Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters that start with H (2023)

There is great admiration for anime characters all over the world. They have distinct personalities and are regarded as fashionable and attractive. They have the best appeal and looks, making them appear more alluring to followers. The names of the characters are eagerly anticipated by fans who are obsessed with learning anime characters that start with H. So, in this article, we bring to you the Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters that start with H (2022). We have included both male and female characters in this list. Let us begin with our article without wasting any more time.

20) Hyatt (Excel Saga)


In the 20th position on the Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters that start with H, we have Hyatt, who is one of the favorites of ilpalazzo over Excel, giving him preferential treatment in terms of promotions and discipline. Hyatt is a rather innocent, naive, and reasonable woman who frequently acts as the agent who deliberates more than Excel, who appears to act on the spot.

19) Hagemaru (Hagemaru)


Hagemaru is a two-foot-tall, short and thick boy. He has large eyes and bushy eyebrows. In addition to his school uniform of a pink shirt and green leggings, he occasionally dons a kimono or a samurai costume. Despite being ignorant, Hagemaru has a friendly disposition that makes others like him. Despite being self-centered, he is a highly helpful person who aids both humans and other animals, plants, and insects.

18) Haru Yoshida (My Little Monster)


Haru is a lovely young man with unruly, curly, black hair that falls over his face and almost reaches his shoulders in length. His muscular frame is also evident. Haru’s eyes are typically brown, occasionally grey, and occasionally various hues in Robico’s color pictures. His eyes are grey in the anime. Despite his good intentions, Haru comes out as an aggressive and threatening individual.

17) Hestia (Danmachi)


Hestia is a lovely little Goddess who exudes youth. Her black hair is wrapped into two twin tails that fall to her mid-thighs, and she has blue eyes. Hair ornaments with bell-shaped ornaments and blue and white petals are used to tie back her hair. Hestia is a compassionate and active Goddess. She has a lot of energy and feels strongly about everything.

16) Hans (Pumpkin Scissors)


In the 16th position on the Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters that start with H, we have Hans, who was an ordinary person up until his fellow soldiers started dying. Since then, he has gotten crazy and says that the only time he feels warm is when he uses his flame thrower to kill people. He and the other soldiers in his battalion received specialized clothing insulated in an analgesic fluid to shield them from the flames.

15) Hannah Annafellows (Black Butler)


Hannah is a tall, curvy woman with tan skin and navy blue eyes. She often sports vivid purple lipstick. Her lavender hair is straight and reaches her legs; the lowest section of her hair is braided and fastened with a blue ribbon. Hannah is a reserved, introverted person who frequently keeps her head bowed to avoid making eye contact with other people.

14) Hanabusa (Vampire Knight)


Hanabusa is a young man with golden-blond hair, electrifying blue eyes, and a medium height. He is exceedingly handsome, as are most Aristocrat vampires, and frequently attracts the attention of multiple Day Class girls. Hanabusa is an extremely gregarious and charming vampire who can be cheery and nice one minute and vicious the next. He frequently makes flirtatious advances toward women, usually day class pupils.

13) Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon)


In the 13th position on the Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters that start with H, we have Hotaru Tomoe, who still has a civilian appearance, but she also has a white gem-encrusted gold tiara on her forehead. Hotaru mostly has a shoulder-length black bob with purple shine on the front and purple eyes. Hotaru is dressed in the traditional Mugen Academy winter school uniform, which includes black flats and blue stockings.

12) Hachi (Inuyasha)


Hachi is a short-stretched, slightly larger-built tanuki with brown fur. He has a little back nose, cream muzzle, black ears, and eyes with a rounded tail. Hachi has any weapons or combat capabilities, and his elemental talents are poor. He can change into another person because he is a tanuki.

11) Hagiri Kaname (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Hagiri Kaname appears to be a typical teenager despite having great psychic talent. He frequently appears in public dressed in a dirty white loose undershirt, charcoal grey pants, and black shoes. His red leather jacket has a grey belted collar. His long, black hair nearly completely hides his pale skin and violet eyes. Kaname exemplifies the stereotypical bad boy, as he is brash, arrogant, and self-reliant while yet being stoic and quiet.

