List of 20 Beloved Anime Characters that Start with P (2023)

Every anime series strongly depends on its cast of characters. The series progresses thanks to their Characterization, which is intertwined into the story. Over the past several days, the question “Which iconic anime characters start with the letter P?” has gained popularity within the anime community. We have therefore included a List of 20 Beloved Anime Characters that Start with P (2022). This list includes characters who are both masculine and feminine. So without any further ado, let us get to the article of today.

1) Piccolo (Dragon Ball)


Piccolo is a tall, powerful Namekian. He shares a lot of similarities with his father but is visibly shorter and a little bit slimmer. In addition, he has a stronger facial structure with a straighter nose, a chin that is more rounded, and less prominent cheekbones.

Piccolo is content to be alone and rarely grins. Piccolo is regularly spotted drinking ice water in the north and relaxing in peaceful settings.

2) Pieck (Attack on Titan)


Pieck is a petite young lady with long, unruly black hair that falls to her shoulders, a Greek nose, and unfocused dark brown eyes. Pieck frequently demonstrates kindness and sweetness, demonstrating concern for both the Warriors and the Warriors-in-waiting.

She is highly clever and can analyze a situation rapidly. Pieck is typically depicted as being somewhat weird and laid back.

3) Pell (One Piece)


Pell is a tall guy who resembles the falcon, the symbol of his Devil Fruit, with a purple line under each eye and along the sides of his face. He has two huge scars in the form of stars on his torso and is extremely muscular underneath his garments.

Pell defends the royal family and has a strong sense of dignity and respect. Pell is regarded as the most powerful warrior in Arabasta.

4) Porco Galliard(Attack on Titan)


On our list of 20 Beloved Anime Characters that start with P, we have Porco Galliard, who appeared to be a young man with a slim build and a medium height. His blond hair was pulled back into an undercut style, and he had grey eyes.

He was dressed in combat pants and a short coat. By using his Titan to rush into the path of gunfire and defend his fellow Eldians Gabi and Falco, Galliard cut a heroic figure.

5) Perona (One Piece)


Perona is a young lady with long, pale pink hair and with large, rounded eyes. She also has thick black eyeliner and red lipstick on top of a red crown with a black cross on it.

Perona has a very immature, infantile, and youthful mentality. She regularly follows her own whims and behaves selfishly. She detests others telling her what to do and going against her wishes.

6) Paul Greyray (Mushoku Tensei)



Paul is a tall, masculine man with good looks and a mole next to his left eye. His eyes are emerald, and his hair is light brown sand. His hair is divided into a short section that frames his face and a long ponytail that hangs above his shoulder.

Paul is a self-assured, audacious, and amusing man. People who know Paul describe him as unpleasant and speaking. He has a deep affection for his family and will do anything to keep them safe.

7) Pai (Tokyo Mew Mew)


Pie is the manliest of the three, and he typically appears in a pair of wristbands that completely encircle his forearm, a pair of slacks, and a sleeveless shirt with a see-through middle.

He assaults the Mew Mews methodically at first, increasing the “mortality rate” of each Chimera Anima he dispatches and remarking when they are killed that “stronger methods will be needed.”

8) Pale Bay Leaf (Sonic X)

Pale Bay Leaf

Pale Bayleaf is a thin insect-shaped Metarex that has triangular-shaped shoulders, head, and horns.  He has three black eyes, black stripes covering portions of his whiter sections of armor, and sharp feet. His armor is colored green.

He has a pair of turquoise capes on each shoulder. The most strategic and resourceful person is Pale Bayleaf, who looks for clever solutions to his issues. Additionally, he lacks any sense of fear and is unafraid of Sonic and company.

9) Pacifica Casull (Scrapped Princess)


Pacifica is a tall woman with black eyes, pale skin, and long, blond hair knotted in drills. She had on a fancy dress in red and yellow, along with black gloves.

Despite the fact that she was allegedly murdered, Pacifica was never able to live the life of a queen and is instead portrayed as a bratty, selfish, arrogant, spoiled, and insufferable youngster, similar to someone who had been raised as royalty.

10) Paragus (Dragon Ball Z)


One of the few Saiyans depicted wearing battle armor other than that of Frieza’s minions is Paragus, whose armor resembles Goku’s Yardrat suit somewhat. Throughout multiple flashbacks, the color of the armor he is wearing regularly changes.

