Most Common Cartoon Characters that Start with C (List)

A large number of corporations can be seen which manage animation studios. Each of such studios has created and produced several unforgettable, lovable, and memorable characters that everyone loves. It means that hundreds of characters comprise church mice, dragons, princesses, and more.

But when it comes to most common cartoon characters that start with C there are many of them. Some popular ones comprise Cruella DeVil, Cogsworth, Chip, and Christopher Robin. This list comprises classic, minor and main cartoon characters from the official animated canon.

Cartoon characters that start with C

1)  Chef Bouche

Chef Bouche
Chef Bouche

Cartoon Name: Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World

As the name suggests, Chef Bouche is the chief chef who delights in preparing several foods. But everything changed when he turned into a stove by the curse of Enchantress.

He appeared in one more scene in which he got upset. The reason was that beast canceled the dinner, which hurt Bouche and led to a waste of his talent. However, it would be interesting to know if he turns back into a human again or not.

2) Chase Racelott

Chase Racelott
Chase Racelott

Cartoon Name: Cars 3

Most people are fond of cars, and cartoon car is something that makes the car craze at such a young age. We are talking about Chase from Cars 3, who is full of kindness and takes racing seriously.

On the other hand, he can turn out to be selfish and arrogant sometimes. Watch this cartoon and know in which part he seems kind and when he is portrayed as arrogant. It is the best cartoon to kill your time when you’re into cars.

3) Cliff

Cartoon Name: Frozen

Just look at this blue-colored cartoon character, namely, Cliff. Apart from being cute, he is full of kindness. His love for her wife is something that you can’t ignore. 

Cliff’s kindness can be seen in the scene when he helped his wife and other trolls for setting up Anna with Kristoff. Even he has some abilities like curling into a ball like the other trolls and taking on the appearance of rock. Go and hit this cartoon a try to know the adventures of this cute character.

4) Connie


Cartoon Name: Soul

Let’s talk about this cute and fatty character who possibly seems of Asian descent. While talking about his clothing, you can see her wearing a purple shirt, denim cardigan, black jeans, and sneakers.

In the middle school band, Connie is fond of playing trombones. However, she decides to meet Joe at his apartment to tell him that she is quitting. Watch this cartoon to know if she is going to quit trombone or will change her mind.

5) Clayton


Cartoon Name: Tarzan

At first sight, this character seems to be an albeit fragile temper and chivalrous gentleman. While watching this cartoon, you’ll get to know about his intolerance of serving an African expedition as a vacation experience.

How one can hate animals? But this was the case with Clayton, who never understands animals and hate them. Why don’t you give a try to this cartoon and know whether his hate remains the same for animals or not?

6) Cinderella


Cartoon Name: Cinderella

While talking about the “C” cartoon character names, no one can forget Cinderella. Apart from being a beautiful and elegant young woman, she even has a special ability for talking to animals.

Anyone can fall for her slender build at the first sight. In the cartoon, she is portrayed with flawless and fair skin with a softly-shaped face. If you’ve not watched this cartoon, do give it a try to kill your boredom.

7) Callisto Mal

Callisto Mal
Callisto Mal

Cartoon Name: Strange World

This stunning character has the post of the President of Avalonia. In simple words, you can consider her as the support system for the people of Avalonia. While watching this cartoon, you’ll get to know about her determination to mystery solving of the plaguing pando.

She is confident enough for making decisions but at the same time thoughtful. Thus, Callisto can see things from a human perspective. Go and hit this cartoon to know how she becomes the driving force behind the strange world’s mission.

8) Casey Junior

Casey Junior
Casey Junior

Cartoon Name: Dumbo

In simple words, you can describe this character as a 2-4-0 American steam tender locomotive. While talking about his appearance, you can see him having a tall, big smokestack along a headlamp. While on the top, there is a tall dome along a whisper.

The small cowcatcher can be seen on the front, which has headlights in place of eyes. There is even a nose in the form of a cylinder-shaped structure that protrudes forward. Watch this cartoon to kill your boredom and know the adventure of Casey Junior.

9) Captain Amelia

Captain Amelia
Captain Amelia

Cartoon Name: Treasure Planet

At first sight, this character seems like a quick-witted cat. Her personality is a somewhat strong-minded and proud person. The striking feature of Captain Amelia is her courteous speech, which is oftentimes sarcastic. Even she can easily dominate the conversation quickly with others.

As every captain has high demand from their crew and the same case is with Captain Amelia. Apart from being so talented, she fails to sniff out fishy situations. It would be interesting to go through the adventures of this enthusiastic character.

10) Charles Muntz

Charles Muntz
Charles Muntz

Cartoon Name: Up

Let’s talk about this cute old, aqua-green eyes character. While watching this cartoon, you’ll get to know about his career when he was young. But this all changed when he started a quest for the bird. As we all know obsession can be bad sometimes, and that’s the same case with Muntz. 

You’ll also come across the ghost of his former self. He turns out to be paranoid to the extreme, with no kindness at all. You can watch this cartoon to uncover the mystery that Muntz is hiding.


There is the enduring legacy of animation studios that its characters have created. To aid people to reminisce about their favorite villain or hero character, this list of cartoon characters that start with C has been created. Such lovable characters remind people of childhood. Also, it forms a bridge between adults and the children still watching, admiring, and loving them. We will be back with new posts. Till then stay tuned with us and read the articles given below.

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