Kenjaku vs Gojo: How Powerful is Kenjaku in Jujutsu Kaisen (2023)

Jujutsu Kaisen manga has a range of characters that keep us hooked to the series. Kenjaku and Gojo Satoru are among the most popular characters in the series. Both of them are important to the series and have their own independent storylines.

Kenjaku and Gojo Satoru are in opposite camps, one being a Jujutsu sorcerer and the other a curse user. They both are immensely powerful, and we are yet to see a face-off between them.

This brings us to the question of Whenever the Kenjaku vs Gojo Satoru match takes place, who will win?

Gojo Satoru is the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer in the current era. The Jujutsu Kaisen manga mentions this fact several times. He is seen dealing with cures a lot of times but has not one’s pushed to the edge. This implies that we have yet to see his full power.

Kenjaku is seen growing as the series progresses. But when it comes down to Kenjaku vs Gojo Satoru, it will be fierce and tough for both of them. However, Gojo Satoru will ultimately sweep the floor with victory. Let’s explore the reasons and possibilities in more detail.

Who Is Kenjaku In Jujutsu Kaisen?


Kenjaku is one of the main villains in the manga. He is an ancient sorcerer more than a thousand years old. Kenjaku is a curse user and wants to evolve humanity using the cursed technique.

He wants to bring back the golden age of Jujutsu, like in the Heian Era. Kenjaku is mostly shown as a relaxed and calm individual.

 He is ready to collaborate with anyone who can help him achieve his goal. Kenjaku works with cursed spirits. However, he was annoyed when they started behaving as his equals.

When Mahito was defeated in Shibuya, he absorbed him to gain his Idle Transfiguration Innate technique. Kenjaku invited the American military to interfere with the culling game and capture Jujutsu sorcerers.

Kenjaku’s Cursed Energy

Kenjaku’s cursed energy happens to be the anti-gravity system. He acquired this technique from Kaori Itadori. Kenjaku can negate gravity around him.

This allows him to repel attacks made against him. However, Kenjaku primarily uses Curse Technique Reversal, which allows him to increase the gravitational pull around him.

The reversed technique makes movement around him difficult. Kenjaku defeated Yuki because of this very technique.


  • Kenjaku can use cursed energy to transplant his brain into other human beings and live on in their bodies. This is how he has survived as a human for so long.

He took on the body of Hajime Kashimo and made binding vows with him four hundred years ago. A hundred and fifty years ago, he was residing in the body of Naritoshi Kamo, known as the evilest sorcerer of all time.

Kenjaku transplanted his brain into Kaori Itadori and later gave birth to Yuji Itadori for an unknown purpose. He currently resides in the body of Suguru Geto, a former partner of Gojo Satoru.

  • Kenjaku possesses an immense amount of cursed energy. He is confident that he can take on all the cursed spirits in his group. Kenjaku can even take on many sorcerers at once.
  • After taking over Suguru Geto’s body, Kenjaku can use Cursed Spirit Manipulation. Hence he can summon and use naturally formed cursed spirits in any fashion he wishes. He acquired a cursed spirit called Small Pox Deity, a very powerful special-grade cursed spirit that can cast its domain expansion.
  • Kenjaku can combine a number of curse manipulation techniques and make one strong attack on the opponent. The cursed technique is called Maximum Uzumaki.
  • After taking over the body of Kaori Itadori, Kenjaku gains the cursed technique of the anti-gravity system, which allows him to intensify the gravitational pull around him.
  • Kenjaku absorbs Mahito when Mahito is rendered weak after a fight with Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo. He gains the innate ability of idle transformation. He can reshape his soul and others as well.
  • Kenjaku’s domain expansion, Womb Profusion, is similar to Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine. His domain has no outer barrier. It takes the form of a giant pillar that is formed by cursed spirits.
  • Kenjaku holds the frontal gate of the Prison Realm. It is a cursed object that keeps anything away. The Prison Realm is where Gojo Satoru is sealed in Shibuya Arc.
  • Kenjaku is in possession of commission curtains. These cursed objects are capable of creating boundaries under specified conditions.

Who Is Satoru Gojo In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Gojo Satoru
Gojo Satoru

Satoru Gojo is a special-grade Jujutsu sorcerer and a teacher at Jujutsu Prefectural Jujutsu High School.

The strongest Jujutsu sorcerer in the current era, he is the first person in the Gojo family to have inherited both the innate techniques of Six Eyes and Limitless. Because of his power, the Gojo family sits at the top of the powerful Jujutsu families’ hierarchy.

Gojo is arrogant and nonchalant. He is extremely confident in his abilities and considers himself to be the best, which he is. Gojo shows little respect for elders and the rules of the Jujutsu Kaisen set up by them. He dreams of creating a new world of Jujutsu through his students, who will be his equals.


