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The best quality of cartoons is that their creators are neither afraid of creating characters that are beyond reality nor do they shy away from displaying the casual cruelty in our actions. In this list of top 10 cartoon characters that start with D, we have characters that are angry, evil, and annoying!

These characters have become a staple in the industry. They, too, display complex emotions and are a mirror to their audience as well. Without further delay, here we have the ten cartoon characters that start with D!

Cartoon Characters that start with D

1. Donkey


Cartoon: Shrek

One of the main protagonists of the DreamWorks Shrek franchise, Donkey, is energetic, lively, and has a thirst for adventure. Despite that, he can be cowardly and fearful at times. His extremely talkative nature is very annoying, evident from Shrek calling him a nuisance on multiple occasions.

However, he’s loyal to his best friends and has a good heart. His greatest quality is his kindness, nobility, and a distinct lack of any prejudice, especially towards Shrek. Clearly, he’s one of the most beloved characters in the series.

2. Donald Duck

Donald Duck

Cartoon: The Mickey Mouse Club

Donald Fauntleroy Duck is one of the most iconic Disney animated characters. He is a showboating buck and is typically seen wearing a sailor suit with a bow tie and a cap.

Known for his pompous nature and explosive temper, which more often than not manifests into a shrieking tantrum, he can be a bit much to handle.

His misfortunes and struggles stem from bad luck as well as his greed and arrogance. However, he is a warm and loving duck at heart. He loves his triplets, Guru, Dewy, and Lewis, and his friends.

3. Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck

Cartoon: The Mickey Mouse Club

Another titular Disney animated character is Daisy Duck. She is Minny Mouse’s best friend and Donald’s girlfriend.

Although she has an explosive temper of her own, she can control it better than Donald and even scolds him for his frequent tantrums.

Still, she cares a lot about him, believes in him despite his flaws, and helps him change for the better. Like Donald, she, too, is a bit of an attention seeker.

Daisy is also very fashionable, sophisticated, and well-mannered. She can be overbearing at times, especially with her talkative nature, but she loves to hang out with her friends regardless.

4. Doc Hudson

Doc Hudson

Cartoon: Cars

Doc Hudson, aka the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, is one of the primary protagonists of Disney-Pixar’s animated feature film, Cars.

Initially, Doc Hudson came off as a grumpy old man antagonizing McQueen for no reason. No one in the town knew anything about his stint as a race car, his career-ending crash, or the cut-throat industry that shunned him out as a result.

The famous #51 was nowhere to be found, and no one expected that he’d be a small-time physician. However, his life after the crash was not as unfulfilled as one would expect.

He had the love and respect of his community, and he even served as a judge. With McQueen’s help, Doc is able to move past his trauma as well as show that he does indeed have a caring and supportive side.

5. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb

Doofenshmirtz is the primary antagonist of the Phineas and Ferb series.

The head of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. is an evil scientist whose plans to destroy the tri-state area are constantly being sabotaged by a secret agent, Perry the Platypus.

However, his evil plans aren’t really as evil as they seem to be, and even Perry, the Platypus, seems to be having fun with their daily routine.

Their relationship has developed over the years from enemies to frenemies. Doofenshmirtz also has a 16-year-old daughter named Vanessa and wants her to think of him as a good father. He loves performing musical numbers, and hating on his brother comes a close second!

6. David Kawena

David Kawena

Cartoon: Lilo and Stitch

David is a supporting character in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch franchise. He is a part of Nani and Lilo’s ohana (family). Since he doesn’t have any close family members or relatives, he greatly appreciates this gesture.

He is kind, loyal, and an incredible surfer too! Preferring to stay calm and go with the flow, he believes in making peace than resorting to violence.

He also has feelings for Nani but doesn’t pursue them as he understands the responsibilities that weigh on her shoulders. He loves Lilo and takes care of her like she’s his little sister. Compassionate and patient to his core, he even advises her on how to get along with Stitch.

7. Dusty Crophopper

Dusty Crophopper

Cartoon: Planes

The primary protagonist of the Planes franchise is Dusty Crophopper. He’s a former crop-dusting plane, currently a race plane and a firefighter.

Although he was very afraid of heights at first, he was able to overcome this with practice and intensive speed and agility training.

He’s a friendly guy who was brave enough to enter the Wings Around the Globe qualifier even after being told that he’d be too slow to compete or simply not made for it. He is persistent, hardworking, and determined to prove that he’s ‘not just a crop duster’ by winning first place.

8. Disgust


Cartoon: Inside Out

Disgust is one of the major characters of Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out. She is one of the five emotions inside Riley, the main character’s head.

She’s entirely green in color and sports a green sleeveless dress with floral designs. Protecting Riley from broccoli and absurd fashion choices is her forte!

Her primary response to most things is disgust, except the boy that Riley has a crush on and Fashion Island. She can get upset and impatient pretty easily and has a sarcastic, superficial, and cynical attitude. She thinks very highly of herself and refuses to lower her standards.

9. Dumbo


Cartoon: Dumbo

Dumbo is the main protagonist of the Disney animated film of the same name. He is an adorable elephant who’s famous for his giant ears that provide him with the ability to fly. He’s a playful and fun-loving child who cannot stand being away from his mother.

He’s very easily tricked by others but doesn’t hold any ill will toward them. As a child, he was constantly harassed for his ears, and his mother, Mrs. Jumbo, was sent to solitary confinement as she tried to defend him. Dumbo tries earnestly to become a giant star and save his mother.

10. Darla


Cartoon: Finding Nemo

Disney Pixar’s animated feature film, Finding Nemo, features Darla, an 8-year-old, as it’s the primary antagonist. She’s the niece of Philip Zerman, the dentist who keeps Nemo and his friends captured in an aquarium.

Although Darla isn’t exactly evil per say, in her excitement, she tends to be careless about her pets and ends up killing them. She’s simply an irresponsible girl whose birthday present ends up being Nemo. Indeed, what terrible luck she has as Nemo makes his grand escape!

Hope you liked this list of diverse characters, ranging from humans and talking animals to even emotions personified!

In their flaws, they seem more realistic and, therefore, more appealing to their audiences. In this article, we feature some of the most popular characters in the industry that start with D!

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