(2023) List of 20 Anime Characters Name that Start with E (Most Popular)

On the internet, we frequently come across various anime sequences that immediately grab our attention. Although we consider adding it to our watchlist, it ends up lost in the vast ocean. Sometimes we only recall the first letter and search online for all the anime that begins with that particular alphabet. Consequently, we have compiled a list of 20 Anime Characters Names that Start with E. So, without any further ado, let us get started on our article.

1) Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Escanor, who appears to be a middle-aged man with a ponytail and a beard. He’s got a mustache and some spectacles on. On his back is a lion sign. Between day and night, Escanor’s strength and demeanor both radically alter. He is timid, subservient, and invariably nice at night. He is haughty, bossy, and conceited during the day.

2) Esdeath (Akme Ga Kill)


Esdeath is a tall, gorgeous, skinny woman with pale blue eyes and long, light hair. She was dressed in a general’s uniform, which had long sleeves with upper arm buttons, a blue scarf around her neck, and high-heeled boots. She also has a tattoo on her chest that represents her Teigu heritage. Esdeath was a cruel and cunning sadist who had little sympathy for those she considered weak since she adhered to her father’s outlook on life.

3) EG Mine (Trigun)

EG Mine

Following up, we have EG Mine, who dresses in a sphere-shaped outfit. He can shoot deadly spikes at his adversaries by tugging threads attached to the sphere with his fingertips. EG Mine is violent and lost his life as a result of his arrogance. He is the third Gun to take on Vash and shows off the corpses of both Dominique the Cyclops and Monev the Gale. After Vash overcomes him, Rai-Dei the Blade kills him in turn.

4) Earl Tyrant (Final Fantasy)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Earl Tyrant, who is the main antagonist of the Final Fantasy series is Earl Tyrant. In the floating Gaudium stronghold, he appears as a pampered young king sitting on his throne and surrounded by his subjects. He typically appears as a little, chubby youngster with a bad temper and a propensity for criticizing his employees.

5) Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins)


Elizabeth is a stunning young lady with a normal height and a slender yet curvy physique. She has long silver hair that reaches her waist, huge light blue eyes that can turn orange while gaining a triskele, and an extremely pale complexion. Even in times of conflict, Elizabeth is a very gracious, kind, and polite person who values peace and diplomacy.

6) Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)

Edward Elric

On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Edward Elric. Despite his efforts to appear taller, Edward is little for his age. He typically wears his long, golden-blond hair up in a braid that reaches his shoulders, but he occasionally opts for a simpler ponytail instead. Edward exhibits a personality that is immature. He is unmistakably strong-willed and stubborn, frequently allowing his petty emotions to get the best of him.

7) Eclair (Kiddy Grade)


Eclair is a member of the ES who underwent a physical transformationShe kept getting new bodies that looked different from the previous ones as a result of her many deaths. She had three major bodies featured in anime itself, plus a few others in flashbacks. Eclair is renowned for her frequently innocent demeanor and for frequently dressing up in provocative yet amusing ensembles.

8) Ebi (Girls Bravo)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Ebi, who is a unique and magical creature from Seiren. Miharu claims she looks like a shrimp because she has a pair of huge bobbing antennas and the face of a cat with a plump tiny seal. Ebi is surprisingly intelligent. In the anime, she mentally went through the entire play while playing Mahjong.

9) Eda (Black Lagoon)


Eda is an American lady who appears to be in her thirties and, has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears angular pink sunglasses all the time, even when she is dressed in a nun’s habit. She is frequently spotted smoking or chewing gum. She is pictured sporting a professional work outfit, glasses, a pale pink lip color, and dangling gold earrings.

10) Edward Newgate (One Piece)


Edward is an abnormal man with a large height; unlike other humans, however, his body is well-proportioned. He had a long, furrowed face that was covered in wrinkles around his eyes due to his elderly age. Every time he employed his quake-based powers, his bicep muscles appeared to expand. Before taking charge of his own ship and earning the nickname Whitebeard, Edward Newgate was a happy and carefree person.

