15 Hottest Dark Anime Girls Full Of Madness (2023)

Female characters in anime series are often shown to be wide-eyed, delicate beings, or sturdy tomboys. But Dark Anime Girls are becoming a common feature in many of them. Here is a list of the hottest and craziest anime girls who are rotten to the core. Here, dark means nature; in short anime girls with the evilest nature.

15 Hottest Dark Anime Girls Full Of Madness

1) Daki


Japanese Name堕姫
AnimeDemon Slayer
Eye ColorLime Green (Demon)

Green (Oiran)

Lapis Blue (Human)

Hair ColorSilver to Lime Green (Demon)

Black (Oiran)

Silver (Human)


Daki debuted in Kimetsu No Yaiba, or Demon Slayer, in the Entertainment District arc. She and her brother Gyutaro are among the twelve moons created by Muzan Kibutsuji.

They both make the Upper Moon Six. Daki lives in the entertainment district disguised as an Oiran.

Daki is a sadistic and arrogant demon. She takes pride in being an upper moon. Even when disguised as an Oiran, she treated her assistants with cruelty.

Daki loves to play with her prey before eating them. She can absorb humans in her clothes and toy with them.

Daki even boasts about the number of demon slayers she has devoured. Her personality is nothing like her beautiful face.

2) Yorozu


Japanese NameYorozu
AnimeJujutsu Kaisen
BirthdayNot Applicable
Eye ColorNot Applicable
Hair ColorNot Applicable
ZodiacNot Applicable

Yorozu is a thousand-year-old demon brought to life in the culling game. She is clever and ruthless.

Yorozu takes over Megumi Fushiguro’s sister Tsumiki’s body. She lies in wait for Megumi to transfer his points to her.

Yorozu then uses the points to change the culling game rules in her favour. She is a nemesis of Sukuna. Yorozu has waited patiently all these years to settle scores with him.

Sukuna succeeded in taking over Megumi’s body because of Yorozu. She challenges Sukuna to a fight and flees the scene.

3) Eida


Japanese Nameエイダ
BirthdayNot Applicable
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlue with Pink Strips
ZodiacNot Applicable

Eida is perhaps one of the most innocent-looking characters on the list of Dark Anime Girls. She is not a human. Eida is among the many humanoids created by Yamado.

Even Jigen feared her powers. So he ordered Eida to be disposed of. But it was Eida’s power that prevented it from happening. Her charm is her ultimate power.

She can entice anyone around her, leaving them unable to harm her. Eida can even change reality. She can use resonance. Eida switched the identities of Boruto and Kawaki.

She is utterly selfish and can betray anyone easily. Eida betrayed Kara for Kawaki. She is obsessed with Kawaki and is ready to go to any lengths for him.

4) Kaguya Otsutsuki


Japanese Name大筒木カグヤ
Anime Naruto
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorLight Blue

Kaguya Otsutsuki is one of the first Otsutsuki who arrived on Earth. She is obsessed with power. Kagua arrived on Earth as the companion of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Her rank was lower than Isshiki’s.

Thus, she was to be a sacrifice to cultivate the God Tree. However, Kaguya wanted the fruit for herself.

She betrayed Isshiki and ate the fruit herself. People started to worship her as the rabbit goddess.

She ruled as a cruel leader. Kaguya’s children were born with her powers. She became jealous of them and tried to kill them. Her children were able to seal her off.

She revived again in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Kaguya lost the battle with Naruto.

5) The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen

Japanese Name魔女の女王
AnimeBlack Clover
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorPink

The witch queen will surely have a place on the list of Dark Anime Girls. She is the queen of the Witches’ forest.

She is cruel and deceitful. The witch queen wants everything around her to be perfect.

Her most hated species are men. She is self-centered and helps no one if she does not expect any benefit from it.

The witch Queen can foresee fortune. This enables her to manipulate her surroundings and the people around her for personal gain.

6) Reiko Tamura

Reiko Tamura

Japanese Name田村 玲子 – 田宮 良子
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorLavender

Reiko Tamura is one of the Dark Anime Girls who underwent a great change. She is one of the main characters in Parasyte. Reiko Tamura is a parasyte.

She disguised herself as a high school teacher. Reiko has a scientific brain and is highly logical.

At the beginning of her story, she is shown to be as devoid of all human emotions as other parasites.

