Blue Lock Rensuke Kunigami: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rensuke Kunigami in Blue Lock

Football is a game of passion. The Blue Lock has been able to capture the very same passion effectively through its various characters. The Japanese sports manga has captured the hearts of football lovers all across the world. The drawings of matches can hold our attention as well as a live match on television.

The physical nature of the game requires the players to have stamina and physical strength. Blue Lock Rensuke Kunigami is in possession of this advantage. He made a wild card entry in Blue Lock after being eliminated in second selections, and now holds the rank of #5.

Let’s get to know Blue Lock Rensuke Kunigami more closely.

Who is Rensuke Kunigami in Blue Lock?

Rensuke Kunigami Introduction

Japanese NameKunigami Rensuke(國神 錬介)










Clinical Finisher

Finesse Shot

Superior Physicality


Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorAuburn

Voice Actor

Yuuki Ono (Japanese)


Alex Hom (English)

BirthdayMarch 11

Blue Lock Rensuke Kunigami hails from the Japanese town of Akita (Autumn Field). His hometown is perhaps the inspiration behind his spiky orange hair. He is a tall guy with muscular width and broad shoulders.

Rensuke earned the nickname “Muscular Kunigami” or “Muscular Hero.” He has auburn eyes with a flat chin. Rensuke is the middle child in a family that includes an elder and a younger sister.

His main weapon on the field is his ability to shoot strong kicks using his left foot. Rensuke is a clinical finisher; that is, he can shoot strong kicks with high accuracy. His strong, muscular build makes him a strong contender to tackle.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rensuke Kunigami in Blue Lock

1) Rensuke’s Favorite Players are Strong Like Him

Didier Drogba, and Olivier Groud are the players who inspire Rensuke Kunigami. He started playing soccer when he was only six years old. Kunigami reveres them for their strong physiques and calm demeanor.

2) Physical Education is his Favorite Subject

Physical Education

Rensuke Kunigami’s favorite subject is physical education. It’s no surprise, given his love for football. He is very serious about his game and training schedule. Even when on vacation, he does not laze around. Rensuke likes to spend his vacation exercising and running around the beach.

3) Hates Modern Japanese And Classics

Modern Japanes

Rensuke is not the type to appreciate or understand art and literature. He is not able to comprehend the need to study the classics. Rensuke sure is not someone who likes to weave imaginations and create fantasies. He would rather be training his body on the field.

4) Different Teams Rensuke Kunigami Played For


Rensuke arrived in Blue Lock as a member of team Z. He also played on the Red Team alongside Rin Itoshi, Meguru Bachira, Reo Mikage, Hyoma Chigiri, and Shoei Baro before being eliminated.

He currently plays for Munchen Bastard, a professional team in the German league. Munchen Bastard is one of the best teams in Europe and has the best players on board with them.

5) Rensuke Kunigami likes Fair Play

Fair Play

Rensuke has a strong sense of fair play. He takes care of other contestants, and despite his strong physique, he is not seen bossing others around like Ryusei Shidou. But his defeat in the second selection round makes him question his moral principles.

After his match with Ryusei Shidou, he is forced to rethink his morals about fair play. He is no match for Ryusei’s aggressive and instinctive style of gameplay, which leads to his elimination.

On his return to The Blue Lock as a wild card in the Neo-Egoist League, he shows a stark change in his personality. He now thrives on maintaining his dominance on the field. He is now a highly egoistic person, just like Jinpachi wants.

6) Rensuke’s Favorite Film is E.T. The Extraterrestrial

Rensuke Kunigami in Blue Lock Fact

ET. The Extraterrestrial is Rensuke’s favorite movie. The movie is about a lonely alien who is left behind. He is protected by a young human named Elliot.

Their friendship and separation make up an emotional plot that reveals a soft side of Rensuke. He admits that the last time he cried was when he watched the movie.

7) Rensuke Is A Pisces

Zodiac sign

Rensuke’s birthday is in the month of March, which makes him a Pisces. Pisces are known to be caring and empathetic toward others. This explains Rensuke’s strong moral principles and propensity to protect others.

Rensuke always has a serious expression on his face. He is usually rational in his manner but can be very stubborn at times. Rensuke values fair play and even protects other contestants against wrongdoings like a big brother.

8) Rensuke Likes Simple Wakame Soup

Wakame Soup

Kunigami’s favorite food is wakame soup, or dried seaweed soup. The soup tastes a bit salty with a chewy texture and is usually served with a side dish. The soup may represent the strict discipline Kunigami imposes on himself and never breaks.

9) Rensuke cannot handle compliments and unfriendliness

Rensuke Kunigami in Blue Lock Fact

Rensuke is introduced as a coolheaded person trying to resolve a petty squabble between Bachira and Igarashi. But when he is teased by Bachira, he loses his cool in an instant and becomes violent.

Kunigami is a hot-headed young man who can be easily agitated. He is not fond of violence, and football is the language he uses to teach a lesson. He cannot handle compliments well and gets easily embarrassed.

10) The Strong Polar Bear is Rensuke’s Favorite Animal

Polar Bear

Blue Lock Rensuke Kunigami’s favorite animal is the polar bear. A polar bear has a big, muscular build and immense strength. It also survives in a very harsh climate, a similar situation to what Rensuke is facing in The Blue Lock.

Rensuke has returned as a new character and is giving a hard time to other contestants in The Blue Lock. He is more determined than ever to achieve his dream.

Rensuke dreams of being a hero in the world of football. He is determined to make the most of his newfound opportunity. He even developed ambidexterity and is able to shoot powerful kicks with both his legs. The coming chapters will tell whether how long he survives in The Blue Lock.

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