Top 14 Hottest My Hero Academia Female Villains (Based on Manga 2023)

If you’ve ever watched My Hero Academia, then you’re quite familiar with the female characters on the side of heroes and villains. So, for you guys, we have decided to come up with My Hero Academia Female Villains. Those female villains will be ranked based on their hotness and popularity.

As you know nothing is perfect, and the same case is with the MHA. You can criticize this series for not developing its female villains as one should. However, some of them have turned out to be fan-favorite villains like Himiko Toga. We are going to focus on more such characters so keep reading.


Top 14 Hottest My Hero Academia Female Villains

14) Madam President

Madam President

Name:  Madam President
Height:  NA
Quirk  NA
Eye Color:  Turquoise
Hair Color: 
Ash blonde

 Apart from being the President of the Hero Public Safety Commission, she hides the actions of a villain. According to her, whatever she is doing is just what matters, even if it costs the duties going the wrong way.

You can see the corruption of the system in the eyes of this lady. She is hiding all her falsehoods behind the hero’s glittering mask. Overall, you can say that Madam President is nothing but the biggest troublemaker.

13) Hina



Name:  Hina
Height:  NA
Quirk  NA
Eye Color:  NA
Hair Color:  NA

In My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Hina is interesting because she doesn’t talk to men directly. The personality of this villain is quite complex because she hates men but at the same time has affection for Rin Yaritezawa. No one can beat her jealousy, or you can say she is possessive of Rin Yaritezawa.

You’ll not see her making trouble for heroes all the time, but she is the one who became part of the Trigger drug trade. Even she didn’t care while using her supply in that trade.

12) Needle Hair

Needle hair

Name:  Needle Hair
Height:  NA
Quirk  Hair control
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Gray

As the name suggests needle hair, there is something special about those hairs. In the series, she is portrayed as a young woman having long gray hair.

Her hairs have a specialty because through them she can face off her opponents. The dreadlocks styled hair allows it to harden and take full control of the hair. They can be used in the form of fire-off strands to shoot bullets.

11) Martial Hair

Martial hair

Name:  Martial Hair
Height:  NA
Quirk  Hair control
Eye Color:  Light brown
Hair Color:  Light brown

This villain can easily manipulate her ponytails which you can even consider a quirk. Her hair can be easily shaped like a weapon which is further used as drills.

The funny moment was when she curled her hair but eventually, she got a kick in her face. In simple words, her attack against the enemy got shattered in a few seconds. Just like others, Martial Hair too was got arrested with the arrival of Pro Heroes.

10) Gorilla


Name:  Gorilla
Height:  NA
Quirk  Unnamed Gorilla Arm Quirk
Eye Color:  NA
Hair Color:  Brown

One more character on our ranking of My Hero Academia female villains is Gorilla. As the name suggests, this woman has arms that are covered with brown hair. But it is because of the quirk she uses which makes her appearance like this.

Even she got defeated by Shota and later, got arrested by the rest of the League.

9) Kuin Hachisuka

Kuin Hachisuka

Name:  Kuin Hachisuka
Height: 162cm 
Quirk  Queen Bee

Electric Eel (Tamao’s body)

Eye Color:  Green
Hair Color:  Brown

At the beginning of the story, she was portrayed as a chief villain. She was successful in possessing the Tamao Oguro’s body for enacting her vicious deeds. While watching this series, you’ll see her even possessing Kazuho Haneyama.

Her quirk is related to the queen bee, which she used for infecting people and transporting drugs. One might be shocked by seeing so many bees, which resulted in devastating effects and thus, turn out to be a formidable foe.

8) Chitose Kizuki

Chitose Kizuki

Name:  Chitose Kizuki
Height:  NA
Quirk  Landmine
Eye Color:  Black sclerae and green irises
Hair Color:  Lilac

If you’ve watched the Meta Liberation Army Arc, then you must saw her powerful quirk. Let us make one thing clear is that her quirk has no relation with her bluish skin.

Her quirk is known as landmine and whatever you’re thinking about the quirk is right. Through this quirk, users bestow extensive properties on such a small scale. Chitose has the capability of turning blood into bombs easily, which further can explode.

You can see her obsession with a journalist in the list who still manages to stand out in comparison to others. However, her minor role makes her fan following low if compared to other female villains.

