One Piece: All Swords and their Users (Strongest Blade) 2023

We are back with another One Piece article, and this time it comprises a compendium of all swords mentioned in the series along with their user. Thanks to One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Booklet 2 for providing this essential information in one place. In this article, here we have categorized the list of all swords under the grades. So, before advancing, let’s go through the reason behind the release of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale.

The primary objective to surface Road to Laugh Tale was to eliminate One Piece fans’ boredom, as the original manga series was on break from Shonen Jump Issue #30 to Issue #33. Another reason was to unveil how Oda sensei creates the sketches/designs of the One Piece characters.

The rough storyboards and sketches showed how was the initial plot, dialogues, designs, etc., were planned that didn’t make it into the original series. But the one thing that fans loved the most was the collection of all significant information in one place.

Example: all swords’ names, all devil fruits, and every major bounty. All this knowledge is already mentioned in the series, but now we have the collection of everything in front of us.

Therefore, here we have come up with an article on All Swords in One Piece so that in the future, fans don’t have to explore for Road to laugh Tale booklets to find particulars. They can directly search it here. Now, without any further delay, let’s begin.

One Piece: All Swords and their Users

One Piece All Swords

12 Supreme Wazamono Blades

  • Gol D. Roger: Ace (Roger’s constant companion during his years of adventure. He went on to give its name to his own son.)
  • Edward Newgate: Murakumogiri (This Naginata’s extraordinary durability allowed Whitebeard to channel his full power through it.)
  • Dracule Mihawk: Yoru (Black Blades are the most elite swords in existence. This particular one is renowned as the World’s strongest, it’s capable of dispatching challengers with brutality and finesse.)
  • Unknown: Kitetsu I (Rumors about the cursed Kitetsu series are quite prominent, but its location is unknown).

21 Excellent Wazamono

  • Kozuki Oden: Enna and Ame-No-Habakiri
  • Roronoa Zoro: Enma, Wado Ichimonji (This sword that embodies the oath between Zoro and Kuna. A masterpiece created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a swordsmith of Wano), Shusui
  • Tenguyama Hitetsu: Kitetsu II

50 Fine Wazamono

  • Roronoa Zoro: Yubashiri (An Heirloom of the arms dealer, Ipponmastu. He decided to entrust his treasure to Zoro after their encounter because he had “The Eyes of a true swordsman.”
  • Kitetsu III: A cursed sword that brings misfortune to its wielder. Zoro pitted his luck against the cursed and earned its allegiance.
  • Tashigi: Kashu, Shigure


  • Trafalgar Law: Kikoku (A cursed sword with a distinctively long blade. It’s perfectly suited for Law’s Op-Op Fruit powers.)
  • Kaido: Hassaikai (An incredibly hard club, able to withstand the awesome might of being coated with Kaido’s conqueror’s Haki.)
  • Kinemon : Sukesan & Kakusan
  • Kurozumi Kanjuro: Tsuji Shibai

Unknown Grade:

  • Shanks: Gryphon
  • Shiki: Oto & Kogarashi
  • Katakuri: Mole
  • Kuro: The Cat Claws
  • Johnny & Yosuke: Matching Nakirito Blades
  • Don Krieg: The Great Battle Spear
  • Arlong: Kirbachi
  • Dorry: The Terry Sword
  • Brogy: The Bruiser Axe
  • Enel: The Nonosama Bo
  • T-Bone: Bamboo
  • Spandam: The Elephant Blade
  • Killer: Punisher
  • Basil Hawkins: Warbide
  • Hannyabal: Bloodsucker
  • Shiryu: Raiu
  • Franky Shogun: Franken
  • Brook: Soul Solid
  • Hody Jones: Kirisame
  •  Cavendish: Durandal
  • Bastille: Shark Cleaver
  • Cracker: Pretzal
  • Amande: Shirauo
  • Linlin (Big Mom): Napoleon
  • Kawamatsu: Sotomuso
  • Gion: Konpira
  • Yamato: Takeru

Unnamed Swords:

  • Rayleigh’s Sword
  • Vista’s Sword
  • Issho’s Sword

Here, we conclude the names of all swords mentioned in One Piece. Below we have answered some of the most asked queries regarding One Piece swords.

How to make a Black Blade One Piece?

According to Mihawk, any sword can be turned into a Black Blade by infusing it with Haki. However, to make the permanent Black Blades like Mihawk’s Yoru and Ryuma’s Shusui, one has to infuse Haki several times for countless battles.

One Piece Black Blades

Both Ryuma and Mihawk fought numerous battles, and in the end, their blades became the permanent Black Blades. However, not everyone can wield a Black Blade.

As displayed in the Wano arc, one has to put too much Haki to wield Supreme or Excellent Wazamono Blades; otherwise, that particular Meito will take the wielder’s life. That’s why they are defined as Cursed swords.

How many Black Blades are in One Piece? (All Black Blades)

Any sword can be turned into a Black Blade by infusing it with Haki. Hence, every Haki user swordsman can transform their sword into a Black Blade. However, the One Piece series has unveiled only two permanent Black Blades so far.

  • Yoru: Mihawk’s sword
  • Shusui: Ryuma’s sword

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