Top 20 Hottest Anime Characters that Start with I (2023)

Anime characters are admired greatly all over the globe. They are seen as being very fancy and attractive, and they have unique personalities. Because of their attractiveness and good looks, they seem more desirable to followers. Fans that are obsessed with knowing Anime Characters That Start With I eagerly anticipate learning the character names. Consequently, we present to you in this post the Top 20 Hottest Anime Characters that Start with I (2022). In this list, there are both male and female characters. Without further ado, let’s get started on our article. 

20) Ichiru Kiryu (Vampire Knight)


Ichiru bears a striking resemblance to Zero as they both have silver-colored hair and eyes of lilac color with a tall and slender build. The only thing that separates Zero and Ichiru is that Ichiru has a little bit longer hair.

Ichiru was a complex individual whose behaviors and emotions frequently clashed. He is loved by all his fans because of his unique looks and so is kept in the twentieth position.

19) Isshin Kurosaki (Bleach)


Isshin is a tall, imposing man with brown eyes and spiked black hair. He has fine facial hair on his cheeks and around his mouth. Isshin typically sports a white lab coat over his ordinarily more laid-back shirt and pants while acting as a doctor.

As his daughter Karin noticed, he appeared to be a man in his forties. Due to his good looks, he is loved so much by all the fans and so is mentioned in the nineteenth position of hottest Anime Characters that start with I.

18) Imori (Hunter x Hunter)


Imori is a tall young man with dark eyes and light brown hair. Both of his eyes have distinct marks below them. He wears a light blue turtleneck sweater, long dark blue pants, sneakers, and a blue and white cap.

Imori is cowardly since he only stalks Killua instead of attacking him because he thinks of him as a regular child without his brothers. He is also quite popular among the fans, so we have kept him in the eighteenth position.

17) Imajin (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Imajin is a tall, lean man who dresses in a black pair of slacks, a long-sleeved white shirt, and a crimson necklace. He also sports sunglasses and has long, brown hair that is curly.

He resembles John Lennon eerily, and his moniker is probably a nod to the latter’s song “Imagine”. Imajin is mentioned in the seventeenth position of the hottest Anime character that starts with I because of his cool and fancy looks.

16) Ichiro Mihara (Angelic Layer)


Next up on our list we have Ichiro, who is a charming young man with dark eyes and spiky hair. He’s wearing a white lab coat in the image. He is 28 years old and frequently behaves in an unusual, impulsive, and immature manner. He frequently pops out of nowhere while yelling, “Icchan go BOOM!” When it comes to the Angelic Layer, he is clever and deadly serious. He is loved by all his fans because of his cool looks.

15) Illumi Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)


Illumi has extraordinarily long, jet-black hair that is generally combed back behind his head, along with big, black eyes without pupils. Illumi frequently uses a lighthearted and carefree tone of voice.

He tends to be a hard, merciless individual with an incredibly cold style of thinking and just considers his own interests. Due to his looks, he is loved by all his fans.

14) Ikuko Tsukino (Sailor Moon)


Ikuko has dark purple hair, which is distinct from Usagi’s or Shingo’s hair color. She typically wears an orange and yellow dress with a white apron. Ikuko has no idea that her daughter is Sailor Moon, and at times she exhibits a highly passionate, if not autocratic, parenting style. She is quite a popular character among all the anime fans, so we have mentioned her in the fourteenth position.

13) Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)


Ikkaku is a large, powerful man. Many people, especially 11th Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi, make fun of his baldness and refer to him as “cue ball” or “pachinko-head.” 

Ikkaku has a scar that runs down the left side of his chest from the battle he had with Ichigo Kurosaki during the Ryoka Invasion. Due to his valor acts, he is loved by all his fans and so is kept at the thirteenth position.

12) Ibuki (Pokemon)


Ibuki has light blue hair pulled back in a ponytail with a beige hair band, blue eyes, and a pale complexion. Her face is framed by two thick, pointed spiked fringes, while a third fringe hangs between her eyes in the middle of her face.

She also has noticeable eyelashes and sparse eyebrows. She is mentioned in the twelfth position on our list of Hottest Anime Characters that start with I because of her alluring looks.

11) Ibraha (Black Lagoon)


Ibraha is a key figure in the Protectors of the Islamic Front. Because of the death of his son, he harbored a deep-seated animosity for both Israel and its allies. In contrast to Takenaka, this animosity also made him anxious, agitated, reckless, and incredibly short-sighted.

