Yorozu in Jujutsu Kaisen: Identity, Cursed Energy & Techniques Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen has entered its fourteenth story arc. The current arc starts with Maki finishing off her family. This arc shows the rise of many characters, and the one at the peak is Sukuna in Megumi’s body.

Sukuna has completely taken over Megumi after the Blood Bath and now easily using his cursed techniques.

Now the only obstacle left is Megumi’s sister, Tsumiki, who has become the vessel for Yorozu, a new demon. In this post, we will discuss every detail regarding Yorozu and her cursed energy.

Who is Yorozu in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Who Is Yorozu

Megumi Fushiguro joined the culling game in order to free his half-sister, Tsumiki Fushiguro. He collected the required points needed to change the rules of the game. Megumi was elated to be reunited with his sister. But his plans to free his sister were shattered within minutes.

Instead of using the points to free herself, she added another rule. She added a rule that allowed all players to travel freely between the colonies.

This shocks Megumi. Soon after, Tsumiki starts to laugh like a madman. When Megumi tries to confront her, she grows insect-like wings and escapes.

Megumi realizes that this person is not Tsukimi. Tsukimi’s body has been taken over by a demon named Yorozu. Yorozu is a thousand-year-old demon. Her only intention is to fight Sukuna.

Megumi is hurt and deeply upset. Sukuna uses this opportunity to his advantage. He takes over Yuji Itadori’s conscience. Sukuna then feeds Megumi a cursed finger and takes over his body. He had been waiting for such an opportunity for a long time.

Sukuna was impressed by Megumi’s Ten Shadows technique. He was waiting for a moment when Megumi was at his lowest. Thanks to Yoruzu, he got this opportunity.

Yorozu has a love-hate relationship with Sukuna. She claims to be in love with him. Yorozu declares that she wants to kill him, and if anyone can kill her, it should be Sukuna. When Sukuna says he would do anything if he is defeated, she asks for marriage.

Yorozu is not someone with a conscience. She is not fighting Sukuna for love. Yorozu just wants to settle scores with Sukuna. She says that as a part of their wedding festivities, she will destroy three villages and hang skulls of dead men from trees.

Yorozu (Jujutsu Kaisen): Cursed Energy

Yorozu cursed energy
Yorozu’s Cursed Energy

Yorozu is a thousand-year-old demon. She existed when Sukuna was in his prime. Yorozu is in love with Sukuna, who is also her rival.

Sukuna is a megalomaniac and considers himself to be the most powerful. If Sukuna recognizes someone as his rival, that demon must have extraordinary strength.

All the other demons, including Kenjaku and Mahito, are scared of him. Even the Jujutsu Kaisen elders want to stop him from reincarnating. But Yorozu openly challenges Sukuna to a fight. She is even confident enough that she can take him down.

Bored from her rattling about her wedding plans, Sukuna uses the Ten Shadow Technique. He summons the Divine Dogs. Yorozu reveals her cursed technique, Construction. She is able to defeat the dogs by using her cursed technique.

Yorozu questions Sukuna about why he is not using his Domain Expansion. Sukuna replies that he wishes to use Megumi’s cursed techniques. Since Yorozu is in Tsukimi’s body, this will completely break Megumi. Then Sukuna can take full control of his body.

In the previous chapter, we were able to see that Sukuna was not able to attack Yuji with full energy. This was because Megumi was resisting him from within.

Sukuna wants to push Megumi into the deepest abyss, from which he can never return. And what better way to do so than by killing Megumi’s sister with Megumi’s cursed techniques?

Yorozu is angered by it. She feels that Sukuna is underestimating her power  Yorozu berates Sukuna for believing that he can defeat her without using The Malevolent Shrine domain expansion. She is angered and unleashes her cursed technique, Construction.

Whereas Sukuna takes out the most powerful arsenal in Megumi’s Ten Shadow techniques. He prepares to summon General Mahoraga.

Sukuna is forced to summon General Mahoraga at the beginning of their fight. This proves that Yoruzu is not someone who can be taken lightly.

Cursed Techniques & Abilities:

Yorozu cursed technique
Yorozu’s Cursed Techniques & Abilities

Yorozu is as powerful as Sukuna. Thus, he might have many cursed techniques up his sleeve. But until now, Yorozu cursed techniques that are revealed are dangerous enough.

  • Insect Wings

Yorozu can form insect-like wings. This helps her avoid a confrontation with Megumi and Yuji. She did not leave because she was scared of them. But Yorozu, after reviving after so many years, wanted to have a fight only with Sukuna.

  • Construction/Architecture

Yorozu cursed technique is Construction Technique. This cursed technique gives the ability to create an object from nothing. She can construct objects with the mere thought of it. Yorozu has constructed so many things in the past that now she has mastered liquid metal.

This liquid metal can bend and take any form. But it maintains its strength and inherent properties. When Sukuna used Megumi’s Divine Dogs on her, Yorozu used the same technique to defeat them.

The only other person in Jujutsu Kaisen who has been able to use the technique is Mai Zenin. But she was far inferior to Yorozu. She could create bullets using the construction technique.

But because of her low, cursed energy, her limit was one bullet a day. Even one bullet would drain her completely. When pushed to the brink of death by their own father, she created a sword at the expense of her life to help Maki.

Yorozu’s powers have no such limit. She can create any number of objects using semi-autonomous control of her cursed energy. When angered by Sukuna for not using his powers, she gathers the liquid metal around her and creates an armor of flesh.

This armor diverts and specializes in numerous biological functions. Sukuna, on seeing her new form, prepares to summon General Mahoraga.

Yorozu vs Sukuna: Explain

Yorozu vs Sukuna
Yorozu vs Sukuna

Yorozu has waited for years to fight Sukuna. She sure has prepared well for this day. Yorozu will go all out to defeat Sukuna. Sukuna, however, has refused to use his cursed techniques because he wants to break Megumi’s soul.

Yorozu creates her flesh armor using her cursed technique, Construction. Sukuna is summoning General Mahoraga. Chapter 217 ends here.

In the upcoming chapters, we will see Sukuna fight in Megumi’s body, which he is finally able to capture. The upcoming fight between the two is sure to be thrilling.

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