List of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L (2023)

We frequently come across anime videos online that quickly catch our attention. Any thoughts we had of saving it for later are quickly squashed by the continual scrolling. We only remember the first letter of the name; therefore, we search online for any anime character whose name starts with that letter. So, in this article, we have created for you a List of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L (2022). Both male and female anime characters are represented on this list. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s begin our today’s article.

1) Liebe (Black Clover)


Liebe is short and has unruly white hair. The majority of his body is covered in black, two lines cross over his red eyes, and a black line runs from his chin to the top of his chest.

He possesses clawed fingers and toes, two wings that resemble bats, two ram-like horns, a long, thin tail with a tip that resembles a trident, and pointed fangs.

Due to the horrific agony, he endured every day of his life in the underworld, and especially when Lucifero killed his foster mother, Liebe holds a strong hatred for other devils.

2) Ladd Russo (Baccano)


On our list of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L, we have Ladd, who has blue eyes and silver-blond hair. His bangs hang above his eyebrows.

He is frequently linked to the white formal clothing he wore during the hijacking of the Flying Pussyfoot because blood stains stand out against the white fabric. Ladd is a chatty sadist who enjoys killing people. He indulges his blood thirst frequently at his whim and goes about his business as usual.

3) Lamika Lee (Vampire Hunt)


Larmica has been characterized as a stunning, pale-skinned Noblewoman with lapis-lazuli eyes and sparkling golden-colored hair that appeared as though it might trail after her.

Her beauty has been described as that of a moonflower, a Noble trait that gave the young woman the appearance of an otherworldly dream or even a dazzling dream.

Larmica takes tremendous pride in her ancestry as a noblewoman. She despises her father’s custom of taking simple people as brides because he is an elite vampire.

4) Lan Fan (Full Metal Alchemist)

Lan fan

On our list of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L, we have Lan Fan, who has back-length black hair that is typically pulled back into a bun with her bangs framing her face, dark brown eyes, and a slim, athletic, and moderately curvy shape.

When Ling and his objectives are involved, she may be almost implacably obstinate and faithful. She continually worries that the young prince will get lost and is frequently seen keeping an eye on him.

5) Lance (Pokemon)


Lance is a tall, lean man with black eyes and brilliant scarlet-red spiked hair. He has blue eyes and is dressed in a blue suit with orange accents on the chest and sleeves.

Lance is an extremely respectable and noble individual. He takes his training seriously and won’t hold back when it comes to facing off against opponents. He is a master in raising Dragon-Pokemon and is a master warrior.

6) Lala Gonzalez (School Rumble)


Lala had really long hair when she was young. She would be dressed in short slacks and a short-sleeved top for this sequence. Lala is regarded as one of Yagami High School’s roughest females because of her aggressive demeanor.

Because she works as a professional wrestler, she needs to be really tough. She began to be rough when she engaged in a wrestling battle with Tenma.

7) Launch (Dragon Ball)


On our list of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L, we have Launch, who wears a variety of clothing, but usually always has a red ribbon in her hair. Launch has small, green eyes and blonde hair.

As part of the change, he always seems to have a machine gun on her. Her personality is severe, haughty, and serious when she is acting badly. She can be aggressive with Goku and Krillin at times.

8) Laura (Hellsing)


Laura is a young baobhan sith who has long blonde colored hair and pale blue eyes. She has fair skin, like other vampires.

She wears a crimson earring and has red dots on her forehead for fashion. Laura gives off the impression of being cool, austere, and deceptive. Integra was easily duped into thinking that she was her sister. She exhibits a lot of suggestive behavior.

9) L Lawliet (Death Note)

L Lawliet

L Lawliet is a tall, very thin young man with black eyes and unkempt neck-length hair. The shadow beneath each of his eyes, which is a result of his insomnia, is one of his most distinctive features.

L is a very private person who only speaks to the outside world through his aide Watari. L is incredibly brilliant, but his unkempt and lax demeanor conceals his strong deductive ability, leading many to doubt his intelligence.

10) Lee (Beyblade)


Lee is a strong challenger in the Beyblade series. He harbors resentments for a long time and exploits them to his advantage in a conflict. He is highly regarded, and his community and its residents appreciate him in return.

Additionally, he honed all of the White Tigers’ attacks. He disagreed with Ray’s own beliefs on learning new ones that he would later convey to the village, believing that mastering known attacks is preferable to learning new ones.

