List of 20 Cool Anime Characters that Start with O (2023)

Any anime series relies heavily on its characters. Their Characterization, which is woven into the plot, propels the series forward. Which iconic anime characters begin with the letter O? has become a frequently asked question within the anime community over the past few days. As a result, we have included a list of the List of 20 Cool Anime Characters that Start with O (2022). Both male and female characters are represented in this list. So let’s go right to today’s subject without wasting any time.

1) Obito Uchiha (Naruto)


On our list of 20 Cool Anime Characters that start with O, we have Obito, who has short, spiky black hair and black eyes. He was dressed in a blue outfit with long sleeves and a blue jacket with orange accents.

After the events in Kusagakure, the right side of his face was severely scarred, resembling wrinkles, and the right arm and shattered right half of his torso were replaced by White Zetsu matter, which has a much lighter color than his body.

2) Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)


Ochaco is a young woman of short stature with a curvy body. She has fair skin, and her cheeks are always flushed. Her eyes are big and round, the color of warm brown, and she has thick upper eyelashes and is longer and more prominent, as well as fewer but more distinct upper eyelashes.

Ochaco has been referred to by other students as “the most relaxed back girl” in her class, as well as cheerful and occasionally having a bit of an airhead.

3) Oracle (Spider Riders)


Following up on our list of 20 Cool Anime Characters that start with O, we have Oracle, who constantly has a floating, wind-blown appearance to her attire.

The Oracle rarely makes hand motions and almost always has her eyes closed. Oracle supported King Arachna and his Spider by giving them the first Manacle in order to defend the Inner World’s inhabitants from the threat posed by the Invectids.

4) Obanai Iguru (Demon Slayer)


Obanai is a diminutive man with a respectable amount of muscle mass. His straight-edged black hair, which he wears down with two shorter strands hanging between his eyes, is different lengths, the longest falling to his shoulders and the shortest ending at his cheekbones.

Obanai is a highly rigorous and harsh person who doesn’t care about anyone who doesn’t follow the Demon Slayer regulations.

5) Orochimaru (Naruto)


Orochimaru has a snake-like resemblance. He has extremely pale skin, golden eyes with slit pupils, purple markings surrounding his eyes, and teeth that resemble fangs.

Additionally, he has prominent cheekbones and straight, black hair that is waist-length, with some strands framing and obscuring his face or falling to his shoulders. Even though Orochimaru has a complicated nature, many individuals, including Tsunade, have frequently called him “twisted.”

6) Oikawa (Haikyuu)


Oikawa has dark brown eyes that match her hair, which is combed outward. He is admired by many, so much that a number of girls follow him around. Oikawa often grins or smiles, yet Iwaizumi observes that these expressions are infrequently sincere.

Because of his arrogant and seemingly flippant demeanor, he is seen as having a “disgusting personality” by both opponents and his own teammates.

7) Ohjiro Mihara (Angelic Layer)


On our list of 20 Cool Anime Characters that start with O, we have Ohijiro, who has blue eyes and dark green hair. Ohjiro is a very pleasant young man who is calm and almost always smiles.

He is always willing to offer guidance and support when it is needed. Ohjiro rarely loses his temper, but when it’s necessary, he can be quite serious. He has a little bit of a propensity to tease the individuals he likes.

8) Omi Tsukiyono (Knight Hunters)


Omi can be a little emotional, but she is generally happy and gets along well with others, frequently serving as a vital source of support for them. Omi was abducted when he was younger and kept for ransom.

He panicked and managed to flee when his father refused to pay the ransom. Persia took him in and reared him as a Weiss when he was in Persia. As he matured, he suppressed this horrific event.

9) Onigumo (Inuyasha)


Onigumo’s most distinctive characteristic was a spider mark on his back. It is never made clear where this weird symbol came from. Onigumo was a resentful and misanthropic person who was both hedonistic and nihilistic.

He had abandoned his allies without regret and carried out a number of horrific crimes around the country. Onigumo openly identified himself as an evil character with a foul heart.

10) Oolong (Dragon Ball Z)


Coming up on our list of 20 Cool Anime Characters that start with O, we have Oolong, whose typical appearance is that of a humanoid pig with pale pink skin that is around three feet tall.

