Top 10 Sad Webtoons (that will make you cry) | 2023

It is time to feel all your emotions sweeping up; we have listed the Top 10 Sad Webtoons that will make you cry: tragic romance, Slice of life, thriller, etc., filled with a big cup of sorrow that will make you bawl your eyes out.

These Top 10 Sad Webtoons are going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Buckle up with a friend for comfort and tissues; this will be a long saddening ride.

10) Gone

Gone webtoon

If you are looking for a quick cry, Gone is the perfect pick. This webtoon has only eight chapters and will make you sob.

Gone has four main characters whose life is about to take a sad turn. A spore virus infects the world. It makes the body of an infected person float as it losses its mass. The longer the virus stays in one’s body and makes the person disappears.

The story revolves around a high school student with an infected girlfriend and A man taking care of his pregnant wife, who was down by the virus. As the story proceeds, the ray of happiness fades away, and the struggle of losing their loved one begins.

9) Diamond Dust 

Diamond dust

Hyerin, the piano prodigy, wants to break free from all the pressure her father has dropped on her. She tried to live a normal life, and her father wanted to protect her hands and make her wear gloves. 

He won’t even let her put on nail paint. All this commotion makes her social life zero. Things take a turn after she meets JooWon, who is a free-spirit man. He lives his life on his terms which makes Hyerin break free.

The way Hyerin is trapped inside an invisible cage by her father will make you sad. If you have seen Your Lie In April, you know what’s coming next. Yes, a big crying session, as this webtoon is similar to the anime.

It is a completed webtoon with 40 chapters.

8) My Boo

my boo

Yuri can see ghosts but won’t talk to them due to her traumatic experience. She thinks her abilities are a curse. Yuri moves into her new place and finds it tough to ignore the ghost, Joon.

He keeps clinging to her, hoping she will notice him. Joon, when alive, lost his parents and had to live alone. His passing away was a shock to him as he wasn’t ready, making him stay there.

The ghost just wants someone to be there with him as he is not good at being alone will make your heartache. Yuri agrees to stay with him for a year, and eventually, they both grow on each other, but this does not last for long.

It is a completed webtoon with 47 chapters.

7) See, Hear, Love

see, hear, love

“See, Hear, Love” will make you feel all kinds of pain and sorrow. The struggle of the main character is heartbreaking. This webtoon deals with some serious issues and points at susceptible subjects.

Geun-Sin Min is following his passion and doing what he loves, creating manhwa. He is a prospering manhwa artist, but things are not as good as they seem. Geun-Sin Min’s mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and he has to take care of her. If you think things can’t get worse than this, you are wrong.

Unfortunately, Min’s eyesight is giving up. He has to give up his passion. With this nasty turn of events, Geun-Sin Min tries to commit suicide. He is saved by Sori; she is a big fan of his work and is deaf. Slowly they overcome the difficulties in their lives together, and they See, Hear and Love together.

It is a completed webtoon with 83 chapters.

6) The Horizon 


This story will make you bawl your eyes out. If you have seen Grave of Fireflies, you know the situation in the story is based. A war that has ruined the country and raised trust issues among everybody.

A kid who lost his mother makes his way out through all the people lying lifeless around him. He meets a girl just like him, alone. With her, they try to make their way out of this terrible place.

This webtoon is not for a weak heart. These two kids go through a lot of traumatic experiences together. They realize that humanity is lost and nobody can be trusted.

The fact that they are just kids going through a hard time will make you feel a lot of pain. By the end of this webtoon, you will learn to be grateful for your life a bit more. As you read this, you will find yourself wishing for just a little happiness for these kids and that things get better.

It is a completed webtoon with 21 chapters.

5) About Death

About death

Ever wondered what happens after death? Do you see the grim reaper? This is a webtoon filled with conversations about the Grim reaper and the soul. These conversations are not fun. There are some sad and painful stories. Death gives people time to for reflecting upon their circumstances.

The motive of this webtoon is to make the readers respect their life and be grateful. Death and soul conversations have philosophical meaning to them. It is up to the readers how to interpret it.

