List of 20 Famous Anime Characters that Start with N (2023)

We frequently stumble upon anime videos online that quickly catch our eye. But, we quickly lose interest in saving it for later due to the continuous scrolling. We search online for any anime character whose name starts with the letter we can only remember from a name’s initial letter. So, here is a list of 20 Famous Anime Characters that Start with N (2022). Men and women from anime are represented on this list. So without further ado, let us begin the article.

1) Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)


Naruto resembles his father a lot. He has blue eyes and yellow-blond, spiky hair, and he has his mother’s face and eye form. The three whisker striations on his cheeks are his defining features. It is well known that Naruto is raucous, enthusiastic, and unconventional qualities that Hashirama Senju shares.

Naruto is comparatively immature and sluggish to grasp concepts or circumstances. Naruto has a keen eye for detail and is capable of remembering information picked up in passing during conversations.

2) Neito Monoma (My Hero Academia)


On our list of 20 Most Famous Anime Characters that start with N, we have Neito, who is a young man of average height with smooth blonde hair that is parted to the right and styled so that the bangs droop over his right eye.

His hair gets shorter the further down his head it goes. Neito has a complex personality because it changes depending on who he is speaking to. He is very loud, sarcastic, and mocking.

3) Naomi Tanizaki (Bungo Stray Dogs)


Naomi is a teenage girl with dark grey eyes and black hair that is done in a side-swept hime cut. Additionally, she has a beauty mark just below her left eye.

Given her magnetic appeal in contrast to Tanizaki’s modest demeanor, she generally does not look like her brother. Young Naomi is a brave and independent girl who never backs down from getting involved in a case, especially when it pertains to the safety of her elder brother.

4) Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)


On our list of 20 Most Famous Anime Characters that start with N, we have Natsu, who is a tall, slender young guy with spiky pink hair, black eyes, and abnormally sharp fangs. His skin tone is somewhat tan.

On the right side of his neck, Natsu bears a scar. Despite his many fights with the other Fairy Tail members, Natsu has a carefree and wild nature and is a fiercely devoted and guarded buddy. Despite how pointless it may seem, he is prepared to die fighting for his buddies.

5) Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)


Nagisa is a boy with a small physique, blue hair, and blue eyes. His mother made him keep his hair that way so it extends past his shoulders. He is well recognized for his androgynous appearance, which many people frequently make fun of.

Nagisa is a cool-headed, composed, and amiable person who may be quite perceptive of his environment and the circumstances that arise around him.

6) Nadeshiko Fujisaki (Shugo Chara)


Nagihiko has amber eyes and hair that are indigo in color and dangle over his forehead. Nagihiko detangles his hair. He is dressed in the Seiyo Academy boy’s uniform and the blue Royal Cape.

He has also been spotted sporting athletic clothing. Nagihiko is a composed and level-headed individual. He will retaliate against those who make fun of him for having to act like a girl since he detests it.

7) Nezuko (Demon Slayer)


On our list of 20 Most Famous Anime Characters that start with N, we have Nezuko, who is a small child with a fair complexion, noticeable huge, protruding fangs, and sharp. She has long, wavy, black hair.

It is just below her waist and turns a flame-orange color as it crosses her elbows. Like her older brother Tanjiro, Nezuko’s original human demeanor was that of a good and compassionate girl who put others before herself.

8) Nami (One Piece)


Nami is a thin young lady with brown eyes and orange hair who is about normal height. She is generally regarded as being highly pretty or even lovely. She has a black tattoo of the mikan symbol on her left shoulder.

Her general physical development happens gradually throughout the series and drastically during the time skip. While she usually wears her hair in neat styles, occasionally, a cowlick may emerge on the top of her head.

9) Neji (Naruto)


On our list of 20 Most Famous Anime Characters that start with N, we have Neji, who has light skin and long, black hair, which is typically dark brown in anime. He possesses featureless white eyes when his Byakugan is not functioning.

A few inches above the end, he wrapped his hair back in a loose ponytail. On Hinata’s third birthday, Neji told his father that he thought she was cute. Neji was nice and frequently grinned.

10) Nanami Momozono (Kamisama Kiss)


Nanami has lower-back length dark brown hair with bangs swept to the right, light chocolate eyes, and rosy cheeks. She is a very attractive fair-skinned girl who appears to be strangely ignored by the human boys at her school, even though she manages to win the hearts and attention of every supernatural creature she encounters. Even when she is surrounded by evil people or Yokai, Nanami has a kind, compassionate, understanding, and caring heart for everyone.

