10 Best Anime Characters With Deep Voices (List)

The anime world is full of characters trying to look as good as they can. However, in terms of sounding good, anime characters become strangely bashful. Anime character with deep voices is rated as being significantly more dominant chiefly both socially and physically. This is probably the reason powerful anime characters are traditionally given very deep voices.

It can be said that something as basic as a spoken pitch can result in a profound impact on the way for influencing viewers. However, by ignoring this fact, one can miss out. Such kind of character supposed for intimidating on a very primal level. That’s why low variance and low pitch is the best recipe for that.

Anime Characters With Deep Voices

1) Frieza


Anime: Dragon Ball

On our list of anime characters with deep voices, the first character is Frieza. While watching this series, you’ll get to know about his whole range of transformations. However, his fourth form is considered his original one, which is the most powerful. 

It would be interesting to know how he displays a refined and civilized demeanor. If you’ve watched the Japanese version of this series, then you might familiar with his Keigo dialect.

2) Sōsuke Aizen

Sōsuke Aizen
Sōsuke Aizen

Anime: Bleach

Let’s talk about the appearance of this handsome character. He is a mild-featured man having brown-colored eyes and hair. However, when Aizen got defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki, eventually, he lost all his physical changes made during the transformation.

No other character can match the manners of Aizen. He is a soft-spoken person who even addresses subordinates by their given names. When you watch this series, you’ll never notice his sign of distress or alarm. Go and hit this series to know more about this polite intellectual man.

3) Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira

Anime: Demon Slayer

This young man is portrayed with a pale complexion with an extremely muscular build. If you’ve watched this series, then you might familiar with his large muscles, chiefly over his arms and stomach.

Apart from being extremely proud of himself, he is full of a short temper. Just because he thinks he is the strongest fighter, he constantly challenges people. You can hit this series to enjoy the adventure of self-obsessed Inosuke.

4) Sakazuki


Anime: One Piece

At first sight, he seems to be an incredibly tall and unusually muscular man. When you watch this series, you get to know how tall he is. Even there are very pronounced facial features with short black hair.

You can consider him a strong leader because he is so fine at consolidating the prestige and power of the Marines. Overall, you can categorize him as highly dogmatic and extremist. Don’t forget to watch this masterpiece and know more about this bulky man.

5) Frank Archer

Frank Archer
Frank Archer

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

This character might seem calm and cool, but he is the one who loves war and violence. Everyone has a dream, and Lt. Colonel Archer too had one. He wanted to be a hero on the battlefield as it represents the rank of the military.

Frank can cross any limit for pleasing his superiors because he wanted to earn publicity. He doesn’t care who’s the leader of the country as he merely takes orders from him. Until now, you can say that Frank is a selfish man, and to know more, go and watch the series.

6) Wolfgang Grimmer

Wolfgang Grimmer
Wolfgang Grimmer

Anime: Monster

When you watch this series, the only character which attracts is Grimmer. He found smiling even in a difficult situations, which is a striking feature. He is quite concerned for the well-being of others, and that’s why you can consider him a wonderful man.

Don’t think that Grimmer is a sensitive person who gets hurt easily. However, he gets hurt more when others are suffering. You can at least give a try to this series for this kind of man.

7) Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Let’s talk about the appearance of this handsome man. He is lean with dark green hair. If you’ve watched this series, then you might his one eye is lighted and artificial.

You will never see him excited about something, but there can be exceptional cases. On a few rare occasions, Spike is seen practicing Jeet Kune Do.

However, he is portrayed as an indifferent and lazy character. Most of the time, he walks like slouching, and others might consider it as sleepwalking. Watch this series to know how he passes time like a slothful character.

8) J.P. Shibayama

J.P. Shibayama
J.P. Shibayama

Anime: Digimon

This overweight young boy has brown eyes and spiky hair. While talking about his clothing, you can see him wearing a blue jumpsuit with yellow pockets, he wears an orange shirt.

Because of being the oldest member, he is always chosen for wielding the Spirits of Thunder. It would be interesting to see how he uses the power of AncientBeetlemon and turn himself into Digimon forms. 

9) Kirei Kotomine

Kirei Kotomine
Kirei Kotomine

Anime: Fate/Zero

In the series, he is portrayed as a warped mind and born defective person. You can consider him as a deviant and an evil person, but not inhuman and a villain. He attained so many accomplishments but was still not satisfied.

While watching this series, you’ll know how many times he brings pride to his father, just like a normal person. It would be interesting to know about this character in detail who fails to feel the same happiness as others.

10) Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager

Anime: Attack on Titan

You can describe him as a strong-willed and passionate person. While watching this series, you’ll know about his strong determination for the protection of mankind.

As everyone has their negative side, Eren too, had one. He often gets in trouble because he is marked as lacking self-restraint. In some cases, he has been seen as having reckless behavior and extending his temper. Overall, you can consider him murderous at the very worst.

Special Mention:

Obito & Madara Uchiha

How can we forget the one with the deepest voice, Obito Uchiha & Madara Uchiha? We know that many fans will recommend Obito in the English dub. Sub lovers, I personally suggest you watch Obito’s and Madara’s voices in the English dub. They both have one of the best voices I’ve ever listened to.


Distinctive pitches of anime characters are attractive due to the body size they are signaling. Also, a touch of breathiness is vital for edging off an anime character with deep voices.

They were judged as more attractive because they usually conveyed that the speaker comes with a large frame. Even, female weeb prefer a masculine voice mode unanimously and more strongly to a masculine face.

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