Does Hulu have My Hero Academia? (Updated)

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Hulu is one of the best streaming platforms for U.S. fans to watch favorite anime series or movies. It comprises both paid subscriptions and ad-supported registration so that fans can choose as per convenience. Recently, many fans have a query, “Does Hulu have My Hero Academia?

The answer to this question is: Yes, you can watch all episodes of My Hero Academia on Hulu under the premium section. However, the catch is English dub part is only available till Season 5 Yes, you read it right. My Hero Academia Season 6 is available under English sub format on Hulu. 

Later in this post, I’ll guide you to this question and how to watch My Hero Academia anywhere in the world. So, without any further discussion, let’s begin.

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Does Hulu have My Hero Academia?

Yes, Hulu has all of My Hero Academia seasons and episodes. My Hero Academia has six seasons with 125 episodes, and all are available on Hulu. In contrast, Hulu is the best streaming platform to watch Boku no Hero Academia.

If you are already a member of Hulu services, then you don’t need to jump on any other one, especially for the My Hero Academia series. However, the catch is that the dubbed part is only available till Season 5. 

Does Hulu have My Hero Academia dubbed?

Yes, My Hero Academia (dubbed version) is available on Hulu, but only until Season 5, Episode 113 It means the latest Season, or from Episode 114 you can watch My Hero Academia only in Japanese.

It doesn’t matter for the subbed lovers, but those who are craving for English dub can proceed to Funimation. There are many ways you can access anime on Funimation with ads.

So, within your Funimation trial period, you can watch My Hero Academia Season 5 in English. Below, I’ve inserted the link to guide.

How many seasons of My Hero Academia are on Hulu?

There are six seasons of My Hero Academia released so far. These six seasons comprise a total of 125 episodes, and all of them are available on Hulu. Fans can watch My Hero Academia either in subbed or dubbed on Hulu.

  • For sub- Till Season 6 (Episode 125)
  • For dub- Till Season 5 (Episode 113)

How to watch My Hero Academia on Hulu?

Hulu has a geo-block and is only available in the U.S. and Japan. Hence, fans from these two countries can access Hulu by registering. For the other countries, fans have to depend on good VPNs.

Note- Don’t frequently change your locations via VPN because sometimes the streaming services comprehend and prohibit your device’s IP address.

So, how to watch Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academia on Hulu? Let’s discuss.

For the U.S. and Japan region,

  • Step 1-

My Hero Academia Hulu

Open Hulu on any web and register or log in to your Hulu account.

  • Step 2-

My Hero Academia Season 6 on Hulu

Search for “My Hero Academia” in Hulu.

  • Step 3-

My Hero Academia on Hulu

Click on Episodes and then go to the dropdown below. You can see all the 5 seasons available.

  • Step 4

Choose the episode you want to watch and enjoy.

For the other countries,

  • Step 1- Download and Sign-Up for a VPN
  • Step 2- Open the VPN and Sign-In
  • Step 3- Choose the geo-location either for the U.S. or Japan.
  • Step 4- After connecting to the new location, visit the Hulu website.

Now follow Step 1 For the U.S. and Japan region mentioned above. You can read the article mentioned below on how to use VPN.

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My Hero Academia Watch Order

My Hero Academia is already available in the order on Hulu. All you need to do is binge-watch it season by season. In this section, I’ve added MHA movies too in order. So that you don’t need to jump over other sites to know the watch order of BNHA.

  • My Hero Academia Season 1: Episodes (1-13)
  • OVA 1: My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training!
  • Special: My Hero Academia: Hero Note
  • My Hero Academia Season 2: Episodes (14-38)
  • OVA 2: My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead
  • Special: My Hero Academia: All Might: Rising (Two Heroes Special)
  • Movie: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
  • My Hero Academia Season 3: Episodes (39-63)
  • ONA: My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training
  • My Hero Academia Season 4: Episodes (64-88)
  • Movie: My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes: Rising
  • My Hero Academia Season 5: Episodes (89-113)
  • Movie: My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission  
  • My Hero Academia Season 6: Episodes (114- …)

Note- You can leave MHA OVAs, ONAs, and Specials.

My Hero Academia Plot

My Hero Academia, one of the most liked series, has become more in demand after releasing its 5th Season. The latest season unveiled the great team battles between Class 1A and Class 1B, where Shinso played the major role.

There are a total of 25 episodes available in Season 5, and its ending revealed the formation of the Paranormal Liberation Front by joining the forces between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army.

Also, My Hero Academia surfaced the Season 6 trailer exhibiting the great battle between the Paranormal Liberation and the Heroes.

It means the next season will be an incredible one with a lot of fight scenes, power development, and losses. Now, every fan has to cover My Hero Academia till Season 5 to prepare for this year.

My Hero Academia is a story of a quirkless boy, Izuku Midoriya, who wants to become the number 1 hero like All Might. In a world where more than 70% of the population have extraordinary abilities known as a quirk, a quirkless boy like Izuku has no chance to become the strongest hero.

However, one day his life flips upside down when All Might offers his own quirk to him after witnessing him saving his friend by sacrificing himself.

But after taking All Might’s quirk, Izuku realizes that great power comes with great responsibility, and now he has to take care of the burden of defeating the most powerful villain, All For One.  

Here, we conclude our article on “Does Hulu have My Hero Academia,” along with a guide and watch order. Hope, you enjoy reading it and will share this post with your friends. We will be back with another article. Till then, stay healthy and read the articles below.

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