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If you’re on this page and looking for information about Quest Supremacy, then you must have a rough idea about Webtoon. As we all know, there is a boost in smartphone availability. There is a direct link between the internet and smartphones, as with smartphones internet can be easily accessed.

However, the same case is with webtoons, or in simple words; they are related to webtoons. If you’ve ever visited the library for copies of comics, then you might know how frustrating it is to look for comics without torn pages.


So, here comes the role of Webtoons because you can read them conveniently on an unsanitized phone. If you’ve read other Manhwa like dice, Viralhit, etc., then there is no chance that you’ll not love this one.

Quest Supremacy Wiki

Quest Supremacy
Quest Supremacy Wiki

This story is about Su-Hyeon Kim, who hates his school. You’ll surely feel bad about our main character because he every day gets bullied by his classmates. It is a fact that anyone will get irritated if he or she gets bullied on a daily basis. The same case is with Su-Hyeon Kim, but one day those guys crossed their limit.

Su-Hyeon Kim tried to wish pointlessly to have a life like the RPG quest game. Fortunately, his wish got granted, and boom, in front of his eyes, a quest prompt popped up. At first, Su-Hyeon Kim got confused, but he relaxed and tried to go for the very first quest.

Let us tell you one exciting thing about this quest which is that there are rewards for each quest. There were two parts to the quests tutorial and the main one. Tutorial quests were not that much difficult, but with every new quest, it got tough.

For instance, the first task was to apologize to mom, and the reward for that was a boost in height. The second task was to kiss Chae-Rin Baek, and the reward was a twenty-twenty vision. The third one is to take a fight with Choi Changdong, and he even got successful in that quest too.

Now, the list goes on with the main quest. So, it is much clear that with every stake getting higher, the reward, too gets a boost. It would be interesting to see how Su-Hyeon Kim covers his journey from a cowardly guy to the top of the school. Why don’t you give a try to this Manhwa and know how far does Su-Hyeon Kim’s quest take him?

Quest Supremacy All Main Characters

1) Su-Hyeon Kim

Su-Hyeon Kim
Su-Hyeon Kim

If you’re an introvert, then you’ll surely relate to Su-Hyeon Kim. In this Manhwa, he is portrayed as a main character who got supernatural powers. You can also consider Su-Hyeon Kim as a gaming geek.

He is a high school student who always gets bullied by Choi Changdong and his gang. Su-Hyeon looks like a decent guy who is not even that much good at studying. But Su-Hyeon looks cuter when he takes his glasses off. Even he is the only guy who comes across a quest that changes his life.

2) Chae-Rin Baek

Chae-Rin Baek
Chae-Rin Baek

There is no way that any Webtoon fan will not fall for her beauty. Every girl in this Manhwa is portrayed as beautiful, but no other character can beat her hotness.

Chae-Rin Baek is self-obsessed, which can be clear when she talks about her legs. She thinks her legs are the center of attention, and that’s why she is so much popular on social media. Chae-Rin Baek is the perfect symbol of beauty, and the one who designed this character must be appreciated.

3) Choi Changdong

Choi Changdong
Choi Changdong

At first sight, you’ll consider him as someone who is the don of the school. You’re right; he is even engaged in bullying our main character. Even the beginning of this Manhwa is from when Choi Changdong is bullying Su-Hyeon Kim.

His hands are full of tattoos which perfectly fits his personality like a villain. You’ll always see him with two of his friends who are also engaged in bullying others.

4) Kim Dahyun

Kim Dahyun
Kim Dahyun

While talking about characters, how can we forget this beautiful girl? You’ll see her having dinner with Su-Hyeon, or in simple words; she is one of the family members of Su-Hyeon.

Kim Dahyun warned Su-Hyeon not to interact with her in school, but accidentally this secret was exposed to Choi Changdong. And how one can leave an opportunity to have such a beautiful girl in life, so Choi Changdong forced Su-Hyeon to learn more about Kim Dahyun.

