List of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J (2023)

We frequently see anime sequences online that immediately draw our attention. Thoughts of adding it to our watchlist are entertained, but the endless scrolling eats it up. While we can only remember the first letter of the name, we search online for any anime character that starts with that letter. So, in this article, we bring you a list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J (2022). Both male and female anime characters are included in this list. So let us start our article right away.

1) Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)


Juvia is a slim teenage girl with curvy features, blue hair, rare blue eyes, and a white skin complexion. Juvia makes an indifferent first impression, making her appear further distant from everyone—including the Phantom Lord Guild members. She starts acting cheerful after she joins Fairy Tail. She is so fixated on Gray Fullbuster that she views everybody who expresses affection for him as a rival.

2) Jaken (Inuyasha)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jaken, who is a little demon with green skin. He has a wide mouth for someone so little, and his large, bright eyes nearly cover half of his face. His ears are typically pointed, and his mouth resembles the beak of a bird. When Sesshmaru succeeds, Jaken is never startled and consistently presents himself as though everything his master achieves is precisely what he expected.

3) Julius Novochrono (Black Clover)


Julius is a tall man of middle age, who has short messy hair of blond color and purple eyes. One of his distinguishing characteristics is a blue six-pointed star that appears on the left side of his forehead and vanishes upon death. Julius is renowned for having a magical fascination and for his passion for exploring the kingdom in pursuit of new forms of magic. He typically exhibits his immature side if he comes across a new kind of magic and is eager to watch it in action.

4) Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)


Jellal is a young man with blue hair and a crimson tattoo above and beneath his right eye that he has had since he was a young boy. Jellal was a good-natured child who genuinely cared about his pals. Despite his attitude as a slave, he was always positive and upbeat. He easily took the punishment for Erza after a failed escape attempt and never once lost hope that he would eventually be set free.

5) Jakotsu (Inuyasha)


Jakotsu is a tall, slender young man. His black hair is put up with a hairpin in the shape of a butterfly in a feminine manner. His eyes are big, with narrow, dark irises and blue tattoos underneath that resemble snake fangs. He has a blue mark on each side of his face that looks like a snake fang pointing down from his eye. Jakotsu is portrayed as a homophobic stereotype of a flamboyant individual.

6) Jean Havoc (Full Metal Alchemist)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jean, an honest and self-claimed ‘country boy’ who is always laid-back and is seen with a cigarette. Although not the brightest, Havoc more than makes up for his lack of intelligence with common sense, cunning, and a particularly high combat aptitude. He frequently offers a caustic, real-world perspective to offset the over-the-top antics of his teammates.

7 ) Jan Valentine (Hellsing)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jan, a man with a dark complexion, amber eyes, and dark-colored hair. He was also sporting a pair of white gloves and a dark blue cap with a frontal pattern of white and gold eyes. One of the show’s most foul-mouthed characters, Jan is depicted as being vulgar, disrespectful, and always using harsh language when speaking to or about other people.

8) Janemba (Dragon Ball Z)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Janemba, an enormous, chubby, yellow monster. His forearms and legs have a dull purple hue. His black irises and pupils contrast with the white sclera of his eyes. Beings have a perfect balance. He also has two short toes and a big tail. Janemba is a vicious and violent beast with little more to live for than sadistic gratification and a craving for chaos.

9) Jean Pierre Polnareff (JoJo’s Bizarre adventure)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jean, a tall, well-built man with a powerful frame. He has silvery hair that is styled in a towering flat top and a receding hairline. His brows are absent. He also has earrings that resemble broken, jaggedly-halved hearts. Jean had big ears and buck teeth when he was young. Frenchman Jean Pierre Polnareff is conceited but honorable and well-intentioned.

10) Jasmine (Pokemon)


Jasmine has creamy chocolate brown eyes. She has long brown hair that falls to her waist and is tied in two pigtails with two orange beads. Jasmine’s love for the environment is shown in her loving, sincere, and reserved nature, demonstrating how she helps the ill Ampharos in Olivine City. She does a great job of keeping that side of herself buried, according to some of her gym trainers.

