Phenomenal Anime Characters that start with D (List 2023)

Often we stumble upon various anime scenes on the internet, which catch our immediate attention. We think of adding it to our watchlist, but it gets lost somewhere in the endless ocean. Sometimes we remember just the initial and look up on the internet for all anime starting with that particular alphabet. So, in this article, we bring you a list of Phenomenal Anime Characters that start with D (2022). Let us begin with our article without wasting any more time.

1) Dabura (Dragon Ball Z)


Dabura has crimson skin, goatee, horns, big pointed ears, and animalistic yellow eyes strongly that reflect the conventional portrayal of Satan. Dabura is a highly sadistic guy in terms of how he fights and eliminates foes, but he also has a very refined and well-mannered attitude. He speaks in a very intelligent way and even compliments the skills of his opponents in a deep, booming voice.

2) Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)


Dazai has short, dark brown hair that is slightly curly and narrow and dark brown eyes. While part of his bangs is gathered in the middle of his forehead, others frame his face. He has a thin build and is pretty tall. Dazai is a shady character whose genuine motivation is never revealed unless he says so. Any ability that touches him will be negated, even if he is restrained.

3) Danzo (Naruto)


Danzo had the appearance of an elderly, feeble guy who usually used a cane to walk. His right eye was covered by a bandage that revealed a Sharingan underneath, and he had black, unkempt hair.

Danzo was a fiery-tempered, impatient ninja who was driven to succeed. Even after his death, Homura and Koharu still regarded Danzo as one of Konoha’s top ninjas; therefore, they had high regard for his abilities.

4) Diablo (Tensei Shittara Slime)


Diablo has black hair with shades of red and gold color in it, as well as golden-colored eyes. He otherwise had a typical human appearance, albeit having the ability to spread his wings. Diablo may be incredibly calculating when he wants to be, despite his playful nature. He often has a completely calm demeanor, but anytime someone insults Rimuru, he suddenly becomes a cold form.

5) Dabi (My Hero Academia)


Dabi is a pretty tall, pale young man in his early twenties with a slender, somewhat lanky body. He has small, turquoise-colored eyes that are tightly lidded and white hair with a few crimson streaks at its crown that spikes upward around his head. Dabi, who was exuberant and full of energy, was eager to learn everything he could from his father.

6) Deidara (Naruto)


On our list of 20 Phenomenal anime characters that start with D, we have Deidara. Deidara has long, golden blond hair that is pulled back into a half ponytail and left to flow loosely down. He also has slanted blue eyes. His left eye’s eye scope was hidden by the boom that was hanging over it, indicating that he was a long-range fighter. Deidara was an extremely strong S-rank missing-nin who was well-known among Akatsuki for his prowess.

7) Deku (My Hero Academia)


Deku is relatively short for his age, and a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair frames his round face. This hair sticks up at weird angles around his head, throwing obtrusive black shadows onto itself. His eyes are big and rather round, and both his hair and his irises are the same shade of green. Deku is a shy, reserved, and courteous boy who regularly overreacts to unusual events by expressing himself exaggeratedly.

8) Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Dio has constantly demonstrated a lack of compassion and humanity while being violently dominant and manipulative. When Dio notices his power increasing, he is overjoyed. His unbridled ambition and love of power make him easily recognizable. He is underprivileged, gets abused by his father, and sets himself the goal of becoming the richest and then the most powerful person on Earth.

9) Doma (Demon Slayer)


Doma is a hefty, muscular being with golden-colored hair and rainbow eyes. On both of his eyeballs, the number two is written. He also seems to have blue-colored nails. Doma is an outwardly nice nihilist who is actually a psychotic, insane, cruel, misanthropic, and manipulative person. Doma is a total psychopath who is utterly incapable of understanding even the most fundamental human feelings.

10) Dende (Dragon Ball)


Dende is a towering man with piercing eyes who is dressed as an Earth Guardian. He is a young Namekian who is kind and soft-spoken. Dende has shown fierce loyalty to his people by putting himself in danger to uphold morality. He is exceptionally wise and mature for his years despite his youth. Dende, who was hailed as a prodigy by his people, had a high level of proficiency in the Namekian’s spiritual teachings.

