List of 20 Well-Liked Anime Characters that start with F (2023)

On the internet, we frequently come across different anime sequences that immediately grab our attention. Although we consider adding it to our watchlist, it ends up lost in the vast ocean. Sometimes we only recall the first letter and search online for all the anime that begins with that particular letter. So, in this article, we bring you the list of 20 well-liked Anime Characters that start with F (2022). Let us begin with our today’s article without any further delay.

1) Felix Argyle (Re: Zero)


Ferris has yellow eyes and flaxen hair. His everyday attire consists of a blue frock, a blue scarf wrapped around his right arm, and a blue collar with a ribbon. He is wholly devoted to Crusch and will comply with anything she orders, but if necessary, he will stand in her way. Additionally, he likes to irritate other people by adopting cutesy language and actions, especially those who are astonished that he is male.

2) Fai D. Flourite (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)


On our list of 20 well-liked Anime Characters that start with F, we have Fai, who is also the most mysterious. He acts quite easygoing and looks to be a happy-go-lucky person. He regularly makes fun of Kurogane by giving him absurd nicknames like “Kuro-rin” and “Kuro-tan.” Fai, though, has proven to be just as observant and adept a fighter as Kurogane. He also seems to have a heavy emotional burden and little regard for his own life.

3) Fushi (To Your Eternity)


Fushi is an immortal entity who can take on the appearance of anything if he receives enough stimulation. He would replicate others’ behavior and behave instinctively before developing a sense of self. As his ego matures, he eventually transforms into a loving and compassionate person who is motivated by curiosity and a desire to build a peaceful society.

4) Feitan Portor (Hunter x Hunter)


Feitan is short in stature, yet he is also powerful and lean. He has grey eyes, pale skin, and black, medium-length hair. He covers his mouth with a bandana that has the recognizable skull crest and is dressed in black, baggy long sleeves. When he is angry, he speaks in an obscure language that is distinct from the general language of the world, speaking infrequently and with terrible grammar.

5) Funny Valentine (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine adopts two distinct looks that are very different in terms of build. He is first depicted as an elderly, fat, overweight guy, but by the time he absorbs the Saint’s ribcage, he has developed a more fit, muscular, and attractive appearance. Araki laughs that it’s just because Valentine “worked out,” attributing it to his organically evolving artistic style. Funny Valentine is a respectable but immoral patriot who is tenacious in his desire to see what he believes to be best for the United States accomplished.

6) Franken Stein (Soul Eater)

Franken Stein

Franken Stein has a dashing face, silver-gray hair, huge, round glasses, and a dapper appearance. The big screw-in bolt through Stein’s head is probably his most distinctive feature. He frequently spins this screw to help him concentrate or as he gets ready to assault someone. Dr. Stein is a man of science and sees everything as an experiment, even himself. He has longed to dissect the people around him since he was a young child, but Spirit has always prevented him.

7) Fuko Ibuki (Clannad)

Fuko Ibuki

Fuko Ibuki is one of the shortest characters in Clannad, who is a very diminutive young woman with a childlike appearance. She is a hyperactive, immature girl who is completely obsessed with starfish. She spends much of her time alone using a carving knife to carve tiny wooden starfish that she then gives to her friends and family as gifts. Her focus and awareness of the people around her are wholly depleted by that pastime.

8) Fasha (Dragon Ball Z)


Fasha has a pale skin tone, an average height, and builds with a tiny amount of muscle. Similar to Videl’s second haircut with purple eyes, her hair is flat with chopped spiky style bangs. Fasha is a cunning and skilled fighter, but like the other members of the squad and the majority of Saiyans, she also values honor and has a strong sense of teamwork. She had a maternal side when she referred to Bardock’s son as a “little tike.”

9) Fumino Furuhashi (We Never Learn)


Fumino is a tall, slim girl with waist-length, silky blue hair, bangs swept to the right, and a white headband inside of it. She also has brown eyes, and it is no secret that she is one of Ichinose Academy’s most beautiful students. Fumino is a quiet girl who rarely converses with her classmates, save for a select group of close pals.

10) Franky (One Piece)


Franky is the third tallest member of the Straw Hat team, a solidly built man who stands at least seven feet tall. Large abs and pectoral muscles give his chest a toned appearance. He has tattoos of blue stars on his forearms and brilliant blue hair. Four-year-old Franky was left behind by his family, and he ultimately found his way to Water 7.

11) Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine

Faye has chin-length dark purple hair, fair skin, and green eyes. She is of Singaporean heritage. Many guys find her attractive because of her tall, lanky figure and well-balanced build. She usually wears flesh-colored stockings, white ankle boots, yellow shorts, a matching buttoned blouse, and a loose red jacket. Faye is a haughty and slothful person. She spends most of her time caring for her looks and is frequently observed lounging around while the others work on a bounty.

12) Fakir (Princess Tutu)


Fakir has emerald eyes and long, dark hair. He frequently dons his school uniform, although he also occasionally dons clothing with torn shirt sleeves. He sports a dark blue shirt over a black unitard for ballet class. Fakir also had on black ballerina slippers and dark blue leg warmers. Particularly to Mytho, Fakir comes out as cold, unpleasant, and possessive. He has a blunt manner of speaking and doesn’t give a damn if what he says offends anyone.

13) Falcon (City Hunter)


On our list of 20 Most Popular Anime Characters that start with F, we have Falcon, who is a tall, broad-shouldered man with a powerful build. The majority of the time, he wears a black shade and an olive-green military uniform. Falcon is incredibly nervous with ladies and frequently blushes despite his intimidating demeanor. He also has a fear of cats, especially kittens.

14) Farmer (Dragon Ball Z)


Farmer is a short, overweight man with short black hair and a mustache who frequently wears eyeglasses. A dedicated blue-collar worker, the Farmer rears his flock of ostrich chickens in spinach wastes. Additionally, he smokes. He jumps into his pickup to have a look because he’s not sure if it was a meteor or a UFO. Although he is cautious enough to have his gun with him, he is astounded at the enormity of the impact hole.

15) Felix Walken (Baccano)


Felix Walken is a charming young man with a slim frame, fiery eyes, and blood-red hair. Solipsist Claire is. He thinks that everyone in the world is a construct of his own imagination and that the universe itself is just a dream. He “can never be killed” in his imagination since he finds it impossible to imagine the world without him.

16) Ferio (Magic Knight Rayearth)


Ferio is presented as a rough young man with short, pulled-up green hair. He wears little gold earrings, has golden-yellow eyes, and dons a costume beloved by the Cephiro peasants. He has a casual, upbeat, witty, and deceitful demeanor. Although he often acts like a mercenary, he always keeps his word and is incredibly brave. He was able to survive thanks to these traits. Only a single metal plate in his left shoulder and, of course, an excellent weapon serves as his only form of defense.

17) Fujitaka Kinomoto(Cardcaptor Sakura)


On our list of 20 well-liked Anime Characters that start with F, we have Fujitaka, who is a charming tan-skinned man with bangs hanging on the right side of his light-brown hair, light-brown eyes, and square rimless spectacles. Fujikata is a man who is incredibly compassionate and sympathetic and who has never been known to become irritated or angry over anything. He is devoted to his family.

18) Fuegoleon (Black Clover)


Fuegoleon is a tall man with long, straight, crimson hair and purple eyes. His long fringe is styled with a wavy hairdo and nicely combed to the back of his head. His red eye marks are one of his distinguishing characteristics. Another one is a similar-colored diamond-shaped mark in the middle of his forehead. Fuegoleon is a fair person who evaluates individuals based on their genuine worth as opposed to their social standing.

19) Fiore (Sailor Moon)


On our list of 20 well-liked Anime Characters that start with F, we have Fiore, who is an alien that originated outside of the Solar System but came to Earth as a young child. After Mamoru’s parents passed away, he later became one of Mamoru’s boyhood friends. Mamoru gave Fiore a red rose before he went, and Fiore made a pledge to return bearing more lovely flowers.

20) Finnian (Black Butler)


Finnian is a young boy with short strawberry-blond hair that is pulled back with five red bobby pins—two on his right and three on his left—and big turquoise eyes. Finnian is a vibrant, animated person. He has a great deal of regard for Sebastian Michaelis and is strongly faithful to Ciel Phantomhive, whom he sees as his savior. When Finnian makes a mistake at work or notices an injustice, he is prone to emotional outbursts and will strongly defend Ciel.

Hope you all enjoyed reading our article on the List of 20 well-liked Anime Characters that start with F (2022). We will be back in no time with more interesting articles. Till then, stay safe and stay connected to our website for any further detail.

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