11) Jango (One Piece)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jango, a thin, gray-haired man who looks to prefer weird, flashy clothing. His red, heart-shaped glasses stand out among these, as they cover his heart-shaped eyes and matching eyebrows. Jango is a capable yet occasionally clumsy hypnotist. Generally lighthearted, he is aware of Kuro’s propensity to snap at even his own crew members.

12) Jean Kirstein (Attack on Titan)


Jean is a young man with black hair that has been shaved into an undercut style from his spikey, grey hair. His eyes, which are described as having the same vicious appearance as Eren’s, are small and intense brown. Jean is described as having a long face, an average height, and a strong frame. Her scowl is comparable to Eren’s. Jean has a direct demeanor.

13) Juri (Yu Yu Hakusho)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Juri, a sea demon with a webbed tail, ears, and fin-tipped tail. Juri shares Yukina’s mint-green hair color. She has a tanned complexion, blue eyeshadow, and blue lipstick. Although Juri doesn’t appear to be as cruel as Koto, she comes across as being a lot more cowardly because she is regularly seen running away from the fight when she becomes frightened.

14) Jadeite (Sailor Moon)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jadeite. He has eyes of blue color, and his hair is blonde. He is dressed in the typical Shitennou outfit of grey with crimson trimmings and knee-high maroon boots. Jadeite can use it to block Sailor Moon’s Moon Tiara Action midair, set up defenses to keep himself safe, or maneuver aircraft to trample the Sailor Guardians.

15) Jericho (Seven Deadly Sins)


Jericho is a young woman with a thin body and light hair that is pulled back into a ponytail on the left side of her face. In her character profile, it is characterized as “sturdy.” On rare occasions, she lets her hair fall on both sides of her face. Her lips are obvious compared to other women without lipstick, which is one distinguishing characteristic. Jericho aspires to establish herself as a knight and is a proud and serious person.

16) Jim Macken (Black Butler)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jim, a young man with platinum blond hair that curls up to the left, icy blue eyes, and a distinctive cowlick. He wears an elaborate gold ring with a huge ruby in the center. It resembles an eye on his right index finger. It is covered in diamonds. Jim is a generally happy but cruel person. He can swing erratically between joy and rage.

17) Jinbei (One Piece)


Jinbei is an enormous blue whale man and the current tallest candidate of the Straw Hat Pirates. He resembles a sumo wrestler in terms of his stocky form, and the Oni, among other Japanese demons, is often connected with his face. Between the time of Otohime’s murder and the time he met Ace, he developed a scar in the shape of lightning that extends from his left sideburn.

18) Jin Kaze Tsukai (Yu Yu Hakusho)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Jin. Jin looks like an imp and a sprite. He has a small horn in the middle of his forehead and huge, pointed ears, which resembles an elf. Additionally, he has an overbite, as evidenced by the left-side canine teeth that rest on his lower lip. He has blue eyes and thick, shoulder-length, red hair. Jin has a positive outlook on life.

19) Jeremy (Code Lyoko)



Jeremie is a boy with fair skin, blond hair, and glasses. He typically wears spectacles with a black lens. Jeremie is dependable, nimble, and relentlessly driven. His love for his friends and commitment to defending the planet motivates him to put his all into what he does. The foundation of the team is greatly influenced by Jeremie’s self-assurance, and his ability to reassure his buddies has helped them get through some of their most trying times.

20) Julia (Fairy Tail)


On our list of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J, we have Julia. She has long blond-colored hair that is parted to the left side. She has a black band across her chest and is wearing an orange tank top. Julia is capable of exhaling fire. Julia is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and she can wrestle a dozen of Klodoa’s henchmen to the ground at once.

Hope you all had a good time reading our article on the List of 20 Great Anime Characters that start with J (2022). Stay connected to our website for any further updates, as we will be back with more interesting articles soon. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy.

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