11) Naoto Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers)


Naoto has black hair that is parted to the right. He typically wears a stern expression on his face that is appropriate for his role as a detective. Naoto’s expression is more innocent.

Even if it is a little shorter, his hair is essentially the same as it was in his mature years. He is also rather slender, and he is shorter than usual in height. He has a no-nonsense demeanor and rarely finds it amusing when others make comical advances, especially Takemichi.

12) Nobara (jujutsu Kaisen)


Nobara has a thin build and is a somewhat short girl. She has bangs that cover the right side of her forehead and mid-length orange hair that falls to her neck. Nobara has orange eyes, lengthy eyelashes, and matching-colored thin eyebrows.

She is a young woman with unwavering integrity who exudes confidence and bravado. Nobara is, more than anything else, adamant about staying loyal to herself.

13) Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter)


Neferpitou resembles a humanoid cat with white hair that is curly. They had yellow and white fur on their cat-like ears and tail, respectively. Their knees featured distinct joints like insect legs, and they had red eyes.

The hands of Neferpitou were slightly larger than the typical human hand. Neferpitou was incredibly devoted to the King and was willing to die for him. Neferpitou is also a terrible and dreadful person.

14) Naraku (Inuyasha)


Naraku’s true appearance is not known to anyone because he could change forms. The youthful lord Kagewaki Hitomi was then taken over by Naraku, who remained in that form for the duration of the series.

Naraku was repeatedly shown to be exceedingly cruel and cunning, using others to further his own goals and taking tremendous sadistic pleasure in shattering relationships and people’s lives, like when he misled Inuyasha and Kikyo into believing they had betrayed one another and started a battle.

15) Nanao Ise (Bleach)


Nanao has long, black hair that is typically pulled back and has flat bangs that droop to the right side of her face. Nanao is likewise dressed in a typical Shinigami costume. She wears glasses with a small oval shape and has slightly light blue eyes with a deep violet tinge.

Like other lieutenants, she is very respectful of her captain and always obediently complies with his orders. She is a very serious and pragmatic person who frequently tolerates her commander’s foolish pranks.

16) Nappa (Dragon Ball Z)


Nappa is a large, powerful man. Nappa is incredibly destructive and enjoys demolition to an extreme. When he first arrives on Earth, he asks Vegeta if he can destroy a town.

Nappa also has a very arrogant mentality because he likes to play games with his rivals. Nappa is a bit cruel, but his sadism for Goku is by far the strongest. He frequently expresses the desire to kill Goku’s friends and kids in front of him as retaliation for the treachery he committed against his own people.

17) Nunnally (Code Geass)


On our list of 20 Most Famous Anime Characters that start with N, we have Nunnally, who has both her father’s violet eyes and her father’s brown curly hair, which almost reaches her middle back.

Although she frequently has a little smile on her face and keeps her eyes closed while under Charles’ control, she always seems at peace and relaxed. Nunnally has demonstrated to be so incredibly kind, patient, and understanding.

18) Najenda (Akame Ga Kill)


Najenda is a female with short, silver-colored hair and purple eyes with an eyepatch. She is dressed in a black outfit that bares her cleavage. She is equipped with a mechanical right arm in green and black.

Her hair was long when she was younger, and she wore it knotted and braided. Najenda leads the group with a remarkably gentle-but-firm demeanor. She is reserved, astute, and level-headed.

19) Nasse (Platinum End)


Nasse is an angel with long white wings, large red eyes, and short white hair. She wore clothing that appeared to be invisible and had gold edges. She also had a halo over her head and a headband made of gold that was about eyelash level.

Nasse had a casual demeanor and was utterly focused on attaining her objectives. Nasse was willing to go to any lengths to ensure that Mirai found true happiness so that he may one day become the next God.

20) Noe Archiviste (Vanitas no Carte)


Noe, who is nineteen years old, is a tall, athletic young man. His features include dark skin, a long, angular face, tiny, violet eyes with an almond shape, and sparse eyebrows. Just past his ears, his short, white, and fluffy hair.

Noe has a strong desire to protect those who are close to him and prevent them from suffering a terrible fate similar to that which befell his childhood buddies.

Hope you all enjoyed reading our article on List of 20 Famous Anime Characters that Start with N (2022). We will be back in no time with more articles like these. Till then, stay safe and stay tuned to our platform for any further updates.

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