15 Best Anime Mascot Characters of All Time (2023 List)

If you’ve watched anime, then you might feel like there is a range of anime mascot characters. Even if we discount shows that are based on mascot-friendly characters like Pokemon, there are still several others left. They use their imagination to utilize cute animals or chirpy critter forms in all possible ways.

However, there are exceptional cases, like when mascots aren’t as cute personality-wise or fail to be on the good side. But still good or evil, anime mascots always have a striking exterior feature. Overall, they are the ones who play a chief role in several stories.

Anime Mascot Characters

1) Puck


Anime: Re Zero

On our list of anime mascot characters, the first one is Puck. This adorable little cat spirit has a strong bonding with Emilia in the series. Even he treats her like a daughter and sometimes can turn out to be fiercely protective.

You can consider this cat one of the strongest characters in this series. He is strong enough to kill anyone on screen if he wants. However, you’ll be surprised to know that he has a freezing ability through which he can absorb mana and freeze everything.

2) Hawk


 Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

If you’ve watched Seven Deadly Sins, then you might be familiar with the role of Hawk. He is the traveling companion of Meliodas, and thus, you can consider this pig a major character. You can see him adventuring with the main cast and, thus, can be given the title of dutiful companion.

He considers himself as stronger in comparison to Deadly Sins, due to which ego can be seen sometimes. It would be interesting to know about the absurd durability and transformation ability of this pig creature.

3) Agumon


Anime: Digimon

At first sight, he seems like a stout and short T-Rex. If you’ve watched Pokémon, then you might be familiar with the beloved Fire Starters. Don’t you think Agumon has similarities with the Pokémon character, namely Charmander?

When it comes to Digimon media, this reptile Digimon serves as a chief character. His power is quite low due to being on the way to adulthood. Overall, no one can match the popularity of Digimon made by this unofficial mascot.

4) Kaizo Konpaku

Kaizo Konpaku

 Anime: Bleach

In the series, Kon is portrayed many a time occupying the stuffed lion’s body. In the beginning, you can consider this character as a perverted comic relief. However, more and more of his backstory reveals with the upcoming events of the series.

You might be shocked by knowing that he is nothing but a modified soul who was created to aid Shinigami. Don’t underestimate the power of this cute character, as he is strong enough to kick the wind out of the human. Why don’t you give a try to this series and learn how Kon takes control of the human body?

5) Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper

 Anime: One Piece

The story of Chopper is traced back to when he was a regular reindeer. Eventually, he stumbled upon a devil fruit and turned into an intelligent member of the crew. If you want to know how this Chopper can aid the crew, then give a hit to 1000+ chapters of One Piece.

After watching it, you’ll know the worth of this combatant. As everyone has a dream, Chopper also wants to be a doctor capable enough to cure any disease. Even he wanted to travel the world just in the hope to achieve the goal.

6) Kuriboh


 Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

You can see one or more new iterations of this monster in almost every series. Even there are new effects added to Kuriboh. This simple but adorable monster looks like just a fluff ball. Have you seen Yugi Muto? If yes, then you can relate his fun-loving nature to Kuriboh.

Don’t take this cute monster lightly because he can turn fierce and becomes melancholy. This side can be seen only when someone insults him, like calling a hairball.

7) Totoro


 Anime: My Neighbor Totoro

At first sight, you might consider him an owl. This cute character can be described as a furry creature having grey fur. You might see him usually sleeping or standing in the rain but don’t forget that he possesses an undeniable charm.

No one ignores the cultural impact made by Totoro on the Japanese audience. Even non-Japanese cameo appearances are affected by him. It will be a great time killer if you give a try to “My Neighbor Totoro.”

8) Ryo-Ohki


 Anime: Tenchi Muyo!

Have you ever seen a combination of cats and bunnies? If not, then do give it a try to Tenchi Muyo! In this, Ryo-Ohkk regenerated into such a cute form due to a crash landing. However, she can turn into a human form and even take the mecha form.

Her personality can be described somewhat like a carrot-loving animal who can communicate only by meowing. The most striking form is humanoid, but still, in that form, she says “carrot” only.

9) Elizabeth


 Anime: Gintama

If you’ve watched Gintama, then you might be familiar with several mascots in the series. If not, then let us tell you about the hilariously bizarre mascot, namely Elizabeth. Later in the series, you’ll get to know about his real name and his real identity.

From the exterior, he is portrayed wearing a penguin costume, but it would be interesting to know what he is from the inside, whether he has a human appearance or is an alien. Anyways all the answers are in the series, so hit it and learn about this mysterious character.

10) Tachikoma


Anime: Ghost in the Shell

No other robot anime mascot characters can match our Tachikoma. If you know other such characters but there is still no other character who is portrayed like this cute robot.

In simple words, you can describe him as a multi-ped combat or spider-type multi-leg vehicle. You can give it a try and learn more about this cute robot. However, don’t forget to notice his abilities that act like mobile weapons and personnel transport.

11) The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan

Anime: Attack on Titan

On our list of anime mascot characters, one more character is The Colossal Titan. Even if it’s a monster or antagonist, the mascot is something that stays on the viewer’s mind. If you’ve watched this series, then you might much familiar with his massive size.

There is no match for his control over the emission of steam. It would be interesting to know the reasons this Titan turned out to be the mascot of the franchise.

12) Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

You can see Rimuru in the slime form only when he is at ease or comfortable. Otherwise, he is shown taking on the faux-Shizu human form. You might think of him as immature or naive due to being a childish person, but that’s a huge mistake.

If you’ve watched the first episode, then you may be familiar with his overpowering, and thus, don’t underestimate him because of his being adorable. Just like a lazy person, he wanted a world where he could lazily enjoy entertainment.

13) Nyanko-sensei


Anime: Natsume Yuujinchou

No other character can match the cuteness of this overweight lucky cat. Generally, you can see him taking the form of a Japanese beckoning cat charm. However, his true form is the opposite which is somewhat like a very powerful and enormous Inugami.

If you’ve watched the whole series, then you concluded to give him the title of a selfish one. However, don’t forget his caring side, which you see him always denying. Just give a try to this series and know how this prideful mascot becomes attached to Takashi.

14) Happy


Anime: Fairy Tail

If you’ve watched “Fairy Tail,” then you might come across a range of eccentric characters. But no one can forget this cute talking blue cat, namely Happy. At first sight, this fish-loving cat seems comic relief.

You’ll be impressed by the way he stands for his friends or even himself. No one matches his loyalty to his teammates and even the Magic world knowledge. Have you ever seen Happy sprouting angelic wings? If not, then you must watch because it is a kind of ability in which it is possible to carry anything.

15) Monokuma


Anime: Danganronpa

When it comes to both anime and video games, no one can forget this most iconic evil mascot. After seeing him, it is clear that he has the resemblance of a symbol Yin-Yang. It depicts a balance between two opposites like a flow.

Just like his design, his personality is same full of good and evil sides. As a good personality, he has features like politeness and innocent. On the other side, you can’t forget his cruel and malicious side.


You can see a distinctive range of anime mascot characters having all sizes and shapes. Such mascots end up being bizarre or cute sidekicks. They can be cute little talking animals strong enough to build up a level. On the other hand, they can be human characters possessing some kind of secret power. At last, it can be a fun trope for you every time.


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