7) Beros


Name: Beros 
Height:  5’7″
Quirk  Longbow
Eye Color:  Mint Green
Hair Color:  Mint Green

She is the villain of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, where she is portrayed as someone working for the terrorist organization Humanrise. You’ll surely be impressed by Beros’ archery skills.

Even her quirk is amazing because she can easily transform her pinky and thumb simply into a bow. However, Beros failed to make her ammo. But still, she is strong enough to control the projectile’s path, whatever she is firing.

Beros is extremely loyal to the leader Flect Turn. In the series, you’ll see her using her quirk so smoothly while obliterating heroes. The mastermind behind such trouble is Flect Turn. Overall, she was proven to be a challenge for the Deku.

6) Zookeeper


Name: Zookeeper
Height:  NA
Quirk  Cleaning
Eye Color:  White
Hair Color:  White

Her quirk is amazing as it gives her the power to secrete substances, just like dish soap. That can be used to weaken the opponents whenever she cleans them.

You’ll usually see her carrying a wooden push broom which coincides with her quirk. It plays a vital role in crime scenes as she can easily wipe out all the fingerprints and blood stains.

5) La Brava

La Brava

Name:  La Brava
Height:  111cm
Quirk  Love
Eye Color:  Pink with purple rings
Hair Color:  Magenta

This character is also known by another name Manami Aiba. The most interesting thing about her is that she is a self-taught hacker who played a major role in Gentle’s career.

Anyone will be impressed by the intelligence she used to crack down on the security of the U.A. Unfortunately, she and Gentle got arrested when Deku intervened. Still, their relationship is an instance that shows all villains are not evil.

No one can ignore the concept of love by La Brava. It sounds interesting that with her quirk, it is easier for La Brava to power boost the people she loves.

4) Kiruka Hasaki

Kiruka Hasaki

Name: Kiruka Hasaki
Height:  5’4″
Quirk  Slice
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Color:  Red

One more character on our list of My Hero Academia female villains is Kiruka Hasaki. You can also call her Slice because many fans know her by this name.

Just like other members of the Nine, Slice is also a powerful and talented fighter. However, the chief reason to join Nine is to combat with oppression she faced from society.

But her interesting quirk will amaze you, which is used for manipulating her hair to use as a weapon. Then her hair looks like a blade that can be used for fighting and self-defense against enemies.

3) Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant

Name:  Lady Nagant
Height:  171cm
Quirk  Air walk


Eye Color:  Purple
Hair Color:  Blue with pink highlights 

If you’ve watched MHA from the beginning, then you might know that Lady Nagant was once a Pro heroine. She used to work as an assassin under Hero Public Safety Commission. But one day, Lady Nagant killed the president of the commission.

Even she played a major role as the antagonist in the Taetarus Escapes Arc. Lady Nagant can cross any limit if it means achieving the goals by defeating the opponents.

You’ll surely be surprised by her two quirks in which original one she uses her arm like a rifle. However, through her story, you might understand more clearly about corruption of the Hero Public Safety Commission. Apart from all the negative sides, Lady Nagant’s hero spirit is still alive.

2) Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

Name:  Himiko Toga
Height:  5’2″
Quirk  Transform
Eye Color:  Golden yellow
Hair Color: 
 Light dirty blonde

Just because of her villainous quirk, Himiko’s parents mistreated her, and she become twisted. MHA fans know how prominent the female villain Himiko is in the series.

Many people stay confused about her love concept, but you can easily see her compassionate side. This will be clear when you’ll know her relationship with Twice.

Anyone can be amazed by seeing her transform ability, due to which she can easily turn down her opponents. In simple words, her quirk is cool enough, which allows her to transform into anyone if she has that person’s blood. Overall, this great character played a vital role in MHA.

1) Konako Haizono

Konako Haizono

Name:  Konako Haizono
Height:  NA
Quirk  Dust
Eye Color:  Gray
Hair Color:  White

No other character can beat her hotness because of her figure. Let’s jump directly into her quirk, which aids her to generate ash-like dust. You’ll see it as a kind of distraction because she can throw dust at her foe easily.

Such a cloud of ashes can easily blind the opponent, and then the role of the club comes into play. Also, you’ll see her wearing a mask and respirator. Both of them protect her eyes, nose, and mouth while using quirk.


My Hero Academia female villains lack justice because they aren’t well-defined. In simple words, you can consider MHA as a male-dominated series.

Every female villain is usually known for a particular reason, or there can be many. However, some of those villains were still able to stand out from the rest and made their names in our ranking.

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