List of 10+ Best Japanese Anime Characters that Start with Q (2023)

The supporting cast of every anime series plays a significant role. The series advances thanks to their Characterization, which is integrated into the story. Over the past few days, the question “Which great anime characters start with the letter Q?” has been more and more common among anime enthusiasts. As a result, we have a list of 10+ Best Japanese Anime Characters that Start with Q. On this list, there are characters who are both male and female. Let us begin with the article of today without any further ado.

1) Qrow Branwen (RWBY)


Qrow Branwen has faded crimson eyes, black hair that is beginning to grey, and a thin beard along his jawline. He is dressed in a grey dress shirt with a long tail, black dress pants, and black dress shoes in addition to a red, torn cloak.

Qrow is a person who comes out as rude, direct, cynical, and occasionally crude but who is actually cool-headed and easygoing. Although he may appear immature and selfish at first glance, Qrow has a heart of gold.

He is an alcoholic, and as Glynda Goodwitch puts it, “he’s constantly drunk!” He frequently consumes alcohol at inopportune moments, such as in front of kids or at crucial strategic meetings.

2) Quatre Raberba (Winner Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)


Quatre looks to be the most well-adjusted. He is a reluctant soldier who frequently displays grief anytime he is required to murder his opponents since he firmly believes in pacifist beliefs.

Quatre is the only member of his family that can manage a Gundam with genius, and he also has an extraordinary talent for music and painting. He is one of the few who can operate the ZERO System due to his expertise onboard Wing Gundam Zero.

He may possess some kind of extrasensory perception or something similar, which he refers to as the “heart of outer space,” it is also hinted.

3) Queen (Beyblade V-Force)


Queen is a tall, young woman in her 18 to 20s. Her short, black hair is styled virtually identically to Hilary’s, with spikes sticking out at the sides. She sports the same uniform as her twin brother. She is proud of her prowess at stealing Beyblade components.

Since they got away with all of their misdeeds, King and Queen are the most successful villains in the series. Queen takes her jobs extremely seriously and is very committed to them. She is, however, hilarious and caustic when she gets what she wants, just like Mariam.

4) Quent Yaiden (Wolf’s Rain)


Quent Yaiden seems gloomy and unpolished. His scruffy appearance matches his sharp, square jaw line and beard. He looks out from under a dark fedora with strained, beady eyes. Both physically and verbally rough, Quent has a short fuse and little patience for idle chatter.

Usually, when he interacts with Blue, his dog, his soft side comes out. He gains a clearer understanding of the situation and accepts his sorrows as a part of life. He also cherishes the memories of the past and uses them to bolster his determination.

5) Quiche (Mew Mew Power)


The most distinguishing feature of Quiche is his beautiful golden eyes with orange undertones and tiny slits that stick out more than anything else. All members of his race have prominent, big ears that resemble those of elves.

He has two tiny fangs and is incredibly pale because he has spent his entire life underground. He preserves the red bands that some aliens use to arrange their hair in front of their ears in his dark green hair, which is styled relatively short in the rear.

Quiche is capable of flight at will, teleportation of both people and things, and even the opening of dimensional gates. He is extremely powerful and has the ability to alter the content. He can extract people’s spirits and breathe underwater.

6) Quilt (Kaiba)


On our list of 10+ Japanese Anime Characters that start with Q, we have Quilt, who is a miniature patchwork dog created from used dog parts. She features a red windup gear in place of a tail, and her fur is a blend of subtle greens, violets, and greys.

Patch created Quilt by sewing together pieces of canine carcasses left behind by their owners. He took out his eyes and offered them to Quilt shortly after that.

7) Quon Kisaragi (RahXephon)


Quon is the sister of the head of TERRA’S Scientific Analysis Department, Itsuki Kisaragi. She is a mysterious young woman who carries a life module around her bosom and occasionally mumbles what appears to be poetry.

Quon exhibits the characteristics of a future instrumentalist. Quon is a proficient violinist and pianist. She is also described as being intrigued by the headphones-free music that other people enjoy, frequently taking them off to listen to the music. Quon is decked up in a frilly dress with lace trim, stockings, and a parasol to complete the “Gothic Lolita” style.