For her, humans are just subjects for the experiment. She was determined to find the origin of her species and the purpose for their existence.

However, after giving birth, she started to become human. She even sacrificed her life to save her son.

7) Isabella


Japanese Nameイザベラ
AnimeThe Promised Neverland
BirthdaySeptember 9
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Talking about mothers, the list of Dark Anime Girls cannot leave out Isabella. She was like a godmother to the orphans of The Gracefield House.

The children even called her Mama. However, the ever-loving and caring Mama was not a fairy godmother but a devil.

The orphans in the orphanage were being raised as fodder to feed the demons who lived outside the high walls of the orphanage.

Isabella decided which student was to be fed to them. She was a butcher in disguise as a mother.

8) Raynare


Japanese Nameレイナーレ
AnimeHigh School DxD
Eye ColorViolet
Hair ColorBlack

A fallen angel is equal to a devil. Raynare is one such fallen angel. She is the first antagonist in High School DxD.

She is very deceptive by nature. Raynare pretends to be cute and delicate to blend in as a high school girl. However, she is cruel and barbaric.

She mocked Issei as a weakling. Raynare looks down on other fallen angels as well. She does not seek permission from her superiors before acting out.

9) Jessie


Japanese Nameムサシ
BirthdayFebruary 5
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorMagenta

Jessie may not exactly be termed a devil. However, her actions make her one of the primary antagonists of the series. She is a member of Team Rocket.

She, along with James and Meowth, is on a constant search for money. Jessie is rude and can be seen bossing people around. Team Rocket is greedy for money.

They try to capture Pokemon to sell them to Team Rocket Labs for experiments. Jessie has tried to steal Pokemon from Ash, especially Pikachu.

10) Ougi Oshino

Ougi Oshino

Japanese Name忍野 扇
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Ougi Oshino is hard to define. She is a demon created out of imagination. Ougi is the manifestation of Koyomi Araragi’s self-hatred. She harbours his collective guilt and the lies he has told himself.

Thus, Ougi’s task is to punish liars. However, she goes overboard with her punishments.

Ougi is a mysterious and quiet being. Her actions often go unnoticed by others.

She often appears at the end of a tragic event. This draws suspicion towards her, but no one can directly blame her.

11) Malty S Melromac

Malty S Melromac

Japanese Nameマルティ=S=メルロマルク
AnimeRising Of The Shield Hero
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorRed

Malty S. Melromarc is given the nickname Bitch in the series The Rising of Shield Hero. She is a psychopath and a megalomaniac. She lied about Naofumi Iwatani sexually assaulting her.

Her lies were later exposed. The Royal family disowned her after the incident. Malty lost the title of the first princess of Melromarc.

However, this did not have any effect on her personality. She committed further crimes and became a wanted criminal.

12) Eto Yoshimura

Eto Yoshimura

Japanese Name芳村 愛支 (エト)
AnimeTokyo Ghoul
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorGrey

Eto Yoshimura is perhaps the most sadistic person on this list. She is a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid. Eto has no problem killing humans or ghouls. She enjoys others suffering.

Eto has a strong sense of intuition. Eto exploits this ability of hers to the full.

Her human personality is quite different from her actual one. As a human, she is playful and lazy. This makes it easier for her to deceive people.

13) Balalaika 


Japanese Nameバラライカ


AnimeBlack Lagoon
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde

Balalaika, or Sofiya Pavlovna Irinovskaya, is a hardened war criminal. She fought for the USSR in Afghanistan. Balalaika is the boss of Hotel Moscow’s Thai branch.

She is pragmatic and cruel. Balalaika will use every underhanded means to get what she wants.

14) Lust


Japanese Nameラスト
AnimeFull Metal Alchemist
Eye ColorMauve
Hair ColorBlack

Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist is a portrayal of Father’s Lust. She serves as an object of lust that feeds others’ desires. Unlike her name, She did not possess any such quality.

She often tortures her opponents in combat. However, she is well aware of her charm. She uses her seduction to lure people into her trap.

15) Echidna 


Japanese Nameエキドナ
AnimeRe: Zero
Eye ColorBlack(Iris)


Hair ColorWhite

Echidna is the Witch of Greed in Re: Zero. Her greed is for knowledge. Echidna’s curiosity to know everything makes her do cruel things.

She is a sociopath and lacks an understanding of human emotions. Her heart is described as being black.