List of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R (2023)

Every anime series has a sizable auxiliary cast. The series expands thanks to their Characterization, which is incorporated into the story. Over the past few days, anime fans have become increasingly interested in the question, “Which are the anime characters that start with the letter R?” As a result, we have created a list of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R(2022). On this list, there are both male and female anime characters. Let us get started with the current article without further ado.

1) Rock Lee (Naruto)

Rock Lee

Rock Lee has shiny black colored hair, round eyes with long lower eyelashes, and thick eyebrows. Due to this, Naruto refers to him as “Centipede Brows.” He has pretty long hair that is braided, but when he joins Team Guy. Lee was mocked for not knowing how to do ninjutsu or genjutsu. Despite Lee’s lack of ninjutsu proficiency, he is nevertheless capable of fundamental chakra control techniques, such as walking on water and vertical surfaces using chakra.

2) Rias Gremory (High School DxD)


Rias, a stunning young lady, has a voluptuous body, white skin, blue eyes that she received from her father Zeoticus, and a buxom figure. Her long, gorgeous crimson hair that hangs down to her thighs with one hair strand protruding from the top is her most distinguishing characteristic. Rias is a very kind, empathetic, and upbeat person. When people make fun of her or her peerage, she becomes enraged and aggressive, revealing a fiery side to her.

3) Ryuk (Death Note)


Ryuk appears to be mostly human. He has spiky black hair, tiny, blue-gray lips, and sharp, pointed teeth. Ryuk is incredibly skinny and has light grey skin that is almost blue in color. He has unusually lengthy limbs and rings on each of his fingers. He can fly thanks to retractable feather-like wings on his back and his wide, yellow eyes with vivid red irises. In contrast to other Shinigami, Ryuk seeks out activities to occupy his time instead of just passing the time in the Shinigami Realm.

4) Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)


On our list of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R, we have Rangiku, who has large lips, blue eyes, long, curly blonde hair, and a beauty mark on the right side of her mouth. She is renowned for having a curvy physique. Rangiku is frequently a slacker who enjoys drinking and despises paperwork. Despite the stark difference between her laid-back and free-spirited nature and Hitsugaya’s stern demeanor, the two appear to be fairly close.

5) Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)


Roronoa Zoro is a slender, average-height male with skin that is mildly tanned. His three swords are constantly in his possession. They are wrapped in a green haramaki and slung over his right hip so that he may quickly draw them with his left hand. Zoro’s body is covered in scars from his numerous fights, but his biggest scar is the one he got after he lost against the greatest swordsman in the world. It runs from his left shoulder to his right hip.

6) Ran Mouri (Detective Conan)


Ran is a fair-skinned, average-sized girl. She has a fairly curvy, athletic build while having a slim body. She has dark brown hair and large blue eyes. Her bangs are short and wavy, and her straight, hip-length hair is pulled back behind her ears. Ran is most admirable for her sincere concern for the people she loves. She is nurturing, gentle, and patient as well. She has a really intimidating attitude and can easily frighten people when enraged.

7) Rigurd (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)


On our list of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R, we have Rigurd, who has a goblin-like low stature at first, and he is shaky and wrinkled. He had a sluggish, stuttering speech pattern and always needed a walking stick to get around or even to stand up straight. Most of the time, he had difficulties keeping his eyes open. Rigurd is typically a stoic person, but while around Rimuru, he becomes quickly overexcited. He is a capable prime minister, despite these personality flaws.

8) Rem (Death Note)


On our list of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R, we have Rem, who has long, spinal cord-like arms and skin that looks like bone, giving him a very skeletal appearance. A light-blue hue is used to highlight the details of her features, including her face and hair. Rem has two Death Notes, but she did not deceive anyone into giving her one. Since Rem saved Misa’s life, he gave her this Death Note.

9) Reiko Yanagi (My Hero Academia)


Reiko has long, pale grey hair that falls to her chin is parted to the left, and covers most of the left side of her face. She has large lips and a petite mouth, with heavy circles under her blue eyes. Reiko is a silent, emotionless girl who frequently adopts a strange position in which her hands hang loosely, and her elbows are kept close to her sides. She may be rather verbose with her language; for example, she called Izuku Midoriya “spooky.”

10) Rudeus (Mushoku Tensei)


Rudeus is a tall, athletic man with a sharp appearance. He had brown hair by birth, but after his second meeting with Orsted, it briefly turned white. His eyes are also slightly out of alignment because he replaced both of them with demon eyes. He has a mole beneath his left eye. Rudeus is very humble and self-aware since he does not want to go back to being his former self. He is a compassionate person who will support his friends and stand up for his family.

11) Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)


Rimuru appears as a sometimes spherical, occasionally amorphous mass of ooze that is translucent and slightly blue in color. Although Shizue Izawa and Rimuru have virtually identical facial characteristics in human form, Rimuru’s long silver hair and deep golden eyes give him an otherworldly divine beauty that distinguishes him from Shizue. On rare occasions, he can be seen donning Shizu’s mask or wings that resemble dragons.

12) Raichu (Pokemon)


On our list of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R, we have Raichu, who has orange fur with two bands of brown fur on its back, as opposed to Pichu and Pikachu, who both have yellow fur. It has little, stubby arms without any discernible digits and long ears and feet. They are rivals because Raichu is more self-assured, dependable, and strong than Pikachu, though it may occasionally be just as amiable and adorable.

13) Raizen (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Raizen’s body has a lean, muscular aspect and is still young and robust. Raizen starved himself as a result of his experience in Ningenkai, but as the centuries passed, he grew frailer. Although he once consumed human flesh for sustenance, Raizen swears never to do so again after falling in love with a human woman during a time of feudalism. In keeping with his word, Raizen’s body starts to slowly consume itself until the growl of his stomach can be heard throughout Demon World.

14) Raditz (Dragon Ball)


Raditz has incredibly long, spiky black hair with a noticeable widow’s peak, brown and black Battle Armor, boots, armored gloves, and a scouter. Raditz, like the majority of Saiyan soldiers, is cruel, gruff, and frequently haughty. He does, however, give his brother an opportunity to join Frieza’s dominion and only attacks Goku in response to his refusal and objections.

15) Ranga (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)


Ranga was the lone Direwolf with a distinctive appearance. In contrast to the other dire wolves, he had patches of bluish-silver fur around his neck, snout, and the tips of his limbs and tail. Additionally, he bears a star-shaped mark on his forehead made of darker fur that is both noticeable and distinctive. Ranga is a very loyal and obstinate creature. He still exhibits many canine characteristics toward Rimuru, such as devotion and wagging his tail when he is content.

16) Ruijerd Superdia (Mushoku Tensei)


Ruijerd had emerald green hair and a crimson gemstone on his forehead, two characteristics that set him apart from other Superd. His brown tribal vest only covers his sides, leaving his frontal torso and arms completely exposed. Ruijerd is incredibly loving and fatherly despite having a terrifying appearance. No matter the situation, he constantly looks out for kids and becomes furious when someone tries to damage them. Ruijierd upholds a rigid code of conduct for warriors.

17) Rachel (Baccano)


Rachel has a slim build and is typically shown wearing dark green coveralls, yet when she meets with Claire, she dons a formal dress and bonnet. She has hazel eyes and dark blonde hair. According to rumors, Rachel is quite enraged with the train corporation for making her father’s life extremely difficult. She “self-harms” and “satisfies” herself by sneaking onto trains to stifle her rage.

18) Ryuukossei (Inuyasha)


On our list of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R, we have Ryukotsusei, who was a massive dragon daiyokai with two four-fingered arms, and a long serpentine body, and purple skin. Ryukotsusei is a very confident demon who believes he cannot be stopped. He sees any attempts to stop him as an enjoyable diversion. Ryukotsusei can conjure a huge sphere of energy that dwarfs Inuyasha when he sharpens his aura and gathers enough yoki.

19) Ryunosuke Chiba (Assassination Classroom)


Black-haired Ryunosuke Chiba has lengthy bangs that frame his eyes. His bangs block off a portion of his vision like a rifle sight, which accounts for his extraordinary proficiency with weaponry. Chiba is a quiet, serious boy who doesn’t speak much. He has been compared to a working adult, like Hayami, and despite the similarities between the two, Chiba is less stoic than Hayami.

20) Ryoga Echizen (Prince of Tennis)


On our list of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R, we have Ryoga, who looks like Ryoma as they both have hazel eyes and green-colored hair as they are half-brothers. Ryoga’s jewelry and his passion for oranges are his defining characteristics. He frequently appears tossing an orange. Ryoga and Ryoma share comparable personality qualities. His commitment to tennis helps him overcome his own cockiness and arrogance.

Hope you all liked reading our article on the List of 20 Coolest Anime Characters that start with R (2022). We will be back in no time with more interesting articles. Till then, stay tuned to our website for any further updates and stay safe.

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