8) Quele (Sellier So I Can’t Play H!)


Quele is a smart, cunning, cheery, smarmy, opportunistic, slightly cruel, and very manipulative and dishonest trickster who hides behind an apparent innocent front and undermines Lisara at every chance. Later on in the series, though, she changes her mind.

Also reserved and composed is Quele. To the dismay of Ryosuke Kaga and Lisara, she entered into a contract with Mina Okura as her energy source. She uses a gladius she calls “Carnun Solace” to increase the effectiveness of her ice manipulation.

9) Quin (Death Parade)


Quin is a fair-skinned, average-height woman. Her fringes, which are short and dark brown, nearly reach her forehead. She has a yellow eye patch wrapped in a brown band over one of her light green eyes. Quin utilizes a lens that is stored in this eye patch to examine memory.

She enjoys wine greatly in general, but she enjoys it even more when it comes from the living. She claims that the job done in that division is limitless and done at a breakneck rate, which makes her seem to regret accepting a post in the information processing bureau.

10) Quilava (Pokemon)


Quilava resembles a weasel and is a slimmer variation of its pre-evolution. It features five red spots, which are used to create flames, and triangular red eyes. Quilava maintains their overall demeanors from their time as Cyndaquil, but their timidity is swapped out for caution.

They are quite cautious in unfamiliar environments and will retaliate at almost any sign of danger. Quilava is also incredibly nimble, which enables them to dodge strikes that are directed at them.

They may protect themselves by using the move Flame Wheel, which leaves behind lingering fire trails that act as barriers against foes. In actuality, these patterns of burnt ground are frequently indicators that a Quilava has just visited the area.

11) Quitela (Dragon Ball Super)


The anthropomorphic mouse known as Quitela is a tiny yellow mouse with enormous round ears, a skinny tail, and a black ring around his eyes. In contrast to the usual God of Destruction garb, he dons green stripes.

Quitela is a bit slothful. He is a conceited and cunning god who will employ dubious tactics to defeat the opposition in addition to having sculptures of himself all over his home. The image of Quitela shows him looking calmly in the same direction as his subordinates.

12) Quant Blitz (Tower of God)


Quant has red eyes and hair. Compared to the skin tones of the other characters, his is a darker shade. Like Lero-Ro, he is primarily seen wearing a white lab coat but without the flared-out legs. He resembles the standard crazy archetype, which is characteristic of the Blitz Family.

Quant is generally quite childlike, has a quick temper, and is very cocky. He tends to be lazy. Quant has also proven to be a master of restraint, as evidenced by the fight with Hatsu. Scout is the primary duty of Quant.

His skills were thus more geared toward blending in and fleeing. Quant may utilize Shinsu, which functions similarly to his fists but without moving, to knock opponents out at a distance.

13) Quattro (Yugioh: Zexal)


Quattro has a crest on his body and a large scar that resembles a cross going down the right side of his face. On his right hand, which resembles fire and lightning, is a purple crest. Like his brothers, he has a purple Duel Gazer-like pattern around his eye.

Quattro displayed the traits of a brutal duelist who enjoys the pain his victims endure. Due to his father’s suffering at the hands of Dr. Faker, Quattro exhibits blatant signs of insecurity.

He even goes so far as to use any means necessary to make his opponents suffer in order to justify this, and he expresses frustration and rage when his “fanservice” is destroyed.

14) Quinella (Sword Art Online Alicization)


Quinella has long silver hair, which extends to her eyelashes and eyebrows, which, depending on the lighting, could either seem blue or white. Her silvery eyes appeared to mirror the seven prismatic colors. She had a voluptuous figure, wore light clothing, and had a neckline that was completely open.

She learned that murdering any other living thing would boost one’s stats, so she started sneaking out at night to hunt local animals and increased her stats at an amazing rate.

We hope you all had a fun time reading our article on 10+ Best Japanese Anime Characters that Start with Q. In no time, we shall be back with more such articles. Till then, stay safe and stay tuned to our platform for any further updates.

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