20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K (2023)

Online, we frequently come across anime clips that immediately grab our interest. The constant scrolling eats up any ideas we have of adding it to our watchlist. We look online for any anime character that begins with the letter we can remember from the name since we can only recall the first letter. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K (2022). This list includes both male and female anime characters. So let’s get right into our article without wasting any more time. 

1) Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)


Kakashi resembles strongly to his father and is often mistaken for each other. He has dark grey eyes, spiky silver hair that is frequently parted to the left, and a generally laid-back face.

Kakashi was quite independent and self-assured, occasionally even coming off as haughty and condescending. Despite this, Kakashi had excellent perception and intuition, swiftly recognizing the reality of the situation.

2) Krillin (Dragon Ball)


Krillin has white eyes that frequently appear squinty and boredom-like. He is able to breathe through his skin thanks to a physical quirk. Krillin wears various laid-back clothing and lets his black hair grow out.

When faced with Roshi’s training, Krillin disregarded the rules. Because of his bravery and ingenuity, Krillin is recognized by the audience as a friendly underdog.

3) Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)


Kyojuro was a tall, athletic young man with a powerful frame. He is renowned for being personable and exuding enormous positivity, with a beaming smile on his face almost constantly.

Kyojuro has long yellow hair with red streaks, black eyebrows, and golden-colored eyes that fade to red. He also had two shoulder-length bangs and two chin-length bangs on both sides of his shoulder.

4) Kiba (Naruto)


Kiba’s wild appearance has some physical attributes more comparable to animals, which complements his personality and fighting techniques. He has unkempt brown hair, pointed black eyes with vertical pupils, prominent teeth, and claw-like nails like the majority of his clan.

On his cheeks, he also bears the recognizable red fang insignia of the Inuzuka clan. When he grows irritated in battle, Kiba is prone to make blunders because he is frequently impatient and impetuous.

5) Kaede (Inuyasha)


Kaede has long black-colored hair that is usually kept tied in a loose ponytail and bangs hanging over her head. Her long hair has begun to grey as she gets older, and her fair skin, brown eyes, and various creases and wrinkles on her face give her a slightly different image.

Kaede has a modest stature and a shockingly youthful slender frame. Kaede is a compassionate priestess who cares for the residents of the entire town.

6) Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)


Katsuki has a fair complexion, a thin, muscular frame, and an average height. His blonde hair is short and spiky and he has bangs that hang over his eyebrows. His eyes are razor-sharp and an intense shade of crimson.

Katsuki is a harsh, haughty, angry, and violent individual. He demonstrated to be incredibly conceited and arrogant toward people around him, frequently boasting of the strength of his Explosion Quirk.

7) Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)


Kagami has a typical build. She wears her long, unkempt, pale purple hair in twin tails wrapped with dark purple ribbons. Unlike Tsukasa, she has “tsurime” eyes that are pointed.

Kagami is occasionally depicted with fairly dramatic curves. Compared to her sister, she has slightly messier hair. In contrast to her sister Tsukasa, who is an excellent cook, she is a little narcissistic and is not the best at doing simple domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning.

8) Kage Houshi (Flame of Recca)


Kagero possesses a “well-endowed” figure with well-toned, supple, lean muscles, faultless silky fair complexion, and piercing yet warm azure eyes. She gave her hair a shoulder-length haircut.

She also has a smaller sphere earring hidden beneath a larger sphere. On the back of her right hand, Kagero has the Hokage emblem tattooed. Kagero is incredibly alluring, magnetic, and charismatic.

9) Kageyama (Black Lagoon)


On our list of 20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K, we have Kageyama, who is the department chief of the material department.

He recruited the Extra Order Mercenary Group to hunt down the Lagoon Company after they kidnapped Rock and recovered a disc with knowledge on nuclear weapons. He has a third daughter, a Golden Retriever called John, a second son named Takanori, who is in high school, and other family members.

10) Kagura Sohma (Fruit Basket)


Kagura is a small young lady with an ordinary height and frame. She has light skin that is prone to flushing and large, rounded dark brown eyes. Her brown hair is straight and reaches her top back; she wears it down or in braids on either side of her head, fastened at the back with a ribbon.

Kagura is typically a sweet, courteous, considerate, and friendly girl, but she is also quite impetuous, strong-willed, and can change from being emotionally aggressive to being incredibly violent, powerful, and selfish in a matter of seconds.