In the movies, Paragus is never shown sparring. Contrary to the normal pure-blood Saiyan, who relishes the thrill of conflict of any form, Paragus never engages in combat and does not support his son’s violent actions.

11) Patricia Thompson (Soul Eater)


On our list of 20 Beloved Anime Characters that start with P, we have Patricia Thompson, who has light blue eyes and chin-length, bright blonde hair with bangs.

Patty frequently uses a sing-song voice and behaves and speaks like a little child. Her current personality is different from the violent nature she displayed while living in Brooklyn; it emerged after she met Kid.

12) Paul Wan (Get Backers)

Paul Wan

Paul has a large connection and access to hard information. Only Hevn and a few others are aware of this. He serves as the show’s equivalent of a philosophical father figure.

In a later chapter of the manga, it is revealed that Paul and Ban’s father was the original GetBackers who, in their day, had reached the top of the Infinity Fortress and even made it into Babylon City.

13) Peach Man (Inuyasha)

Peach Man

Peach Man made a hard body after consuming three Shikon no Tama shards. His skin assumed the appearance of living rock, and only once the Shikon no Tama shards were taken from his body did it begin to deteriorate.

Shrunk down to size and forced to train as sages in his little hamlet, he would “rescue” defeated or defection soldiers who were lost and starving after the battle.

14) Pepe (Shugo Chara)


On our list of 20 Beloved Anime Characters that start with P, we have Pepe, who resembles a baby because of his light brown hair, pink baby gown, and attached rabbit hat. She has a pacifier and blue eyes.

Her pacifier is always in her mouth when she is seen. Despite being childlike and immature, she exhibits some wit, as evidenced by the dry remark she makes to Kiseki.

15) Peter Fargason (Hellsing)


An elderly man, Peter Fargason, had a mustache and a head of white hair that was beginning to bald. He had huge scars on his left cheek and crimson eyes. He has big shoulders and pale skin.

In addition to his customary Hellsing garb, he occasionally dons a helmet and night vision goggles. Due to the injuries he sustained as a result of Jan Valentine; he was also seen wearing bandages.

16) Pan (Dragon Ball Z)


Pan has short hair, as her mother Videl does. She also has pale skin, and her father, Gohan, is the source of her dark eyes. Pan is a child with a lot of self-assurance and is surprisingly independent for her young age, traveling the world alone without the company of any family or friends and displaying little fear in the face of danger, though she occasionally engages in behavior typical for her age, like sobbing after losing a fair game.

17) Pluto (Black Butler)


Pluto possesses slit-pupil red eyes, silver shoulder-length hair, fangs, and black toenails. Since he constantly switches between his human form and his demon hound form, he is frequently seen in his undressed state when in human form.

He only makes dog-like noises like howling, barking, and whimpering and never speaks. He still behaves like a dog even in his human shape, such as running around on all fours and using his nose to find objects.

18) Pedro Domingo (Excel Saga)


On our list of 20 Beloved Anime Characters that start with P, we have Pedro, who left his home in South America to earn a living for his son and wife. Instead, he was killed in a terrible fire that Excel was at least partially to blame.

After serving as the Great Will of the Macrocosm’s plaything for a while, Pedro managed to flee and made it back home, only to discover that his loved ones had moved on and started dating That Gomez, a neighbor.

19) Parco Folgore (Zatch bell)


Parco Folgore typically travels the world, performing at events and interacting with his adoring admirers, particularly the ladies. He developed a fearsome and dangerous reputation by dressing in flashy attire and beating up anyone who stood in his way.

However, as time passed, people started to avoid him, either by leaving restaurants as he entered them or by running away from the people he had been assisting.

20) Patricia Haruna (Sailor Moon)


The stunning instructor of Serena is Patricia Haruna. She frequently chastises Serena for dropping courses or eating in front of the class. She was in a foul mood when she learned that the date she had planned with her lover Robert had been postponed.

Serena was given detention for eating in class, and Anne was given detention for reading poetry in unintentionally offensive language.

Hope you all enjoyed reading our article on List of 20 Beloved Anime Characters that Start with P (2022). We will be back in no time with more such interesting articles. Till then stay safe and stay tuned to our platform for any further updates regarding any new article.

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