His attractive looks are the reason why he is loved so much by all his fans, and so he is mentioned in the eleventh position of hottest Anime Characters that start with I.

10) Iruka (Naruto)


Iruka has a manly frame and a typical height. His dark eyes, black hair, and the scar that spans the bridge of his nose are all features that he wears in a ponytail. He uses barrier ninjutsu, which he has some skill with, primarily for binding techniques, such as the String Light Formation. He is loved by all the fans for his skills and techniques and so is mentioned in the eighth position of hottest Anime Characters that start with I.

9) Ikuto Tsukuyomi (Shugo Chara)


Ikuto is mysterious, distant, stoic, and a touch mischievous, like an alley cat. He has a soft side and is compassionate. He enjoys making fun of others, notably Tadase and Amu.

Ikuto is selfless and protective; thus he is willing to put others before himself in order to keep them safe and prevent them from becoming involved in his problems. So, we have kept him in the ninth position.

8) Iva (One Piece)


Ivankov is a tall, indigo-colored afro-haired man with long eyelashes. His chin has an arrowhead-like appearance and is obviously disconcertingly formed. He has an enormous afro that can fit people within.

Just below his chest, he has a unique Jolly Roger tattoo. He is popular among all the fans because of his ability to change his gender and looks anytime. That’s why we have put Ivankov at the eighth position of hottest Anime Characters that start with I.

7) Ichigo Kurosa (Bleach)


Ichigo has orange hair, which is his most distinctive attribute. He is a young man, around six feet tall, with a lean build, peach complexion, and brown eyes. Ichigo usually smiled when he was with Masaki and frequently held her hand, considering his mother to be the center of his universe. Due to his personality of him, he is admired by all his fans.

6) Ino (Naruto)


Ino is a fair woman of ordinary height, with pale blue eyes and beautiful platinum blonde hair that frames the right side of her face. Ino cut her hair shoulder length and frequently wore it in a bun.

kunoichi with the potential to become the Yamanaka clan’s strongest member, Ino was acknowledged. It is because of these traits she is loved by her fans and so is at the sixth position on our list.

5) Izuku (My Hero Academia)


Izuku is a little short for his age, and a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair frames his round face. This hair sticks up at unusual angles around his head, throwing obtrusive dark shadows into itself.

His eyes are big and rather round, and both his hair and his irises are the same shade of green. On each cheek, he has a pair of four symmetrical freckles arranged in a diamond pattern. He is loved by his fans and so is in the fifth position.

4) Ibiki Morino (Naruto)


Ibiki has a huge, commanding build that is complemented by his craggy head and face, which are covered with old scars and wounds. Ibiki’s forehead protector always covers a collection of burn marks and long slash lines on his head.

The scars reveal the physical abuse he has previously undergone and demonstrate his capacity for pain tolerance without divulging the desired information to the enemy. Fans consider him to be one of the hottest. That’s why we have mentioned him in the 4th position on our list.

3) Inosuke (Demon Slayer)


Inosuke is a young man of normal height and fair skin. He is very muscular and toned for his age, with massive, defined muscles most prominently over his arms and stomach.

His extremely attractive and feminine features, including his enormous, wide eyes, his thin eyebrows, and what could be a little, well-behaved mouth, stand in stark contrast to this. Due to these reasons, we have placed him in the third position.

2) Ian (Beyblade)


Ian is the shortest in height among the Blitzkrieg Boys. He has a long nose, and the goggles on his face are pretty large. He usually has a cold, calm demeanor. Ian is in possession of the Wyborg blade that Boris Balkov gave him. It is a purple normal-based blade, similar to Max’s Draciel in that it appears to be based on defense. It is because of his cool and calm nature that he is loved by his fans.

1) Itachi (Naruto)


Itachi is a man of average height and fair skin tone. He had dark eyes with lengthy, noticeable tear troughs underneath. His face was framed by center-parted bangs that reached his chin, and his jet-black hair was pulled back in a short ponytail; the ponytail and bangs got longer over time. So, we have kept him in the first position on our list of hottest Anime Characters that start with I.

Hope you all enjoyed reading our today’s article on the topic of Top 20 Hottest Anime Characters that start with I (2022). We will be back super soon with more exciting articles. Till then, stay safe and stay connected to our platform for any further news.

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