Meguru Bachira (Blue Lock): 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Meguru Bachira

Here, we will talk about Meguru Bachira from Blue Lock. Blue Lock Manga has successfully created a stream of characters that keep the readers hooked. Every young player in The Blue Lock Project is fighting for their dream.

The players have a do-or-die situation in front of them. Either they make it to the top, or they say goodbye to their ambition of representing Japan in the U20 World Cup.

Players from all over the country are a part of The Blue Lock Project. Meguru Bachira in Blue Lock is one of the many players participating in the Blue Lock Project. For Meguru, nothing is more fun than running in the field and kicking the ball. Let’s get to know more about Meguru Bachiri.

Who is Meguru Bachira in Blue Lock?

Meguru Bachira Blue Lock

Japanese NameBachira Meguru 蜂楽 廻






Key Passing

Flow State


Hair ColorBlack and Yellow
Eye ColorYellow

Voice Actor

Tasuku Kaito(Japanese)

Drew Breedlove(English)

BirthdayAugust 8

Blue Lock Meguru Bachira is a tall, young teenager with a slim body. He has an oval face and bob-cut hair. His hairstyle becomes his nickname in the series.

He has black hair with golden yellow under lights, reaching up to his chin. Meguru has a constant smile on his face, reflecting his energetic and happy self.

Meguru Bachira plays a supporting character in Blue Lock. But he is no sidekick to the main characters, Isagi Youchi and Rin Itoshi. He has a vibrant storyline and a bright personality.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Meguru Bachira in Blue Lock

Blue Lock Meguru Bachira is an interesting and well-loved character. Here are some facts about him that you might have skipped in the manga:

1) Meguru Bachira’s Sluggish Nature

Sluggish Nature

Though energetic most of the time, he tends to fall asleep at unusual hours. During the first elimination of Blue Lock, he is shown sleeping on the floor. Meguru falls asleep during team meetings and even during mealtimes.

Bachira can be seen sleeping or being sluggish most of the time. He even skips early football morning practice in The Blue Lock. His bob-cut hair and large eyes make him appear lethargic.

His lethargy, however, vanishes when he is on the football field. He is full of energy when he is not slacking off.

2) Meguru Is As Sociable As The Sun

Meguru and Kunigami

Blue Lock Meguru Bachira is sociable. He can talk to people easily, despite his strange personality. Meguru easily befriends Isagi, Chigiri, Kunigami, and Kuan.

He is even able to get along with the likes of Shoei Baro and Rin Itoshi, who look down upon others and show no respect to anyone.

3) Different Teams Meguru Bachira Has Played for

Different Teams

Meguru was a mainstay at Namikaze High School before joining the Blue Lock Project. In Blue Lock, he survived the many selections and joined several teams, such as Team A, Team Z, and Team White, and eventually joined FC Barcelona.

Meguru becomes a valuable member of the team because of his excellent dribbling and passing skills.

4) The Best Dribbler In Blue Lock 

Meguru Best Dribbler

Meguru is the best dribbler in Blue Lock. He can successfully read opposing teams’ defense and break through it. Meguru shows versatility as a striker and thus becomes a valuable player for whichever team he is a part of.

He can make successful strategic passes and be relied on to make killer shots.

5) His Eccentricity Makes Him Unpredictable

Meguru Bachira

Meguru’s eccentric nature makes him unpredictable as a striker. He can read through an opponent’s defense and thus decide whether to break through or pass the ball. His accurate calculations and abilities make him a threat to other teams.

Meguru is eccentric in his behavior. But he rarely loses his cool. He remains energetic and positive to the very end. Meguru is inspired by Lavinho, a forward player for Spain’s FC Barcelona, who shares his eccentric and energetic style of play.

6) Meguru Has A Monster In Him

Meguru a Monster

He has loved football since he was a toddler. He showed talent and was better than the rest of the children he played with. His exceptional talent and eccentric personality irked other children.

As a result, Meguru was often bullied and beaten up by other children. The constant bullying developed into trauma, but he never gave up playing football.

He created an imaginary monster in his head to not feel alone. Meguru played football with this monster, who motivated him to improve his game.

Meguru claims to have a monster within him. This imaginary monster within his head is his constant companion that motivates him to play better.

At Blue Lock, Meguru Bachira meets Isagi Youchi. He senses a similar monster in Isagi. Meguru was smitten by Isagi’s constant hard work to improve his game and adapt to strenuous situations.

7) Meguru’s Aim To Become The Best Stricker

Meguru Best Striker

Blue Lock Meguru Bachra joined the project initially to look for players who could counter his dribbling skills and have a monster within them like him. He just did not want to be alone.

After watching Isagi and Rin fight against each other, he becomes more serious and decides to improve his skills. When he sees Isagi and Rin competing in the Second Selection Round, he decides to confront his inner monster in him.

He sheds his fear of being left alone and decides to play football seriously. He starts to practice regularly and resolves to become a stronger athlete on par with Isagi and Rin. He rises from the rank of 290 to the #3rd rank in Blue Lock.

8) Meguru Bachira Loves The Summer Season

Meguru’s favorite season is summer. He loves to feel the hot air and gets excited to play football after the long winter break. The sunshine, chirping birds, and school make him feel less lonely, so summer is his favorite season.

9) Canned Pinneapples Are His Favorite

eating pineapples

Both sweet and sour, canned pineapples are Meguru’s favorite food. They are available all year and have the same flavor with a twist. We have even seen him enjoying pineapples

10) Dolphin’s Make Meguru Bachira Smile

Meguru & Dolphin

Dolphins are Meguru’s favorite animals. Dolphins always have a smile on their faces, and they stay in groups. Meguru feels happy when he sees dolphins.

Blue Lock Meguru Bachira is one of the most popular and beloved characters in the manga. His character has developed constantly from the beginning, and we are sure to see more of him in the future.

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