11) Legato (Bluesummers Trigun)


Legato Bluesummers is a man who has completely dedicated himself to Knives. Vash’s endless sorrow and pain are his main priorities. Legato is considerably less sentimental than his counterpart in the manga, and it is never made clear why he joined Knives.

Simply said, Legato is a vicious nihilist who is out to torture Vash and support Knives in his mission to wipe out humanity. Vash “refused to be by his side,” so he connected Vash’s severed left arm to himself in place of his own.

12) Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail)


Levy is a rather young, small, slim teenage girl who is below-average in height for her age. She usually wears a bright bandana on her head to secure her bangs, which are shoulder length and blue.

Levy has a positive outlook on life, which makes it simple for her to get along well with the other members of her guild. She is also exceedingly forgiving, as seen by the fact that she made peace with Gajeel Redfox after he had tortured her and her teammates.

13) Leorio (Hunter x Hunter)


Leorio is a tall, masculine-appearing young man with a reasonable amount of muscle. He has small brown eyes and a crew cut with spikes. He often dresses in a dark blue tuxedo, black dress shoes, and tea-colored sunglasses.

Leorio is first depicted as a tremendously egotistical narcissist who values material possessions highly. Leorio is not the kind of person to back down and flee from a battle when the going gets tough.

14) Let (Rave Master)


On our list of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L, we have Let, who has a humanoid appearance, was covered in green scales, had long, blond hair that was spiked, and wore a red bandana with a yellow “X” on it.

He is perceived as having a broad range of knowledge and being very perceptive. Let can breathe fire and has improved vision. He is also quite silent, only speaking when necessary.

15) Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)


Levi has a deceptively young face, narrow, scary, dull grey eyes with dark bags behind them. He has straight black hair styled in an undercut curtain.

Despite his diminutive stature, the extensive use of vertical maneuvering equipment has given him a well-developed muscular frame. It can be challenging for others to infer what he thinks because he typically has a frown on his face or is expressionless.

16) Lemlia (Dragon Ball Z)


Lemlia is an Arlian who was wed to King Atla but was taken from him when Atla was imprisoned by King Moai. Lemlia wed King Atla on the same day that the War of Planet Arlia broke out between the Kingdom of Arlia and the Empire of King Moai.

King Moai deposed King Atla and imprisoned him along with Atla’s remaining supporters while claiming Lemlia for himself after King Atla’s soldiers were destroyed.

17) Lisanna Strauss (Fairy Tail)


Lisanna is a petite girl with short, white-colored hair and beautiful blue eyes. As a child, Lisanna wore a simple pink dress paired with dark red shoes. Her hair was much longer when she was brought to Edolas, and she was dressed in a short, dark crimson frock with a white collar and bow.

Like Elfman was when he was a youngster, Lisanna was very sweet when she was younger. She was a little more knowledgeable than Natsu Dragneel. So, wanted to assist him in raising an unknown egg to see what might hatch from it.

18) Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is a young man with light brown hair, brown eyes, and an above-average height. He sometimes wears a formal shirt under a jacket or a V-neck sweater with a collared t-shirt below to dress more casually.

Light is regarded as talented, diligent, and a born genius. Light is a talented planner and effective at outlining scenarios. She has excellent perception and problem-solving abilities.

19) Ling Yao (Full Metal Alchemist)

Ling Yao

Ling is a tall man, who appears to be mature for his age, and has a lean, muscular, and slender build that is visibly toned from a lifetime of Xingese martial arts training. Ling gives off the impression of being a fairly foolish and jovial person.

He frequently acts comically and maintains his perpetual grin even when issuing threats. He shows a childlike curiosity for new situations, regardless of how unfavorable or even potentially lethal they turn out to be.

20) Lucia Raregroove (Rave Master)


On our list of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L, we have Lucia, who is a thin young boy with short blond-colored hair reaching his neck. He was fairly slender.

Lucia is a thin, athletic young man of normal height. He has light skin that is tanned, and his blonde hair is kept in scraggly strands that stick out in all directions. Lucia was built on darkness and showed his desire for blood while masking his loneliness.

Hope you all enjoyed reading our article on List of 20 Good-Looking Anime Characters that start with L (2022). We will be back soon with new articles. Stay connected to our platform so that you can be updated on any news published on our website. Stay Happy and Stay Safe.

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