Who is the Main Villain in My Hero Academia?

Consistently staying in the Top 10 bestselling manga for the past few years and following an extremely popular anime, My Hero Academia has featured various villains in the series. In this article, we compare and conclude on “Who is the main villain in My Hero Academia?”.

Main Villain in My Hero Academia

As of December 2022, the manga is ongoing under its final arc, and the main villain on the scene is Shigaraki Tomura, having acquired power-ups from body and mind modification and powers of All For One.


Even though All For One planned to use Shigaraki’s body as a method of revival and consciousness transfer, it has failed so far, with Shigaraki in control now.

The fast pacing of the final arc has kept the fanbase on the edges, and although the manga’s creator, Kohei Horikoshi, plans to end the story by the end of 2023 at the most, the story still has rough edges it needs to smooth out.

Antagonists in My Hero Academia

One of the main villains in the series is All For One, a powerful and ruthless individual who possesses the ability to steal and manipulate the Quirks of others. All For One is the archenemy of All Might, the world’s greatest hero, and he seeks to destroy him and take over the world.

Antagonists My Hero Academia
Antagonists My Hero Academia

Another major villain is Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains. Tomura possesses the ability to decay anything that he touches and is obsessed with wiping out the hero society and creating a world where villains rule supreme.

The League of Villains is made up of several powerful and dangerous individuals, each with their own unique abilities and motivations. Other notable members of the League are:

  • Himiko Toga – A young girl who can transform into anyone she has sampled blood from. She was rejected from society because her quirk forced her to crave the blood of the people she loved and eventually kill them.
  • Twice – His quirk could create copies of anything and anyone. He was severely affected by his PTSD, where he couldn’t control his clones of himself which led to a bloodbath of his clones killing each other. After the incident, he always wore a mask and acted with a dual personality to keep himself sane.
  • Gigantomachia – A massive and powerful giant with immense strength who can go without food or sleep for days. He is absolutely loyal to All for One and follows all his commands without question.
  • Mr. Compress – A villain who can compress objects and people into small balls. He played an important role in supporting the members of the League in the Forest Training Camp Arc.
  • Dabi – a pyrokinetic who is obsessed with destroying the hero society. His quirk, Blueflame, has the side effect of burning his own skin, which leads to Endeavor, his father’s disappointedness, and later his fake death.
  • Spinner – A villain with a Gecko quirk. He was inspired by Stain- the Hero Killer, and joined the League to support his ideals.

In addition to the League of Villains, the series also features a number of other villains who pose a threat to the hero society. These include the cold and calculating businessman Kenji Hikiishi, also known as Overhaul.

The Meta Liberation army, which was previously headed by Re-Destro and now fused under the League of Villains, gave them a huge boost in numbers. The prisoners who escaped from Tartarus have also joined All For One’s army due to his past connections.

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