10) Hanzo (Hunter x Hunter)


Hanzo is a young man who has feathery eyebrows and is bald. He was extremely fit, thanks to his early ninja training. He is dressed in grey shoes and jeans and a black shirt with huge shoulder pads. Hanzo has white bandages wrapped around his wrists and ankles and a crimson bandana over his neck. His self-confidence may turn into arrogance and again cause him to provide excessive information. He is trained to be focused and cold-hearted, yet he can also be both.

9) Hirokazu Ukita (Death Note)


Hirokazu Ukita is a young man of average height with small, dark eyes and short, cropped black hair. He typically appears dressed in a suit and tie. Since he was one of the few individuals to continue to be a part of the Kira Investigation Team until his passing, Ukita demonstrates to be a strong individual with remarkable will and bravery. Along with a lack of patience and a propensity to react emotionally, Ukita demonstrates these characteristics.

8) Hanataro Yamada (Bleach)


Hanataro is a diminutive male Shinigami with bangs framing the side of his face, chin-length black hair, and blue eyes. He is dressed in a traditional shihakusho, and he is carrying the medical equipment for the Fourth Division. He often stumbles and is easily tricked. Due to Hanataro’s timidity and good nature, he frequently falls prey to bullies and practical jokes. He claims to be “the most bullied kid in the world.”

7) Hatori Sohma (Fruit Basket)


In the 7th position on the Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters that start with H, we have Hatori, who is an adult male with a towering stature, a muscular yet lean body, and brown eyes. The people surrounding him, both boys and girls, comment on how attractive he is. He has long, straight, dark blue-tinted black hair that falls to his nape. Hatori is a quiet, serious, and level-headed man who always maintains his composure.

6) Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan)


Historia is the tiniest soldier from the 104th Training Corps. She has a heart-shaped face, long blonde hair, and big blue eyes. In general, Historia is incredibly bashful, kind, and unsure of how to communicate with people. Despite Ymir’s laziness, Historia is a strong soldier who placed tenth in her class upon graduation. She has mastered the equipment for vertical maneuvering, and she is proficient in killing Titans.

5) Himiko Toga (My Hero Academia)


Himiko is a fair-skinned, rather small girl who usually gets compliments on her attractive face. She is also quite prone to blushing. She has bright yellow eyes with small slits that lean slightly inward; they resemble a cat’s eyes in several ways. Himiko is a tremendously happy girl who has cruel inclinations. She even smiles after killing someone, supposedly. Himiko is clearly mentally ill and has a distorted idea of what love and friendship are.

4) Hisoke (Hunter x Hunter)


Hisoka resembles a magician or court jester in appearance. He is tall, fair skin toned, and quite physically fit. The Greed Island Ring is worn by Hisoka on his left middle finger. Hisoka is shown to be wholly self-serving, egotistical, and selfish; he does anything he wants as long as it somehow makes him feel good. His allegedly sad impulses are fueled by his unquenchable love for shedding the blood of strong combatants in battle and his enjoyment of terrible suffering while doing it.

3) Hashirama (Naruto)


Hashirama is a large man with black eyes and a tanned complexion. He has black hair that was normally dressed in a center-parted fringe that accentuated his face. His hair was waist-length. He frequently wore the traditional shinobi garb of the time. Hashirama had a loud disposition and was easily excited. He likes to socialize with new people, have friendly rivalries, and gamble. When it came to issues that were significant to him, Hashirama had the capacity to be serious.

2) Hit (Dragon Ball Super)


Hit is a key supporting character in Dragonball Super and is called “Hit the Infallible” and the “Legendary Assassin.” He is Team Universe 6’s most potent member. The battles that Hit had with Jiren and Dyspo were the best indicators of his true talents. Although Hit was at a disadvantage for the majority of the battle with the speedster from Universe 11, it eventually seemed that his enhanced Time Skip ability gave him the upper hand.

1) Hinata (Naruto)


Hinata is a fair-skinned, skinny girl whose most distinctive characteristic as a Hyga is the Byakugan, which gives her featureless white eyes. She maintains a home-cut in her dark blue hair. Hinata always addresses individuals with the appropriate honorifics and speaks softly and courteously. She is kind, always putting the needs of others above her own, and concerned about their feelings and wellbeing. She dislikes conflict for any reason.

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