  • Gojo Satoru possesses an immense amount of cursed energy. He can use his domain expansion multiple times a day. Most sorcerers can use their domain expansion only once, ifthey can use a domain at all.
  • Gojo has inherited the technique of Limitless. The user of Limitless gains absolute control over his space at an atomic level through cursed energy manipulation.
  • Six eyes help in better use of Limitless and other cursed techniques. Six eyes reduce the amount of cursed energy used to activate a technique to a minimum. This gives Gojo Satoru an edge when in a battle, as he will never run out of cursed energy.
  • Gojo, like Kenjaku, can use reversed curse energy to heal himself. However, he cannot heal others like Sukuna. But he can reverse the effect of an existing cursed technique, thus making up for his shortfall.
  • The Black Flash creates a more potent and effective attack with power 2.5 times greater than a normal hit. Gojo taught this technique to Yuji Itadori.
  • Infinity is another innate ability of Gojo Satoru. It is the neutral form of limitless. As an infinite number of fractions exist between two numbers, there is an infinity between two people, which can be manipulated by Gojo Satoru. On the basis of mass, speed, and danger, he can decide what will touch him and what will not. The opponent will never touch him because of the infinity that exists between them.
  • Gojo can create a vacuum by amplifying limitless and negative energy, forcing the world to correct itself. He can force all the matter in a given area to pull together using Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue.
  • Cursed technique reversal: Red has the opposite effect to Cursed energy lapse: Blue. Here he creates an extremely powerful repulsive force, pushing back all the matter in a given space.
  • Gojo can combine both blue and red, creating the Hollow Technique: Purple. He creates a long-range beam focused on a singular path that erases everything that lies in its path.
  • The Unlimited Void is Gojo’s domain expansion technique. It creates another dimension in which the opponent is bombarded with all sorts of stimuli and information, thus restricting their thoughts and movements.
  • Gojo can create curtains or barriers that can restrict certain people’s movement.

Kenjaku vs Gojo: Power Level Comparison

Kenjaku vs Gojo
Kenjaku vs Gojo

A fight between Kenkaju and the Alliance is imminent in the near future. As soon as the prison realm is broken, Gojo Satoru is sure to hunt down Kenjaku for revenge.

Kenjaku seems to have the upper hand over Jujutsu sorcerers as of now. At the beginning of the manga, Kenjaku himself admits that he is not strong enough to face Gojo Satoru head-on.

He was only able to trap Gojo in Shibuya because of his current body. Kenjaku currently occupies the body of Suguru Geto, a former friend of Gojo who went rogue and was killed by Gojo himself.

As Kenjajku grows in power, he might be able to give Gojo a hard time. He possesses a lot of cursed energy and techniques, with which he is able to defeat Tengen, Yuki, and Choso. He can match Gojo’s cursed energy levels, and we are yet to see him grow to his full potential and reveal all of his cards.

But in the end, Gojo is the one who will appear victorious.

1) Based On Strength And Hand-To-Hand Combat

Both Kenjaku and Gojo Satoru are masters in hand-to-hand combat. Kenjaku has amassed great fighting skills due to his thousand years of experience.

He was able to defeat Choso in a pure battle of fists. Gojo is no less in this matter. He is an awesome martial artist and was able to overpower both Jogo and Hanami in close combat and bring them to their knees. On a Hand, to Hand Kenjaku vs Gojo might see a draw.

2) Based On Cursed Techniques

Kenjaku and Gojo have a number of cursed techniques in their books. They have insurmountable amounts of cursed energy, to begin with.

But because he has six eyes, Gojo can preserve his energy levels for a long time. Thus, in a fight, he will never run out of cursed energy. Kenjaku can summon cursed spirits and unleash them on Gojo, but it will in turn, drain him of cursed energy.

Kenjaku can use cursed spirit manipulation to change the form of cursed spirits and even manipulate Gojo’s soul, but for that, he will need to touch him, which is not possible because of Gojo’s infinity.

Another Ace with Kenjaku is the Maximum Uzumaki, by which he can combine various cursed techniques to create a strong attack. He might be able to create a formidable attack, but Gojo’s Hollow Technique seems strong enough to counter it. Gojo Satoru wins this match.

3) Based On Domain Expansion

Kenjaku’s domain, Womb Profusion, is without an outer barrier. It can absorb the power of the opponents trapped within it. Gojo’s domain, Unlimited Void, has an outer barrier that renders the opponent trapped in it incapable of thinking or making any movement.

When there is a fight between two domains, the one who is able to overpower the other domain wins the match. Gojo has enough cursed energy to cast his domain multiple times in a day, which many sorcerers are unable to do.

It is unknown how many times Kenjaku can cast his spell. But Gojo can for sure hold his domain for long enough. It is difficult to say who will appear as a winner. Kenjaku vs Gojo might just tie up in this round.

4) Based On Speed, Durability, And Reflexes

Both Kenjaku and Gojo can use the reverse curse technique to heal themselves, making them able to last longer in a fight. Gojo can move at speeds faster than human eyes can perceive.

He can dispose of a thousand disfigured humans within minutes. Kenjaku has great reflexes, as he was able to tackle Choso’s blood attacks. Kenjaku vs. Gojo may end up a draw based on speed, durability, and reflexes.

How Powerful Is Kenjaku In Jujutsu Kaisen?

How powerful is Kenjaku

Kenjaku is the second-most powerful antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen, next only to Sukuna. He takes on Choso and is able to combat his piercing blood technique, the same with which he overpowered Yuji Itadori.

Kenjaku is able to corner Choso easily. He even fights Yuki Tsukomo and is able to see through her Star Rage technique. Yuki’s Star Rage gave her virtual mass, with which she could crush objects with just a touch.

Kenjaku saw through her technique and used her lack of speed against her. He has immense tactical experience and intellect and thus was able to see through Master Tengen’s plan clearly.

Master Tengen wanted Kenjaku to activate his domain so that he could trap him within his barrier. But Kenjaku’s domain had no outer barrier, rendering their plan unsuccessful. Kenjaku broke through the Tombs of the Stars barrier and captured Master Tengen.

Kenjaku is not yet at his maximum potential. Gojo Satoru is sealed in the Prison Realm. Whenever the future they come to face, it will be a thrilling ride for the readers.

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