11) Kai (Akira)


Kai is a boy with brown hair that is parted to the left and is shorter than normal in height. He wears a straightforward green jacket with a light-green shirt tucked in and a red tie, in contrast to other members who dress in various vests and jackets.

As seen by his attempt to charge a laser pistol battery using jumper cables connected to a moving motorcycle, Kai appears to be the group’s mechanic. He has little to no respect for authorities, just like the other members of Kaneda’s Gang.

12) Kagero (Ninja Scroll)


Kagero is a stunning young lady with ordinary height, black hair that falls to her shoulders, crimson eyes, and fair skin. Her most distinctive piece of attire is a ruby-centered purple headband.

Due to a lifetime of harsh training, Kagero is also a very broken and vulnerable person. She devotes herself wholeheartedly to her objective and takes extremely dangerous risks, seemingly with little regard for her own life.

13) Kaito Kuroba (Detective Conan)


Kaito is very popular in school but often lands in trouble with the ladies, specially Aoko. He is a compulsive prankster who enjoys sharing his tricks with others and performing for them, and he despises seeing other people angry.

Kaito is a very smart person. He has demonstrated a great talent for carefully outlining his complete plan and the ability to improvise when things go wrong. He is highly meticulous when preparing to assume another person’s identity, which makes him a very competent researcher.

14) Kakao (Dragon Ball Z)


On our list of 20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K, we have KaKao’s, whose look is distinguished by cyborg elements adorning his skin. The only armor with weaponry is Kakao’s Battle Armor because he is a cyborg.

Yamcha’s Spirit Ball strike had no effect on him, and he ambushed Yamcha to defeat him. Later, a Kaio-Ken-enhanced Goku defeated and killed Kakao and the majority of the other Crusher Corp members.

15) Kalluto Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)


On our list of 20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K, we have Kalluto, who has pink eyes and black hair that is cut to the shoulder. On the left side of his mouth, he has a mole.

Kalluto has a quiet, submissive demeanor and is frequently observed following instructions. It is well known that he and his mother get along well. He is extremely quiet, but since joining the Spiders, he has demonstrated that he is more talkative.

16) Kana Sohma (Fruit Basket)



Kana is a young lady with a slim build, fair skin, and brown eyes. She has short, straight hair that is fashioned in a bob and is chin-length or shorter. She is depicted with hair framing her face and middle-parted bangs.

Sometimes she wears a little ponytail with her bangs pulled back. She is proven to be quite amiable and considerate to the people she loves. One day, Kana wants to become a prosperous physician.

17) Kami (Dragon Ball)


Following up on our list of 20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K, we have Kami, who is a Namekian who has wrinkled skin texture. He has a red kanji that reads “God” on his robe.

He also has dark blue shoes on. The character of Kami is also rather problematic because despite being the Guardian of Earth, he felt unworthy of the position. Kami dislikes guests and will send back any rocket ship that tries to contact him.

18) Kaname Tosen (Bleach)


Next on our list of 20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K, we have Kaname Tosen, who has dark-colored skin and keeps his brown hair tied in braids. He has been blind since birth and has pale lavender eyes without pupils.

It wasn’t always the case, although he typically wore clear goggles. He maintained a ponytail in his hair. Tosen had quietly committed himself to bringing Soul Society to justice for letting her killer walk free.

19) Kanaria (Hunter x Hunter)


Kanaria is a young adolescent. She has dark purple hair pulled back into thick bunches that are each knotted with a string at the tip, giving the appearance of scars. Kanaria also has grey eyes. She has large lips, a short nose, and a round face. She has dark brown colored skin.

Kanaria dresses in the typical Zoldyck butler outfit. She is fiercely devoted to the Zoldycks. She is initially shown as a merciless guardian who will attack trespassers without hesitation.

20) Kanzo Moji (Death Note)


Kanzo Mogi has short, spiky black hair and is a tall, lanky man. He wears a suit and tie, just like the other Task Force members, to appear professionally. Even when someone expresses an opinion with which Mogi agrees, he seldom ever speaks.

He demonstrates his talent as an actor by spontaneously switching from his typical mood to one of excitement and happiness for Misa.

Hope you all enjoyed our today’s article on the List of 20 Most Attractive Anime Characters that start with K (2022). In no time, we shall be back with more informative and interesting articles. Till then, stay safe and stay connected to this platform for any future updates.

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