La Brava MHA: Age, Power, Abilities & Roles in My Hero Academia Explained

If you’ve been into anime for a long time, then you might hear about My Hero Academia. This shonen manga revolves around a kid who wants to be a true hero. However, the characters in this series are not limited to Izuku; there are even others, too, like La Brava in My Hero Academia.

In the story, you might consider the hero as the center of attraction. Because this series mainly focuses on their development only. However, the story also has frightening villains, which makes it more interesting. Now, let’s talk about one of the villains, namely, La Brava, in detail.

Who is La Brava in My Hero Academia?

La Brava in My Hero Academia

At first sight, La Brava looks quite young, even if you can misunderstand her as a child. But later, you’ll get to know that she is even older than students of Class 1-A.

You can judge her by the costume, as it makes her look like a juvenile. The thing to notice in La Brava is dark circles around her eyes. The reason is staring at the computer and spending several hours at home only.

No one can match the loyalty of La Brava for Gentle Criminal. She always makes sure to record his acts to post and even follows his every instruction.

If you’ve watched this series, then you might know the love that La Brava has for Gentle Criminal. He accepted her as she is, and that’s what makes La Brava aid him, even if it means crossing the limit.

La Brava Biographical Information

Name La Brava or Manami Aiba  
Age 21 (First appearance) 

22 (Current) 

Birthday February 14th 
Gender Female 
Height 111 cm 
Quirk Love 
Ability Hacking skills 
Blood Group B 

La Brava: Power & Abilities:

La Brava in My Hero Academia

You can’t consider this cute as a fighter because she usually remains hidden in battles. However, it is Gentle who gets into conflicts, and La Brava helps him. While watching this series, you’ll get to know that her techniques are good enough due to they can be used outside that battle.

  • No one beat her hacking skills; even you’ll get surprised that La Brava is self-taught. There is a leader of the Meta Liberation Army, namely Skeptic; you can consider him a master hacker. He is capable of feats like hacking every TV in the country. But still, he failed to surpass the hacking skills of La Brava.
  • For instance, there was a time when Skeptic successfully hacked into the defense system of the UA. But remember La Brava, who easily overrides his control and, thus, figures out his location.
  • Overall, La Brava is portrayed as a capable hacker who is even strong enough to combat the hack into the UA security system. However, if you watch this series, then it will be clear that there are other things too she accomplished that a person with technical skills can do.
  • When it comes to battle, her Love (Quirk) can be considered a major asset. You will be surprised to know that La Brava can easily apply her power boost to anyone. But at the same time, she failed to have free-range over.
  • As everything has a negative side, this Quirk has one in which there is limited usage of power boost. In simple words, it can be used once a day, and thus, you can call this Quirk temporary.

La Brava’s Role in My Hero Academia

La Brava in My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, you can consider La Brava as the major antagonist. Even in the UA Cultural Festival Arc, you can see her serving as the secondary antagonist.

  • In the series, you can see La Brava as an assistant to the villain, namely Gentle Criminal. You can consider him as far less evil in comparison to the likes of Overhaul and Shigaraki. Even after that, he is successful in causing issues for Deku and his friends. As the series proceeds, you can see La Brava working on the sides of the heroes.
  • If you’ve watched this series, then you might know that the mastermind behind the attack on UA High is Gentle Criminal. However, the sole reason for making it possible is La Brava, as she hacked the security system of UA High and successfully disabled necessary things.
  • The biggest impact made by La Brava in the series is to counter Skeptic. In this, she used her hacking skills to combat the hacked UA systems. This comprises control over the floating platforms, which are part of makeshift battlefields. Even she took bunkers control over the school property.
  • You can watch this series to know how La Brava got successful in hacking Skeptic. However, it is revealed later that whatever she did is for the sake of Gentle Criminal. There was no intention of helping heroes to overcome the villains, but it seemed the opposite way.

La Brava’s Relationship with Gentle in My Hero Academia:

La Brava in My Hero Academia

It was the fourth season when both La Brava and Gentle Criminal were introduced as a team. However, the flashback is the only source through which it can be clear how they get close to each other.

  • Both La Brava and Gentle are portrayed as friendly with each other. You can see La Brava admiring the ideas of Gentle and even showing love interest in him. On the other hand, Gentle always appreciates La Brava’s efforts to aid him in being a villain.
  • When it comes to helping Gentle, La Brava can cross any limit to help him, even if it means something illegal. For instance, just to get his address to meet in person, La Brava hacked into Gentle’s account. You might be shocked after knowing the reason that his online content was strong enough to offer La Brava a light.
  • You might know that they are strictly partners in crime. However, Gentle never wanted to make La Brava suffer just because of his crime. It would be interesting to know how both La Brava and Gentle grow to turn out to be stronger individuals.


Until now, you might have an idea about this cute villain as La Brava in My Hero Academia. Apart from portraying a negative role, you can’t ignore her supporting nature.

You can consider this self-taught skilled hacker a prominent character. Why don’t you give it a try to My Hero Academia and learn more about this fascinating character in detail?

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