He initially dressed in a Chinese People’s Liberation Army uniform from the Korean War; however, as time went on, he chose to wear slacks, button-down shirts or vests, and suspenders.

11) Onji (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Onji claims to be a master of disguise and to have 999 different faces at his disposal. Onji did, however, possess the ability to shape-shift, being able to change his height, appearance, and voice so as to not be recognized by the general population.

Although the truth behind this actual tall tale still remained unexplained. Onji is a pretty flamboyant individual who thinks that being in the spotlight is important in all ways. He stands out from the other tournament competitors because he is exceedingly conceited and narcissistic.

12) Ooji Karasuma (School rumble)


Following up on our list of 20 Cool Anime Characters that start with O, we have Ooji Karasuma, who has short black hair and black eyes. His bowl-cut style hair is cut short and clipped.

He typically wears his school uniform because he is the major love interest, but when he is not at school, he wears regular attire. Karasuma is a very reserved but fascinating character.

13) Orona (Shaman King)


Orona appears in the Shaman King anime series. Before he passed away, he was Chocolove McDonell’s master. In New York City, he started off as a traveling comic and eventually met Chocolove McDonell.

Chocolove was the target of Orona’s first prank, which involved a blood bag. After his parents were murdered on Christmas, Chocolove joined a gang and attempted to shoot him with a gun, but he missed. Chocolove resists Orona’s attempts to reason with him, so she is forced to assault him with Mic the Jaguar.

14) Orihime Inoue (Bleach)


Following up on our list of 20 Cool Anime Characters that start with O, we have Orihime, who is a highly vivacious individual. She is a good friend to almost everyone and is very sweet.

She sometimes stumbles and blushes when she is with Ichigo, but she has grown more at ease in his presence. Her lust for Ichigo began to evolve into an unwavering love for him.

15) Ototo Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Standing comfortably over six feet tall, Ototo is so big that his sibling may sit on his shoulders and appear significantly smaller in contrast. He has a striking resemblance to a man from Southern Europe in terms of appearance.

Ototo is composed and unflappable, rarely displaying any symptoms of emotion. Only when he is really delighted, usually after an exciting fight, or extremely angry, mainly toward posers and dishonorable individuals, does he display heightened facial expressions.

16) Octagon (Kirby)


Octagon initially appears as a tiny pink octopus drifting around in Dedede’s royal fish tank with black eyes and no apparent purpose. Unless he looks into a possible victim’s eyes, in which case he is utilizing hypnosis and his eyes are glowing green, those eyes are black dots in his smaller form.

When Octagon assumes his real form, he enlarges and takes on the appearance of a more terrifying Flotzo. Octagon dwarfs Dedede’s palace almost completely with his size. He has emerald eyes that are sunken in and dark red skin.

17) Ophis (High School DxD)


Ophis is a pretty young girl with long black hair that reaches her hips and black eyes (gray in the anime). Her ears are different from those of a typical human being in that they have pointed tips, yet her long, black hair conceals this characteristic.

Her eyes are reptile-like dark grey with slit pupils. Ophis, who was created out of nothing, exhibits little to no emotion and is generally seen to be apathetic.

18) Orsted (Mushoku Tensei Ae)


Orsted has a domineering appearance with silver hair and golden sanpaku eyes. He is unarmed and is sporting a white coat with fur trimming. Orsted has relatively weak social skills and carries a somewhat aloof demeanor as a result of having the curse of being despised and feared by all living beings that glimpse his face.

He is utterly vicious when it comes to achieving his goal and would kill anything in his path without hesitation, regardless of who or what it may be.

19) Odion Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh)


Odion is sporting a pair of golden ankh-shaped earrings. He has a hieroglyphic tattoo or carving on the left side of his face that stretches from the top of his forehead to just below his chin in length and from just touching his left ear to halfway across his left eye in width.

Odion has dark skin, green eyes, and only one enormous, long ponytail of black hair that emerges from the back of his head. He is mostly bald.

20) Oliver (Beyblade)


Oliver has purple eyes and brilliant green hair. He is dressed in a long, blue jacket with long, red sleeves, yellow trim, and a brown belt. Along with red goggles and a white scarf, he also sports a blue hat.

It is somewhat similar to a pilot’s cap. The most talented person is liver, who is also the calmest and most pleasurable to be around. He is a great cook as well as a talented artist. He will boast and is not modest about these things.

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