List of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S (2023)

Every anime series features a significant supporting cast. Their Characterization, which is included in the tale, helps the series to grow. The query “Which famous anime characters start with the letter S?” has been more and more popular among anime fans over the past few days. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S (2022). There are both male and female anime characters on this list. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the current article.

1) Sabrina (Pokemon)


Sabrina is a thin, medium-height young lady. She has small purple eyes and long, black hair with shorter layers around her face. Like the Pokemon she controls, Sabrina is instantly recognized by the cold, calculating expression on her face. She has a very serious and unwelcoming disposition. She doesn’t like to fight, but because she can telepathically speak with her Pokémon, she is tough to defeat.

2) Sadaharu Inui (Prince of Tennis)


On our list of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S, we have Sadaharu Inui. His playing style demonstrates his high level of intelligence. He is very diligent, as seen by the rapid advancement he made between the Prefecturals and the Kanto arcs. Inui has short, black hair with spiky ends. He has large, black-framed glasses and is extremely tall. People are unable to see his eyes because they are so opaque.

3) Saeko Nogami (City Hunter)


On our list of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S, we have Saeko Nogami, who is a stunning young lady with full pink lips, blue eyes, shoulder-length, dark-blue hair bangs swept to the right, and a terrific figure. Saeko is known as the “Vixen” of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police because she is a crafty woman who always gets what she wants.

4) Saki Hanajima (Fruits Basket)


Saki Hanajima is a fair-skinned teenage girl with normal height and frame, droopy purple eyes, and a fair complexion. The people surrounding her comment that she is quite lovely despite her scary atmosphere. She has hip-length, black hair that is long and wavy. She had such severe self-loathing that she spent most of her life punishing herself because she felt she deserved to be teased and shunned for what she had done.

5) Sasuke (Naruto)


On our list of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S, we have Sasuke. He has blue-tinged black hair with spikes and black eyes. Sasuke has long hair that has covered much of his face as bangs since he was a little child. As he gets older, he lets his hair grow longer, which allows it to cover more of his face. Sasuke was a cheerful youngster who strived to please others and live up to his clan name. One of Sasuke’s most important relationships is with his older brother, Itachi, whose name alone may cause Sasuke to lose his normally cool demeanor.

6) Sakyo Valdez (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Sakyo Valdez is a gorgeous young man who looks to be in his early to mid-thirties. He has an average build, good posture, and an average amount of muscle mass. He has long, black hair that is always pulled back, with bangs that rest in part on his forehead and on the left side of his face. His eyes possess a deep blue hue. On the right side of his face, from the hairline to the end of his jawline, there is a long scar.

7) Salima (Beyblade V-Force)


Salima has dark-purple eyes and red hair with spikes that are similar to Max Tate’s but longer. She typically wears a black jacket and a purple undershirt. In addition, she sometimes dons a white skirt with a red belt, black stockings, and purple shoes with black laces. She has a big heart and genuinely supports the mission of her team, which is to master Beyblading.

8) Sanji (One Piece)


Sanji is a tall, slender man with long legs who wears his blonde hair swept over one side of his face. This was the left side prior to the time skip. He changed his hairdo to hide the right side after the two-year gap. Sanji’s hair appears to be less straight and more unkempt following the time jump. Sanji typically has dark-colored eyes.

9) Sansho (Dragon Ball Z)


On our list of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S, we have Sansho, who represents the group’s strong and reserved personality. He had a pickle-like head shape, lengthy red-purple sideburns, and a muscular build. Sansho is equivalent to Ginger, an ally of his who is capable of taking down Chi-Chi with a single Kiai.

10) Sapphire (Sailor Moon)


The younger brother of Prince Demande is Sapphire. He doesn’t engage in combat with the Sailor Senshi like the other Black Moon Clan members do, instead acting more or less like a butler for his elder brother. It is Sapphire who has the ability to increase or reduce the black crystal’s power output, and he does it in accordance with Demande’s instructions.

