Top 10 Best Trinity Seven Female Characters (2023)

Trinity Seven is another fantasy treat for anime lovers who love this genre. Arata Kasuga is fighting to revive his town, which has been destroyed by the breakdown phenomenon. Trinity Seven has a series of female characters who belong in the fantasy world. Here is a list of the Top 10 Female Characters In Trinity Seven.

Top 10 Best Trinity Seven Female Characters

10) Selina Sherlock

Selina Sherlock

NameSelina Sherlock
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
AbilityLogos Art

Secret Numbers Art Magic

Asterisk Seal

Selina Sherlock is the younger sister of Lieselotte Sherlock, one of the protagonists of the novel. They both look very much alike. The only difference spotted at a quick glance is Selina’s glasses.

Selina also uses Logos Art like her sister. She can also use healing magic. Selina can stop bleeding and fasten the process of healing.

Her Grimoire is an Replicator. She can bind any object by taking a picture of it with her camera. The object is unable to perform any sort of magic while locked in her seal.

9) Mira Yamana

Mira Yamana

NameMira Yamana
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorBlonde
AbilityGehenna Scope

Hero Candidate

Mira Yamana is the head of Grimoire Security and a former Trinity Seven member. She takes her responsibility quite seriously.

Mira will do anything to stop the breakdown phenomenon. She won’t hesitate to take a life if required. This makes her appear cold and ruthless to others.

Her thema is Justitia. She has a strong sense of justice. Her magic, Gehenna Scopa, allows her to analyse the opponent’s magic. She can very well exploit an opponent’s weakness using Gehenna Scopa.

After becoming a hero, she lost her position as Trinity Seven. Instead, she is now one of the four cardinal virtues of justice.

8) Hijiri Kasuga

Hijiri Kasuga

NameHijiri Kasuga
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorLight Blue
AbilityChaotic Rune

Magic King Candidate


Hijiri Kasuga is the cousin of Arata Kasuga, the main protagonist of the series. She disappeared after the breakdown phenomenon. Later on, she appears as a mage who was keeping an eye on Arata Kasuga for the Royal Liber Academy.

Hijiri is a playful girl who cares deeply for the people around her. Even when she was spying on Akata, she was concerned for his well-being. But she can be very cruel in order to accomplish her mission.

Hijiri is a powerful mage with the themas of Ruina, Partum, and Analysis. Her magic, Chaotic Rune, gives her very strong offensive and defensive powers.

7) Akio Fudo

Akio Fudo

NameAkio Fudo
Eye ColorCoffee
Hair ColorBlack
AbilityMantra Enchant

Hungry Mode

Akio Fudo considered Arata to be her enemy. But later, she warmed up to him. One of the Seven Trinity, she holds the third seat of grimoire security.

Akio is a cheerful and confident girl. She is accepting of others and easy to get along with. Akio is rarely shown to be serious. She even enjoys her battles.

Her Thema is fides. Akio uses the Mantra Enchant school of magic. Mantra Enchant allows her to enhance the power of her kicks. She can kill someone or annihilate towns with just one kick. Akio can even heal wounds using Mantra Enchant.

6) Yui Kurata

Yui Kurata

NameYui Kurata
Eye ColorYellow
Hair ColorWhite
AbilityArc Symphony

Cardinal Class Mage

Yui Karata was sealed in a dungeon. She was freed by Arata Kasuga. Yui became a close friend of Arata from then on. She is a cardinal-level mage. Yui is second only to Biblia’s headmaster as a cardinal mage.

Yui has a childish personality. She is joyful and very expressive about her emotions. Yui is one of the strongest mages in the Biblia Academy. Her Thema is Amicitia. Yui can create a dream world using her magic, Arc Symphony.

In her dream world, she can use her powers without any worry. But if she gets upset, she can affect the real world. Yui, if left unrestrained, is powerful enough to create a breakdown phenomenon. Thus, she was sealed off when she was in her dream state.

5) Levi Kazama

Levi Kazama

NameLevi Kazama
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorBrown
AbilityShamanic Spell

Ninja Arts

Ninja Techniques

Levi Kazama admits to being the third or fourth strongest mage. She is one of the top mage fighters. Levi is confident and cheerful. She declares herself to be a ninja and shows tricks to prove it.

Levi names her techniques ninja techniques, not magic techniques. Her Thema’s are Expectatio and Spero. She uses Shamanic Spell magic to create illusions. Her physical abilities, which she calls ninjutsu, are also quite strong. She has high endurance as well.

4) IIias Fragment

IIias Fragment

NameIIias Fragment
Eye ColorPinkish-Purpulish
Hair ColorGreen

Magical Barriers





IIias Fragment is a grimoire on the list of Female Characters In Trinity Seven. She formerly served as a grimoire for Hijiri Kasuga. After Hijiri left Trinity Seven, IIlas is now with Arata Kasuga.

She is aware of her position as a subordinate. IIas acts modestly and politely with others. IIias is innocent and easily embarrassed. She is very loyal to her master. IIlas can go to any lengths to complete her master’s orders.

She considers herself to be a tool. This makes her neglect emotions when carrying out an order. She is a legendary grimoire and has a number of capabilities as a weapon.

3) Arin Kannazuki

Arin Kannazuki

NameArin Kannazuki
Eye ColorYellow
Hair ColorLight Blue
AbilityPriestess of Yggdrassil

Arin Kannazuki’s appearance is strikingly similar to Hijiri Kasuga’s. Arata mistakes her for Hijiri when he first meets her. She is completely different from Hijiri in terms of personality.

Arin mostly has a stoic and blank expression on her face. She is blunt and never reacts like other people. Arin lacks common sense and thus is scolded by many for failing to act properly.

Both Arin and Hijiri are the priestesses of Yggdrasil. Arin’s Thema is Ruina. She can use Chaotic Rune as well.

2) Lilith Asami

Lilith Asami

NameLilith Asami
Eye ColorCyan
Hair ColorRed
AbilityOuter Alchemy

Layer Alchemy

Lilith Asami, or Lilith Azazel, is a teacher at Biblia Academy. She was the one who discovered Arata Kasuga as the Demon Lord candidate. She is young but quite mature as well. Lilith thinks logically before acting.

She can be looked to for guidance and support. Her Thema’s are Abies, Fall, and Vanitas. She uses the Alchemic form of magic. Lilith can create objects or weapons using Outer Alchemy. So far, she has been shown to create guns.

1) Lieselotte Sherlock

Lieselotte Sherlock

NameLieselotte Sherlock
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorBlonde
AbilityLogos Art

Magic King Candidate

Close Combat

Steal Powers

Lieselotte Sherlock is the older sister of Selina Sherlock. She is cheerful, just like her younger sister. Lieselotte has a more developed figure and feminine charms than her sister. She is a very capable mage.

Lieselotte can keep her composure even in battle. She uses the Logos Art form of magic. Her Thema is Stagna. She is a magic king candidate. Lieselotte can steal magical powers from other mages.

If you are into the fantasy anime genre with different fantasy characters and magical powers, you will definitely like Trinity Seven.

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