11) Eijiro Kirishima (My Hero Academia)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Eijiro, who is a young, athletic man who is about normal height. He is a loud and gregarious man who loves the idea of manliness. He frequently uses the adjectives “manly” and “unmanly” to describe things and people he likes or dislikes. His right eye has a little scar above it, and his red eyes are slightly inward-pointing.

12) Elvis (Black Lagoon)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Elvis. The Neveral Cartel is headed by Elvis. The man, a Cuban-American who was born in Miami, Florida, is willfully unaware of the traditions of the crimelords of Roanapur, as evidenced by his behavior. Jane escapes while he is gone, and two of his goons are outside the room where she is working playing cards, and he and his guys pursue her in their car.

13) Elie (Rave Master)


Elie is a young girl of average height. She wears her dark hair in a short cut with fringes above her eyebrows that barely reaches her nape. Due to her beauty and curvy shape, she also seems to attract a lot of male interest throughout the series. Elie has a happy disposition that occasionally verges on being foolish or even ditzy. Even when her destiny seems hopeless, she is able to maintain an optimistic attitude toward life.

14) Elroy (Black Lagoon)


Elroy is an acquisitive stationed in South Africa. Elroy is also known as “Bighorn Elroy,” who works providing fugitives with a safe getaway from any circumstance they were in, but his murder of Gretel guaranteed his retirement. He became involved in the aforementioned events because his 34-year-old married son is still a resident of South Africa despite having just been given a cancer diagnosis.

15) Eiko Aizawa (Squid Girl)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Eiko, who is a young girl with average height, hair of reddish color, and amber eyes. Eiko can be impatient and has a short fuse. She struggles intellectually, and instead of doing her schoolwork, she prefers to play video games. Eiko turns out to be the sole member of her family who does not speak English.

16) Emerald (Sailor Moon)


Emerald is the commander of Prince Diamond in the Negamoon Family. She is conceited, egotistical, hungry, and envious. She is jealous of Sailor Moon since he is in love with her while she is in love with Diamond. Rubeus irritates her. She laughs dreadfully. She was given the name Emerald after the gemstone. After Doom and Gloom died, Emerald lost her cool and tried to attack the Sailor Scouts, but Diamond warned her to go back in time.

17) En (Yu Yu Hakusho)


En is a member of Team Ichigaki during the Dark Tournament Saga and a human who studied under the martial arts master Mitamura. He was brainwashed by Dr. Ichigaki, while he was a member of Team Ichigaki.

En was a young man with dark blue eyes and a mop of orange hair that frequently covered his eyes. He also had one round tooth that frequently protruded from his mouth. He is dressed in blue denim slacks, a white sleeveless shirt, and white sneakers.

18) Enel (One Piece)


Enel is a thin-skinned, athletic man with a somewhat wiry build. He has a slender face, which is usually marked by a serene, self-assured smile and a relaxed, half-lidded expression. He wears a tight-fitting white skullcap over his long, permed blonde hair, which is always hidden by the cap. Enel views himself as a divinity who can do no wrong. He thinks of himself as a celestial and eternal person.

19) Enju (InuYasha)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Enju, who is a young lady who, like Kikyo, was revived by Urasue. Enju has pale skin, long reddish-brown hair, and orange eyes. She is bound together by a straightforward sash and is dressed in a two-layer, sleeveless, short orange kimono with a tiger print on it. She wears a cloth around her wrists and ankles, but she never takes off her shoes.

20) Ennis (Baccano)


On our list of 20 Most Popular anime characters that start with E, we have Ennis, who is a young woman that often sports a two-piece black suit, heavy boots, and red hair that is short and spiky. Ennis is essentially an emotionless person. She learns what it means to be “human” and the ideas of sin and morality as a result of absorbing the alchemist’s memories and emotions.

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