11) Sara Mudo (Angel Sanctuary)


Sara is exceptionally attractive and resembles her older brother almost exactly. She shares his brown eyes and long, golden-brown hair that is wavy. She is typically seen wearing her school uniform and a lengthy braid in her hair. Sara and Setsuna, her brother, share a similar demeanor. She shares his short fuse and stubbornness. She may come off as innocent and nice, but she actually has a strong temper.

12) Sasame (Pretear)


Sasame is a gentleman of sound and works as a radio host, helping listeners with their concerns live on air. He flirts a little, but he is also an excellent listener and offers to be Himeno’s sounding board. Sasame has control over and manipulation of sound. Sasame’s weapon, named Sonic Arrow, was created after he joined with a Pretear.

13) Satoru Ikeda (Inuyasha)


On our list of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S, we have Satoru, who is a little child with freckles all over his face and short back hair. While in this coma, Satoru became a victim of Mayu’s vindictive, evil, and terribly hurt spirit. Mayu’s soul would cause mishaps for everybody who visited him in the hospital since she thought her mother had allowed her to die.

14) Sayaka (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Sayaka resembled a diminutive girl with blue eyes and hair. However, given Koenma’s youthful appearance and true age, it’s probable Sayaka is actually much older than she seems. With a burst of black energy emanating from her hand and created by the unfavorable feelings she has encountered throughout her life, Sayaka is demonstrated to be able to knock Yusuke backward off the ground.

15) Scar (Full Metal Alchemist)


Scar is unmistakably sullen, nasty, and enraged. His wrath for those who destroyed his homeland nearly consumes him. The area on Scar’s right arm where the bicep meets the shoulder is covered with a tiny scar that wraps completely around the limb. From that mark all the way down to the wrist, the area is almost fully covered in intricate tattoos. With incredible strength and endurance, amazing agility and reflexes, and deceptive speed. Scar is a master of hand-to-hand fighting.

16) Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)


On our list of 20 Well-Known Anime Characters that start with S, we have Sebastian Michaelis, who transforms into a tall, attractive man with red eyes, black fingernails, and black hair. Although he once acknowledged that he is not opposed to the butler lifestyle despite the associated daily difficulties, he is occasionally critical of his master and the way he handles his employees.

17) Seno Miyagi (Blue Gender)


Seno Miyagi is a senior official in Second Earth’s scientific department. To achieve the best results from Yuji in the sleeper program, he advises keeping Marlene and Yuji together. He eventually founds a group known as The Arc because he disagrees with the High Council’s rule over Second Earth and its careless treatment of the sleepers.

18) Sayoko Shiranagatani (Spiral)


Sayoko is a more composed and laid-back young lady than her other half-siblings. She has little knowledge of her future, and after finding that she is unique, she decides not to get engaged. Sayoko was kept unaware of her true parentage as a Yaiba spawn by her adoptive father. She is the only Blade Child without psychological problems or cat-eye pupils.

19) Senri Shiki (Vampire Knight)


The majority of Senri’s appearance is a result of his mother. Like all Noble vampires, Senri is incredibly attractive. He is a young man with pale skin, mahogany hair, and blue eyes with a mild iridescence. He is beginning to resemble his father, according to his mother. Senri Shiki has a personality that is comparable to Rima Toya’s. With the exception of Rima and Ichijo, the rest of the vampires often find him emotionless and distant. He rarely shows emotion and could come out as unconcerned with his surroundings.

20) Seras Victoria (Hellsing)


Seras is a pretty young lady with blue eyes and blonde hair styled in a flair. Her form, which was further emphasized by the fact that she is somewhat shorter than almost all of her comrades, was incredibly sensuous and buxom despite having a broad-shouldered chest.

Seras has a strong personality, and her flashbacks indicate that she has been this way since she was little. Seras is frequently referred to be a tomboy; she is a very brave, strong, and valiant young woman who, despite having a wild disposition, isn’t hesitant to question her master’s orders if they conflict with her personal convictions.

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