11) Di Roy Rinker (Bleach)

Di Roy Rinker

Di Roy has square teeth and thin grey hair. He is a highly haughty Arrancar who won’t allow his opponent to introduce themselves during a fight since he thinks it’s wasteful and exhausting to find out the names of everyone he plans to murder. Di Roy has a voracious appetite for blood and enjoys killing. He goes right after them, finds them, and attacks without warning.

12) Daichi Sumeragi (Beyblade)


Daichi is a young man with short, spiky red hair and an X-shaped scar on the center of his forehead. He has emerald eyes and strong, huge eyebrows. Young and restless, Daichi is a child. Daichi has a strong sense of purpose and never gives up. Because of his frequent eating, air sickness, and teasing of Tyson, Daichi is renowned for comedic relief.

13) Darien Chiba (Sailor Moon)


Prince Darien, who was born on Earth, is represented by Darien. Tuxedo Mask, a supporter of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, also goes by the civilian name Darien. Darien had a difficult life after being born again in his home. He and his parents were in a car accident when he was a youngster. His parents were killed in the disaster, and he was left without memory or family to return home.

14) Dante (Full Metal Alchemist)


Dante has a very mysterious personality and even more sinister motivations. She is vengeful, cunning, conceited, narcissistic, harsh, and manipulative. She is a heartless lady and an excellent alchemist. The series’s events and the difficulties its heroes encountered along the way were set in motion by Dante, who pretended to be the master and benefactor of the Homunculi.

15) Dee Laytner (Fake)

Dee Laytner

Dee has an excessive friendliness personality, borderline obnoxiousness, and in-your-face trait. It was because of these reasons people were drawn toward him. Others may appreciate him because of his laid-back demeanor and sense of humor. But it may be a double-edged sword because he is frequently not taken seriously. Dee can be a little selfish and superficial, initially just mentioning physical characteristics that drew him to a spouse and saying nothing about personality or character.

16) Derek Wildstar (Star Blazers)


On our list of 20 Phenomenal anime characters that start with D, we have Derek Wildstar. The Argo’s tactical commander is Derek Wildstar. While initially blaming Captain Avatar for Alex’s apparent death, he gradually begins to take responsibility. Later, Nova Forrester, the Argo’s radar operator, and Derek fall in love. Since the passing of his parents and brother Alex, he has no family left, and Mark Venture is his sole friend.

17) Diane (Seven Deadly Sins)


Diane is a fair maiden with purple eyes and medium-length brown hair that is wrapped up into voluminous twin tails. People have praised her as being “wonderfully gorgeous.” Her physique is curvy and well-endowed. Diane is considerably larger than a typical person. Diane is a very kind giantess who is also incredibly self-assured in her skills and who seems to generally view holy knights as weak.

18) Dice Quaid (Blue Gender)


On our list of Phenomenal anime characters that start with D, we have Dice Quid, who served in the military as a soldier but eventually deserted. Dice is first seen rescuing Yuji and Marlene from a Large Worm similar to Blue and letting them spend the night at his shelter. The possibility that Pacific Blue killed the one person he loved and harbors animosity toward the Creature is suggested.

19) Dunga (Beyblade)


Dunga is a man with great height, tan skin, a muscular body with blonde hair and green eyes. The Saint Shield’s powerhouse is Dunga. Only his fury comes close to matching his strength. During battles, he makes use of his rage and wrath to give his Beyblade the most power possible. He can be easily defeated, though, once he goes insane.

20) Dorry (One Piece)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with D, we have Dorry, who is a giant with a good build and a thick beard. Luffy can fit in the palm of his hand because of how big he is. Dorry is 160 years old, a giant in the of his lifetime. Dorry is a friendly giant, but occasionally his pride prevents him from using his best judgment.

Hope you all had a great time reading our article on the list of Phenomenal Anime Characters that start with D (2022). In no time, we will be back with a more informative article. Till then, stay tuned to our platform for any further information and stay safe.

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