakenings” doesn’t affect their surroundings; instead, the user seems to develop a striking new transformation. A user’s body typically gets much tougher, but their personalities become a little duller.

All Devil Fruit Designs in One Piece

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Here, we conclude our article on “All Devil Fruits in One Piece along with the user.” We hope this post is helpful to you. We will be back with another post. Till then, stay tuned with us and read the articles below.

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