It is a completed webtoon with 27 chapters.

4) Sweet Home

sweet home

Hyun is an eighteen-year-old boy with a history of self-harm. His life turns upside down after he gets a call at midnight saying he lost his entire family in a car accident.

He is filled with anger and sadness only because his family did not leave him anything, and he now has to move to a new place and start a new life. He refuses to do it and marks a date for committing suicide after seeing the premier of his favorite show.

Things take a scary turn, and people are not what they seem to be. They are monsters. Hyun pushing back his suicide date struggles with being alive, ironic. 

As the story proceeds, you will see significant character development along with unfortunate moments. Things begin to make sense as Hyun understands his life’s true meaning and purpose.

Sweet Home became very popular amongst readers. In 2020 it was adapted into a TV series with ten episodes.

It is a completed webtoon with 141 chapters.

3) Days of Hana

days of hana

In the modern world, werewolves have rights and can be free among humans. Hana is friends with Haru, a werewolf. Society still treats them like beasts making their lives a bit hard. The story mainly focuses on Hana and Haru, but the hardships of other werewolves will make you sob.

Hana lives with her father, Haru, and Miho, a female werewolf. Things take a sad turn when Haru falls in love with Hana, which is beyond the rules. Hana’s father drops Haru at a shelter, where he discovers that it is not an ordinary shelter. The story focuses on Love, family, and revenge.

As you read the characters’ backstory, things get blurry because of the teary eyes. The suffering and pain increase, and by the end, this webtoon leaves you in pain and sorrow.

It is a completed webtoon with 113 chapters.

2) Bastard


This webtoon has a dark plot. Jin Seon is constantly bullied in school for his fake eye. After an accident, Jin lost his sight and replaced it with a glass eye. Being an ordinary boy, his life at home is not so ordinary.

Jin is living with a demon; that’s what he calls his father. His father is a murderer. Jin helps his father to dispose of the dead bodies and distracts the woman as his father attacks them and knocks them unconscious.

Jin living a traumatic life at home and at school makes you feel bad. His life is brightened by a girl he has a crush on, but things go south as he finds out his father is trying to kidnap and kill the only hope of his life. The struggle of running from his father and discovering the truth about his dead mother makes this webtoon depressing and painful.

It is a completed webtoon with 94 chapters.

1) It Hurts

it hurts

Our number one pick is a BL. This webtoon will make you fall to pieces, so you are comforted by the fluff; the sad part strikes hard enough to make you break.

Raijin, a High School student, crashes on the floor after finding out the love of his life. Seto has only a year to live. Getting himself together, Raijin decides to make this year full of happiness and the best year for Seto.

The struggle and the pain still keep Raijin and Seto motivated, and their love keeps growing as you enjoy the rainbow filled with fluff, the dark clouds of sorrow lurking around.

Halfway through the webtoon, you will ask yourself, ” How does a webtoon have the ability to cause physical pain?”

This webtoon has completed 121 chapters so far.

This brings us to the end of our Top 10 Sad Webtoons (that will make you cry). We recommend carrying tissues and sweets as you read them. A good cry is sometimes all you need; we hope our list will come in handy. These webtoons are real tear-jerkers. Hope you enjoy them. We will be back with another post. Till then stay tuned with us and read the FAQs mentioned below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the saddest webtoon to read in 2022?

Ans. The Horizon is the saddest webtoon to read. The kids finding their way in a war-broken country is the top tire of sadness.

Q2. What is the Best Sad Romance Webtoon to Read in 2022?

Ans. My Boo. What’s sadder than not being in the same place as your loved one? Especially if that loved one is a ghost.

Q3. Best Webtoon with Sad Ending

Ans. Days of Hana. We don’t want to spoil it for the readers, but days of Hana play with your emotions. You think everything is good and it is a happy ending, but out of nowhere, everything falls apart, and you are left with pain.

Q4. Best Sad BL Webtoon to Read

Ans. 10 Years That I Loved You the Most. Lots of ups and downs in this webtoon. It will sometimes make you upset about how certain characters react, but that has captured the real-life essence. People do go through this, and it is sad and painful.

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