5) Yakuza


Just like Su-Hyeon, Yakuza is also an introverted guy. But he never fears taking action against Choi Changdong whenever he tries to do wrong things. For instance, when Choi Changdong says bad about Kim Dahyun, he tries to punch him but got failed.

However, Yakuza is the most reliable friend of Su-Hyeon, and there are many cases when he aided him. He always helped Su-Hyeon to accomplish his quest tasks.

6) Ko Hajun

Ko Hajun
Ko Hajun

There were many rumors about this handsome guy in the school. He has been titled the leader of Kangbukseo High, and everyone fears Ko Hajun. You’ll be surprised to know that he is stronger than that big fat bully, namely Choi Changdong.

Ko Hajun was once a boxer, and it is clear when he challenged Su-Hyeon but successfully defended himself with his boxing moves. In starting, he even treated Su-Hyeon like a friend and also praised his boxing skills.

Quest Supremacy Plot Review

For the first few minutes, I thought this Manhwa will going to get boring. However, I didn’t expect that the kid would get OP with the appearance of the quest window. Now, everything turned out to be great for Su-Hyeon Kim.

I was so curious about what will going to happen next whenever a new quest appeared because the quest was so interesting, like fighting with Choi Changdong and kissing Chae-Rin Baek.

The most interesting part was when there was no chance left that Su-Hyeon Kim was going to kiss Chae-Rin Baek. But you know what by mistake Chae-Rin Baek took a sip from the same straw of strawberry milk from which Su-Hyeon Kim took a sip. Boom, his quest got completed, and now one more task was in front of him.

Quest Supremacy
Quest Supremacy Plot Review

I never thought that this weak kid would get powers like a boxer, and he did his best while fighting with Choi Changdong. I was impressed by Su-Hyeon Kim’s skills.

Again, the main thing which kept me hooked with this Manhwa was the quest. If there wasn’t any quest, then there would be no chance that I would continue reading this Manhwa.

I appreciate whoever designed the female character because, as a girl, even I got impressed by their beauty. Apart from that, the detailing of every character is done in a very well manner which amazed me.

At last, how can I forget about handsome guys like Ko Hajun, who is even now my one more fictional crush? Overall, that quest played a major role in keeping me engaged in reading this masterpiece.

Is Quest Supremacy Worth Reading?

If you’re into Manhwa, then there is no way that you’ll not recognize Quest Supremacy with others. If you are more into games and live like an introverted person, then this Manhwa is for you.

Quest Supremacy

Even if you got bullied in your past by someone, then you’ll surely feel the pain of our main character. But as we all know, nothing stays forever, and the same case is with Su-Hyeon Kim. His life got changed when he played that quest in real life.

So to make it more simple for you, just imagine whatever we’re going to say next. Now, suppose you’re someone who is not good at anything, and even there is no bright future for you.

You’re an introvert who speaks less, but eventually, your wish gets granted. With the aid of that quest, now you’re most popular in school.

Isn’t it sound interesting? If yes, then this will be worth reading for you. Overall, this Manhwa will easily attract those readers who always want the main character will get OP anyhow.

Is the quest going to be so difficult as much that Su-Hyeon Kim will give up on the quest? What will happen if Su-Hyeon Kim refuses to participate more in the quest?


It is a fact that webtoons will always be there if we have the internet and smartphones. Now, you’ve got a clear idea about who Su-Hyeon Kim is. Most of the schoolboys will relate their life to him, and thus, it will become more interesting for you to read.

If you’re an introvert and even get bullied sometimes in school, then you must give it a try to Quest Supremacy. The story is directly related to games and the challenges which were faced by Su-Hyeon Kim.

It is nothing but a quest window that changed the whole life of Su-Hyeon Kim. The major role was played by the powers Su-Hyeon possessed due to the game. Now, you must go and hit this Webtoon to learn more about this masterpiece in detail.

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